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the Funkulator. needs sound. thanks to xine for the link.


careful bob. they can smell fear.


and lo, espn's page 2 brought us much joy, in the form of the sports guy (who isn't bitter) and the red soxs vs. cubs world series.


Theater of the absurd. Jim Caple on Saturday's . . . events.

"Scientists in North Carolina have built a brain implant that lets monkeys control a robotic arm with their thoughts."


from the "you can't make this shit up" department, bubba ho-tep. starring bruce campbell as elvis. "Elvis teams up with Jack, a fellow nursing home resident who thinks that he is actually President John F. Kennedy, and the two valiant old codgers sally forth to battle an evil Egyptian entity who has chosen their long-term care facility as his happy hunting grounds. . . " [thanks to kim for the tip]

jim caple [another great espn writer] on last night's game.

and, from an article about last night's controversial home run call [josh is the kid who reached out for the ball]:

"His father, Phil, said he and Josh are diehard Yankees fans. But Phil said he didn't feel bad that his son may have contributed to a Boston run.

"'No,' he said. 'Mussina's been pitching horrible.'"

beautiful. and fox sports gets a brief reprieve from their terrible commentary by giving us Tim McCarver last night. and for interviewing Ed, the "objective" yankees fan. *snrk*


still living in the dark ages. masschusetts house rejects bill to allow sale of liquor on sundays. but it's still ok to buy booze on sundays between thanksgiving and new year's.


the sports guy finally writes a column about the series. and he captures the emotional roller coaster beautifully.


ok, so i'm not quite ready to give up on the beach design yet. maybe next month.

speaking of beaches, everyone should go to belize.

i hate how you've changed


red sox on their way to the playoffs. rock on. i was at the last ALCS game in 1999. hopefully, it won't end there this year.

eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii! sandman is back. must. have.

shopping.com. "the web's #1 comparison shopping site." recently redesigned by the talented folk at signal vs. noise.


article from the globe about red sox nation. it could've used a good edit, but there are still some great moments.

"For a Citizen of the Nation, beating the Mariners or A's is merely winning a baseball game, while beating the Yankees is the very essence of life itself."

"It is relatively easy, of course, to identify the members of the Nation. . . there is also, I think, a certain look that gives away membership in the Nation -- it's a look of someone enthusiastic, but wary, (or wary, but enthusiastic) and there's a certain noticeable hunger to it. It's all right to believe and to care, the look seems to say, but one would do well not to invest too much emotion in the idea of actually winning. You care but you care guardedly. I would describe the principal emotion as one of deep longing."



if you haven't already heard, make sure you go outside and look at mars tonight

why am i not surprised that this story about a football player punching a teammate during practice and breaking his face happened on the raiders?


better world club. an eco-friendly alternative auto club. [apparently, AAA spends money on lobbyists.] better world also offers the nation's first bicycle roadside assistance plan.


"BushRecall.Org was established to highlight the need for a change in our nation's leadership. Since Bush took office, we have shifted from a substantial surplus to a debilitating deficit. Our educational system is under-funded and ill-equipped, and millions of jobs have been lost due to a weakening economy." Sort of inspired by the California situtation, but, since the US Constitution doesn't allow for a voter recall, the goal is to make sure he's not reelected. Interesting.


the front page of redsox.com today states, "Boston's bullpen couldn't deliver for the second straight night. . . " give me a freeking break. sure, kim gave up run and that's no good. but the boys stranded 17 - yes, seventeen - over the course of the game. 11 in scoring position. this loss was hardly the bullpen's fault.


espn's page two presents baseball in the land of oz. [wzlx in boston has a recording from the game. . . it's pretty funny. and sad.]


espn's page 2 reviews Gigli. "What makes a bad movie truly bad? I mean so bad that it ranks among the worst ever? Well, obviously, a flimsy plot, unrealistic dialogue, poor acting, clumsy directing and inferior special effects all play a part. And it also helps if Kevin Costner is listed as an actor/director/producer."


FamilyLabels, where you can order address labels with little pictures of your family. too cute. or too dorky. i can't decide.


an what if i do?

Sliiiiiiiiiiiinky. a 71 foot slinky. watch. listen.


meg has moved on from notsosoft to me(ish). glad to have her back.


espn page 2 rates fenway. ok, i have a few issues with this article. first of all, where did this guy buy his beer?!? i haven't seen prices that low at fenway for three years. he gives high marks to the scoreboard, but neglects to mention that you can't see the damn thing from a decent percentage of the seats. he also gives high marks for the PA system. granted, i haven't been to the park since june and i guess they could've fixed it, but "all spoken info was crystal"? i don't think so. he also claims that using the t is "easy as pie" and "the fans are polite and friendly." is there some other fenway park that i'm not aware of? wow.


i'll be gone for three days

my date with drew. independent filmmaker has 30 days and $1,100 to make a documentary about trying to get a date with drew barrymore.


i thought parts of this looked familiar, but it's been ages since i posted it. vectorpark. requires flash. major time suck.

will ferrell's class day speech at harvard. freeking hysterical. [via very big blog]

ben passes along the book of ratings, where lore sjöberg [of brunching shuttlecocks fame] rates everything from d&d monsters to state quarters to labors of hercules. oh, and wedding traditions.

apparently, the website where you can buy funky colored tights that i posted in march.2002 has moved to we love colors. looks like they've also expanded their product lines.


what made my day, case 48 in a series. ok, this is actually from friday, but it was a busy weekend. i was listening to weei's pre-game show, which always includes a brief interview with grady little. they asked grady what he did the previous night during the game [he was serving a one-game suspension]. grady's response? "i sat and watched the game and second guessed the manager. [awkward pause, as the interviewer tries to decide if grady is making a joke.] well, isn't that what most people do?"

jayson stark provides baseball's half-year review. favorite quote from the article: "If you would have told me we'd get 15 hits off Zito," said Lou Piniella, "I would have looked at you a little funny."

even the sports guy says elope.

discovered through a column on espn's page 2: the octodog. um. yeah.


what made my day, case 47 in a series. Merriam-Webster. They just released the eleventh edition of their collegiate dictionary. So there is a note on their web page stating, "We go to ELEVEN!"


i never expected THIS!

someone is giving me the evil eye [is it a good thing or a bad thing that i was able to guess what the picture would be based on the title? hmmmm. . . ]

shea homers in three straight innings. damn.

need a car game for a long road trip? try radio baseball.


american traveler international apology shirt. beautiful. [via signal vs. noise]

the national do not call registry is up.

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