Dialogue of Inner Conflict          

Friend, I implore you, don't fall in love. 
I don't know why -
I can see honesty in your smile,                   
I can feel intensity, urgency, in your stare       
Don't misunderstand, you can't possibly know.          
Everything will be the same,
It must be: I understand.                          
Can you tell me why you wanted this?                
No. That's all right, tough question               
I'll lay my head beneath your chin,
Listen to your heart.
No question you wanted it...                            
Damn right I did!              
What incredible fortune: seduced by you.           
Casual just isn't my style                                        
What if I'm not like anyone else?                                        
I guess I fail to see the reason you hesitate 
I'm content just to listen now
Since your rhythm whispers, filling the silence.
Tell me what you dreamed last night,
Share with me your thoughts, feelings-              
More than you expected- clearly.             
Did I know what would happen?                       
Deliberately innocent, ignoring your advances- 
Perhaps a challenge you can not refuse.            
I know the rules of this game,
Responding atypic'ly makes one irresistible, 
A mystery to solve.              
Surprised by more than expectations, pleased.      
Still, tonight I dream alone.