Thoughts of you turn over and over
In my mind.
Colored leaves on an intermittent breeze,
       No constant direction.
   Unpredictable motion.
                 Flashes of intensity.
Quickly pile up.

Soaked in saline rain drops
The pile's weight increases, the appeal fades.
Heavy in my heart,
All the shades drain dark and mute.

Welcome distraction leads to neglect unchecked.
The memories hide buried completely.
Covered, an indistinct mound remains, flawlessly
Blended to the rest of the mindscape.

Forgotten, not forgiven, amid the circumstances,
Inevitable rediscovery takes time.
A melting shroud fails to conceal decay.
Passive protection dissolves.  I'm haunted by
Revealing reminders, truths, strewn about.

Uncovered, the stricken patch beneath, now 
Fertilized begins to come alive again.
         Illogically striving upwards,
    		 In irregular patterns,
   Brilliantly colored,
The heart grows once more.