"Double, double, toil and trouble."
Lasting twelve or thirteen years on average.
Public and private, students and teachers,
Discipline and schedules,
Books, paper, and pencils.
Well-rounded, honed, and prepared.  Ready for more?

Usually paying more and more...
For no more.
The level of discipline declines, degrades.
Dress code?  How about pajamas?
Stressed and tired, stuffed and reeling,
Teach me... Must learn... Graded homework?

Where can I make my mistakes?
Make no mistake, I'm drinking tonight,
After practice, after eating, after my show.
Time for what?  Reading, I'll fall asleep,
Wasting time on my pillow.
"Yeah, that's print on my cheek"

A cheat-sheet for the exam,
Followed by forgetting every detail.
What did I learn here?
How to play the game...  well.
GPA?  Who cares...? 
I'm employed now.