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i am building a world for you

bill simmons answers reader mail.

explain to me how you can have not one, but two pitchers in contention for the cy young award and one of the league leaders in hitting, but still not be in the playoffs? oh, right. we're talking about the redsox.


please wait. . . [via harrison]

review of various burrito places in boston. yum.


cool. mit to offer course material for free on the internet. [via dan]


the surreal gormet's coffee recipe

so confused. . . Snow White and the Seven Shao Lin. [via fark]

hey! you! outta the pool! case 6 in a series. a father [yes, father] and his son rushed the royals' first base coach during a game. people suck.


my last live game of the season. sigh.

"Before we delve into the NFL season, has any sport ever exposed the warts of another sport quite like the NFL has exposed Major League Baseball?"


you know you're really really overtired when you fall asleep in the dentist's chair while he is giving you a filling. . .


exhibit 13. blue man group's tribute to september 11. [via very big blog]

fuzhatz. covers. that are fuzzy. and make you look like a stuffed animal. for your motorcycle helmet. right. [via seann]

woah. jordon's furniture has an imax theatre.



beautiful story over at what's new, pussycat?

paint by numbers.


discovered through signal vs. noise: PopCult. fabulous.


today is apparently numbered links day here at the eb.

bookcases from walmart
+ basic. 1
+ slightly nicer. 1 2 3
+ kind of funky, with added cabinet bit. 1
+ all of them

stuff from target
+ fairly straight ahead bookcase. 1
+ little fancier bookcase. 1 2

bathroom goo
+ over the toilet bathroom storage thing from target. 1
+ all of target's bathroom storage stuff
+ over the toilet bathroom storage thing from linens-n-things. 1
+ bed bath and beyond's bathroom furniture

dilbert is on a roll this week. 1 2

every breath you take


welcome [albeit quite belatedly] to september.

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