Mes Amis

Someone asked me about Worcester recently... my instant reply was "I miss Worcester." which of course was surprising to me, i mean, it's Worcester... so i had to append the statement:"I miss the people i know in Worcester."
All of us theatre types have this thing called gweep in common... Dani Marybeth's page Dana's page(s) See the drama that is .plan Opera Heather's page Justin Dawn's page WPI swimmer Kimmie Kathy is a born leader. one the most charismatic people i know. She is engaging and intense, a thrill to collaborate with, and both creative and caring past words. Steve has been a great friend of mine since freshman year at WPI. One of the fullest personalities i know... and a sexy sexy bitch too (Austin Power's voice) I wish more of my friends had web pages... and i wish some others updated them more often, but i understand they are busy or whatever. here are some who do, in fact, have them. It would just be real easy to stay in touch, that's all... Derek is one sexy sexy bitch (more of Austin), talk about your talented actors, this is one guy who's going to over-come that umm, northern, accent we all give him shit for having. Speaking of sexy sexy bitches, baby... here are three that you simply must sample, yeah! (sorry about all the Austin Powers accents here, trust me its appropriate) Katie Bouffard Shauna Malone Katie Archer All three demonstrated extreme professionalism, poise, strength of character, and downright bravery in agreeing to take parts in a somewhat risky show i directed (co-directed) last year. I have the utmost of respect for the three of them. I was the luckiest director in the festival... i know that cause i would get tingles during rehearsals... and obviously the show rocked. I owe Lady Bouffard a sailing expedition... soon.
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