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oooOOOOOOooooooh. halloween. spoooooooky.

i am the master evil genius

this just makes me giggle [via meri]


every one else is really boring

you are my sunshine


gon out.
bisy backson.


it's going to be a wild card world series. cool.

jim caple writes about the monkey on barry bonds' back.

espn page 2 is running a series on the raiders.


the very curious language of george w. bush, 2003 desk calendar. [via chad]


candidates for governor of massachusetts.
+ Mitt Romney, Rebublican [w/ Kerry Healey]
+ Jill Stein, Green Party
+ Shannon O'Brien, Democrat
+ Carla Howell, Libertarian
+ Barbara Johnson, Independent


"Drawn from the comic books of the same name, Birds of Prey takes place in a post-Batman New Gotham that's under siege by master criminals. His daughter Huntress and former assistant Batgirl, now handicapped and working from a wheelchair under the name Oracle, have banded together to fight back, and they're soon joined by teenage psychic Dinah." weird. [via tom]

bill simmons [espn page 2's the sports guy] rambling along.

for those loyal readers in massachusetts. tonight, five gubernatorial candidates will debate on WB56. It starts at 10:15pm. Check local listings for the proper channel.


fall foliage drives in mass.

"Everyone talked about Yankees mystique and Yankees aura, but Rally Monkey's mojo kicked their ass."

dani says, "get these people out of the gene pool!" [i almost didn't post this, but that last one is priceless.]

for future shopping reference. todd says that marathon sports is the best shoe store ever.

review of peter mulvey's newest album. recorded in boston t stations. [via kim]

well, it's nearly election day. [links via seann]

how to register to vote in massachusetts

the 2002 massachusetts ballot questions
+ question 1: eliminating the state income tax
+ question 2: english language education in public schools
+ question 3: taxpayer funding for political campaigns


prepare for the earthquakes, raining frogs, locusts, etc. the yankees have been eliminated.


info on the Massachusetts 2002 ballot questions.


especially for steve. britney in a dress. well, most of a dress. . . [this may not be entirely work safe.]

i so don't get this. . . "Supporters of janitors' strike [in Boston] stage rush-hour protest at Callahan Tunnel entrance". now, i am all for workers standing up for their rights. but really. what is this suppose to prove? it's not like they are transportation workers on strike, or highway crews, or turnpike employees. in fact, the folks blocking the road weren't even the janitors! rush hour is boston is bad enough without this sort of thing. i can't imagine this generated much sympathy for their cause.

no! what happened to the diamond backs?!? they are down two games to none in the division series. [hey. the home team didn't make it, so you have to root for randy johnson. i mean really. his name is randy johnson. his nickname is the big unit. randy johnson. the big unit. i couldn't make this up.]

[ok, so i am also sort of rooting for minnesota. come on - they weren't even supposed to be a team this year if bud had his way. and they ended the season 13.5 games up in the AL central.]

[espn has a lovely playoff summary page.]

[i like baseball.]

[and pie.]


happy october. only 78 more days until the two towers. [there is a new trailer]

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