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the food network's thanksgiving turkeylator. calculates what size bird you need, and when you should put it in the oven. keen.


megatokyo. quite entertaining today.


just in time for your holiday shopping needs. lizzie's things. handcrafted beaded jewelry and more.


a public service announcement today at the eventual blog: as the holiday season approaches and you find yourself spending more time in the kitchen, make sure you maintain a reasonabe distance between your fingers and the knife. thank you.


"Pope John Paul II made a historic speech to Italy's parliament Thursday, urging Italians to work for world peace, uphold their Christian values and have more babies."


"Biblical archaeologists have discovered an ancient box that may offer proof of Jesus of Nazareth's existence."

what made my day, case 45 in a series. "The controversy recently emerged from cyberspace in the person of Bart Sibrel, who has made a film questioning the Apollo moon missions and who confronted astronaut Buzz Aldrin at a Beverly Hills hotel on Sept. 9 and demanded that Aldrin swear on a Bible that he had in fact walked on the moon. The 72-year-old Aldrin, the second man ever to touch the lunar surface, punched the 37-year-old Sibrel in the face."


army worm wine. [via daver]



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