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doolee.com "The definitive guide to Modern Playwrights & Plays." how handy!


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+ what fun! creators of the wacky soap rolls.

+ 9th exhibition. ". . . an online store featuring new and vintage records, books, paper goods, housewares and toys."


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the sports guy: Winter of our Sox content. musings on manny, theo, schilling, game 7. . . faboo.

why i love massachusetts, case 13 in a series. [and this is a serious one. no sarcasm involved. i mean it. anybody want a peanut?] we recently went to dinner at the cambridge common, followed by a concert at the lizard lounge.

"this is really cool! how come you never brought me here before?"

"because it used to be really smoky."


[for those who don't know, boston and cambridge have both banned smoking in restaurants, bars, clubs, everywhere. i didn't realize what far-reaching effects this would actually have until the above conversation. apologies to those smokers who feel their rights have been infringed upon, but for us non-smokers, it's quite fantastic. now, we just hope for waltham to follow suit.]


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