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14 FEB 02 Tomorrow i graduate from the last leg of nuclear propulsion training. I'm still looking for roomates to live with me in Waterford... 2 roomates, anybody...? ok, but its not really important right now cause in a week i'll be deployed on the USS Springfield. I'll be back in early summer sometime. I'll miss everyone, but my info and contact stuff is posted on the .plans, so you all know where to reach me. i'll be sure to post whatever i can, esp. wildly exaggerated sea-stories when i get back. ;) i know, you can't wait. anchors aweigh, my boys. 16 DEC 01 Ok newest update, which i have to say, changes none of the content below (i checked to make sure): i'm *single* and still smiling cause friendship is capable of superceding 'official' status changes. let's take a moment to ponder this... hmmm... volumes of insight are just around the corner. oh there's more but not a whole bunch of access time to type it all down, especially when i have to go back and fix a typos every other word :-P 03 DEC 01 How am i supposed to keep this thing updated if i don't have internet access? yes its cool to be able to walk to work in 4 minutes... not it's not cool to live on base without means of getting a cable modem until i can find a house off-base and lose the whole walking luxury... oh the sacrafices. oh yeah.. this is new stuff, right... ok so i'm done at Prototype in NY and i can't tell ya what i did cause i'd have to kill you shortly afterwards. the most-of-a-month of leave was great esp cause i got to work on another show at my alma mater (spelling?) and spend lots of time with people i missed. somewhere along the lines i managed to start dating this really great girl too, what can i say to embarrass her... hmmm... :-P she makes me smile from the inside out. now i'm in Groton, CT and looking for a house to rent long term. Learning about torepdoes and munitions is *not* more fun than learning about neutrons, for the record... but it too along with the rest of the courses are required and will be endured until Feb 15th... then the games begin :-D If anyone knows of anywhere to climb indoors in southern CT please send me an email... my fingers are weakening daily. Disclaimer for: broken links lack of images using small type... This page is under continuous construction Whoa... that's me, heh heh... Click on the picture to find out about me. Aren't they cute? These two rogues preside over my Quotes and Thoughts section. They tend to get more action than me, so why not, right? Mes Amis Here you can find out about my friends who have web pages of thier own by following the links to whoever has the coolest name or however you make those kinds of decisions. If i can find a picture i'll use that... yup, eventually. My job: The United States Navy Free Time? I recommend these activities since i like them alot... Here are links and info about the dramatic things i do, both at WPI and in my free time: Roleplaying and Improv. PT...! Go ahead and click it... find out more. If I ever get around to writing a resume, it will go here. After all, I've graduated from college and not having one (formally) is a bit silly. Reminder of Disclaimer for Broken Links: This page is under continuous construction When its time to kick it back and relax and you don't know what to drink: Beverages :
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has changed quite a bit thanks to a creative writing class... the newest edits will be available when i get a chance to post them. Poems
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