The shows at WPI never stop.  

Links to theatre pages:

Drama at WPI  : WPI Masque
                Alpha Psi Omega

Improv is the most exciting theatre performance out there, for us junkies :)
WPI calls their talented group: Guerilla Improv 

Roleplaying is a great dramatic exercise and its outrageously fun too.

	-Rolemaster [ICE]
	-Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [TSR]
	-Vampyre [WW]

(these links are coming soon) 

My Undergraduate Theatrical Resumé (WPI):

New Voices 15 Dean Hollins in "The Snitch" Guard in "We Are the Cheeze" Lighting crew assistant (tried to stay out of the way and learn) Set crew Medea Media Lightning crew assistant (ditto) Quilt, A Musical Celebration Vera the near-sighted nightengale Rob, Back Up Boyz New Voices 16 Co-Director "A Midsemester Night's Time Travel" Strife in "The Origins of Our Species" ?????? in "Falling FaSade" Set crew Happily Ever After (MWRep) The Wolf Saint Joan Richard, Earl of Warwick Asstistant Stage Manager And Baby Makes Seven Set crew New Voices 17 Assistant Director "Forbidden Fruit" Gasparo in "The Diplomats (or Affairs of the State, A Tale of Urbino)" Body in "Sex Sells" ** Inducted into Alpha Psi Omega, Rho Kappa Cast S'99 ** The Physicists Set crew House crew (usher) ** Alpha Psi Omega Induction Chair F'99 ** Boy's Life Despite the playbill, I did not Tech Direct Set comstruction/crew The Well of Horniness MWRep Man 1/Harold/Lounge Dancer/Ranger/Moe New Voices 18 Dramaturg (Serve Cold, Dirty Underwear) Co-Director "SEX, DEATH AND TRAVEL" Leon "Standard Minivan Accessory Package" Bishop Dion "The Computer Novice" Frank "Monopoly"

Theatre involvement as a WPI Alumni:

The Long Red Herring Professor Kleine Frankenstein (adapted by Joe Romangniano '02) Running Crew Chief