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this is the saddest and most hopeful thing i've heard in a long time. "63 Reasons to Hope. Babies Born Post-Sept. 11 Gather in New York".

today's big question: will they or won't they strike?
+ no
+ hopefully not
+ maaaaaaaybe
+ yup [there is an absolutely fantastic line in the 6th paragraph of this one. . . ]

you have got to be kidding me, case 19 in a series. cbs to produce "the real beverly hillbillies". "the show is not designed to mock the rural family. . . 'The intent is to be respective but at the same time enjoy the humor that comes from the fish-out-of-water scenario of the show.'" ah. of course. [via fark]

hey! you! outta the pool! case 5 in a series. "An Oxnard man faces felony charges for torturing and dissecting his daughter's pet guinea pig because he thought it was a camera-equipped robot placed in his home by government agents." [via fark]


people unclear on the concept. has anyone else seen the mercedes benz commercial that has various songs about mercedes playing, and talks about how great the cars are, and how you can drive one instead of just hearing songs about them? fine concept, except the commercial opens with janis singing, "oh lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz?"

wil wheaton on copyright law. faboo.

you have got to be kidding me, case 18 in a series. "President George W. Bush is among 60 non-players being considered this month by a screening committee for inclusion on the Hall of Fame veterans' ballot."


color me confused. this has got to be the weirdest promotion ever. [via juj]

"This is the reincarnation of God. This monkey is no ordinary monkey." [via fark]


hermanson looked great last night. and everett was relentlessly picked on by the crowd. . . he was having a really bad night. it was fun.

"For those who have never been to Boston, the Big Dig is a vast road construction project that has been disrupting traffic since about, oh, 1918, when the Red Sox last won the World Series, and probably will not be finished until the Red Sox win another World Series." [this is a really excellent article.]


shopping. wine wine wine. wineracks.com and wine and all that jazz.

shopping. kitchen stuff. cooking.com

you know, i was all excited to discover that the postal service was joining the 21st century. they've got a mover's guide website with a place to change your address online. great! so, i fill out the online forms, and get to the almost last step, when it suddenly - without previous warning - gives you two options for submitting the form. "Select this option to submit online. You will be charged a $1.00 credit card processing fee upon successful completion of your change of address request." sigh. . . it was almost a really great service from the usps. . .

watching last nights game, i was actally excited about baseball again. huh. go figure.

apparently, mets fans are even more despondent than redsox fans at this point. the mets have now lost 10 games in a row, prompting the home crowd to cheer, "go on strike! go on strike!" oof.


excellent piece on the impending strike by the sports guy. page two also offers up a modernized version of "take me out to the ballgame."

the official site of the major league baseball fan strike.

hey! you! outta the pool! case 4 in a series. "A Winter Haven, Fla., man is getting a life term for murder, after claiming advice from a spiritual advisor and the Miss Cleo hotline led him to kill the wrong man in retaliation for a burglary." [via fark]

uh. i am so confused. . .

sick people


raise your hand if ew, case 13 in a series. Late Wham-O innovator will be cremated, molded into frisbees. [via fark]

very busy. very frantic.


it was an evil kite

i want my pencil back



oh god. wicked cool stuff has the black knight from monty python and the holy grail. it's got removable legs and arms. [they also have the ex parrot]


you have got to be kidding me, case 17 in a series. "The Senate is weighing legislation that could restrict the number of times you can watch a movie on DVD or video. The aim is to cut down on piracy. DVD's would be encoded to play perhaps three times and then lock up." [via keith]


Pop the Soda Shop. on line source for ordering pretty much every soda imaginable. funky. [via kim]


interesting article on our obsession with entertainment. [via signal vs. noise]

"I'm all for random searches . . . but I do think the number of Caucasian, lactating mothers who have passed through al Qaeda training camps is negligible."


"Evidently this kid doesn't know about the Internet." beautiful. [via fark]

the memory hole. "rescuing knowledge, freeing information."

you have got to be kidding me, case 16 in a series. "But thanks to midriff-baring fashions. . . More patients are undergoing the scalpel to reshape their belly buttons."

"10th miner was spared from ordeal by day off. When mine flooded, he was at Ozzfest."

british town elects monkey for mayor. [via fark]

this game scares me. i read about it in Games magazine. Ein Arsch kommt selten allein.


sadsadsadsadsad. the nine miners have already sold their story to disney. [via fark]

vin diesel plays d&d. [via /usr/bin/girl]

travelite. "Your source for travel packing tips. Take off with just one carry-on!" [via /usr/bin/girl]


oh god my eyes!!! i can't see my eyes!!! [via anne]

with all the shitty news this past week, here's something more inspiring. illegal immigrant works as dishwasher. sees a bag of money fall out of an armored truck. returns it.


well, it's been august for many hours. i suppose i should put the new design up. . .

for content, head back to july.

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