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now really. is it too much to ask to verify people know how to fucking merge before they get handed a license?

tally from the past two days:
dawn - 2
suvs - 0

that's high school physics

"I'm over my limit today, so I'm doing catch-and-release."


shopping. sephora. makeup, skin care, that sort of thing. if nothing else, they have really entertaining product names.

shopping, and food. the homesick gourmet. specializes in tracking down those area-specific foods from your childhood. very hip.

[both shopping links from an article over at digs magazine, a very hip on-line zine for the "post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation."]


mock the holidays. brought to you by anne.
+ massachsetts is in the midst of a huge fiscal crisis, and yet, there is a holiday wreath on every toll booth.
+ um. i had more. i swear. i will remember them at some point. . .

careful. they may be watching. . .


Come one come all to the first annual Emerson College Student Photography Show.

Featuring work by:
Malia P. James
Julianne Varacchi
Jeremiah Zagar
David Friend
Scott Jansson
Jennifer McGrogan

Open Reception on:
Friday, December 13th
Student Union, 96 Beacon st. Rm#21
5pm to 10pm
(Please try to arrive before 6:30pm if possible- if not, you just need to be signed in by an emerson student)




raise your hand if ew, case 14 in a series. "Celebrities will be shown vomiting and analysing their bowel movements in a new Channel 5 reality show that promises to offer the ultimate form of exposure for struggling C-list stars." [via steve]

heard an ad for this on the radio last night on the way home. i nearly drove off the road. helping hands monkeys.


"'Joe Millionaire' features 20 single women who fly to France in order to win the affection of a handsome American they believe to be worth $50 million. The twist: The as-yet unidentified man is actually a construction worker with an annual income of $19,000." fox has no shame. [via steve]


it's that magical time of year again in massachusetts. liquor stores are open on sundays.

[i mucked around with fonts. let me know if it's annoying.]

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