Follow all the steps
In sequence.
Each a tiny bit of progress
Continued by increments,
Eventually flowing smooth.
Constructing a reasonable course,
Easy to follow,
And making sense.

Now without the proofs,
Sans rhyme, reason, or rationale.
No page to turn just beats to follow,
No formula to check by, only instinct.
Those steps stretch into leaps that
Cover more ground than simply
The shortest route.

At each fork decide your guide,
Either Mind or Heart.
The essence of 'unquestioning' means
Trust, and be
Willing to get lost along the way.
Wandering while you seek your destination
Often shows you tiny details
Hidden in your own terrain.

The brakes to slow this journey down
Come standard, no extra cost or activation fee.
Look around and learn how to use
Unreasonable logic or a different slant.  
Inner strength fortifies the faithful
To find the unlit course.
Tread, fool, with confidence.