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rip, james allen

truss points out the boston herald article on the t-heart attack story, which provides a few additional details.

the element. coming later this year from honda.

what made my day, case 44 in a series. 40 hall of famers draft a letter imploring baseball to avoid a strike.

the speed trap exchange. with lists of speed traps in the US. [via fark]

you have got to be kidding me, case 15 in a series. With heart attack victim aboard, T train stops twice. moral of the story? don't ever get sick on the t. i can't even begin to explain how angry this makes me. . . more info.

george steinbrenner, sexist pig. [via anne]


PIE! [via tara]

another faboo song from falcon ridge: eric schwartz, who da bitch now?

remember the other day when i said how cool it'd be if the bud light radio commercials were on line somewhere? well, i found them. here's a more extensive listing, but it's text only.

hey! you! outta the pool! case 3 in a series. angelina wants billy bob to give her blood back because she's afraid he's going to put a curse on her. um. yeah. [via fark]

Learning to love Big Brother: George W. Bush channels George Orwell. i've been saying this for months. [via fark]

photos from legoland. i so want to go. [via fark]

10 days in september. a chronology of events in the 10 days after sept 11, 2001.

another strike against the catholic church. abortion is a worse crime than child sexual abuse, according to archbishop george pell. [via fark]

so, i wander over to jen's very big blog and read this post. after the first sentence, i think "i bet she's going to pennsic." and i read on to discover that is indeed where she's going. i've not been, but i have many many friends who go. small world, six degrees, all that.


Barring major progress, players likely to strike Aug. 16. great. [via truss]

contract the yankees. sounds like a fine idea to me. [via chia]

shopping. Dinah's Doodles. featuring handcrafted dolls and air fresheners. more items will be added in the future.

i had the great pleasure of spending the weekend at the falcon ridge folk festival, where i sat, read, ate, and listened to music. it was delightful. some of my favorites included. . .
+ da vinci's notebook. faboo. two of their albums were produced by richard bob greene, which is not really at all suprising. they'll be in massachusetts at club passim on sept 12 and at the iron horse music hall in northampton on sept 14.
+ eddie from ohio, who i had heard much about but never heard their music till this weekend. they'll be in garner massachusetts on sept 6.
+ chris smither. new orleans blues guitar with a voice to match. he'll be in fall river, massachusetts on sept 22.
+ christopher williams. we only caught the tail end of his set, but heard him a few more times over the weekend. arlington, massachusetts on sept 8.
+ greg brown. the man just released his 20th album. somerville, mass on nov 16.
+ rhonda vincent and the rage. bluesgrass and blueberry muffins. somerville on nov 21.
+ trina hamlin. bridgewater, mass on august 10.
+ zoë lewis. she lives in p-town, so you can hear her often in mass.


[junk mail of the day, that left me wondering "how the hell did i wind up on *this* mailing list?!?"]

dear dawn:

we have reserved in your name a free issue of ANGELS ON EARTH, an inspiring magazine about God's messengers and their work in the world. . .


jim caple comments on espn's sports survey results.

john henry releases handwritten note saying ted agreed to be frozen. good god. [via heather]

the national safety council's odds of dying. [via signal vs.noise]

Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp. yup. [via backup brain]

you have got to be kidding me, case 14 in a series. fast food sued.

"'The parties are advised to chill,' Judge Kozinski wrote." [via fark]


revelation of the day. this shirt does, in fact, make me look fat.

shopping. general eccentric.

ok, that was painful.


i heart bud light's "men of genius" radio commercials. they amuse me greatly. i heard the "nudist colony activities coordinator" one on the way back from lunch today. brilliant. i wonder if there is an on-line archive of them that you can download. . . [note that i do not heart bud light. just the radio commercials. thankyouverymuch.]

olay has a new product called ohm. this amuses me.

recipes and such. cookbooks online [via jess]

it is apparently "all baseball all morning!" here at the eventual blog.

photo gallery of the ted williams tribute. article.

another ted williams article and photo gallery.

espn page 2's 10 most shocking moments in baseball.

jim caple with Baseball's worst moments: painful memories.

the boston yankees?!?

baseball prospectus.


the advertising artwork of dr. seuss. [via 50 cups]

10 things you don't know about women. [via fark]


soon-to-be-ex-congressman traficant's one minute speeches. [speech link via signal vs. noise]

CNN's breakout comedy hit: connie chung tonight [via fark]


torii hunter! you just got hit by a pitch. what do you do? throw it back, of course. this cracks me up. this mlb article has some additional info and is a little more complete.

hey! you! outta the pool! case 2 [really? only case 2?] in a series. kid breaks into zoo after hours, scaling two 8 foot fences and one 4 foot fence to pet the snow leopard. needs 500 stiches. parents may sue zoo for "failing to properly secure and police the zoo after hours." [via fark. imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a story from my hometown newspaper. . . ]

yahoo changes your email. freaky.


and in response to questions raised about yesterday's rant, there is really no news to report. ok?

6 preliminary plans for rebuilding the wtc site released.

monkey law. on-line comic.


so, i was reading this article about the difficulties of buying a bridal gown, which lead me to poke around at bridesave.com, where i came across their tips page, where they make note of leaving your ring at home, which brings me to my little ring rant. where did this "rule" of bigger = better come from? bigger just means that the guy is further in debt. i remember reading somewhere that the guy should pay about 2 months' salary on the ring. what the hell?!? there are so many other things i'd rather spend that sort of money on. you know, like a house. just give me something beautiful and tasteful that i don't have to worry about constantly getting caught in my hair or on my clothes, since i actually tend to move around over the course of a day, and i'll be a happy girl.



now that the play is over, maybe i can get some sleep. aaaaah sleep.

biker billy cooks with fire.


ok, weird. tonight's 20/20 will expose media hype.

mlb and bud being sued over all star game tie. [via fark]

wacky new drug let's you go 40 hrs without sleep.

massachusetts gets it's first krispy kreme. surprisingly, it's not going to be in boston.


[shamless plug] don't forget! The Complete History of America (Abridged). Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. $5. [cheaper than a movie!] Alden Hall on the WPI Campus, 100 Institute Road, Worcester MA.

earth 911: environmental information and where to recycle. faboo resource.

i like being here

jim caple on the ted williams body battle.

Canadian tv to air the Osbournes - uncensored. [via fark]

a quite fantastic commentary on the all-star game. by wil wheaton.

note to self. Web Page Reconstruction with CSS. [via zeldman's daily report]

what's new pussycat? why, the design, of course!


some articles on the all star [not really a] game.
+ by sports illustrated's tom verducci
+ by espn's jayson stark
+ "baseball told the fans to go to hell and called the game after 11 innings with the score tied 7-7"

speaking of baseball. . . let's chat for a moment about the tedwilliamssicle issue. first of all, it says right in his will to creamate him. and that's going to be ignored so that someone can freeze him for future cloning?!? even if we ignore the can it even work issue, this is ridiculous. let the man be a legend. don't demean that by making more of him in the future. and respect his damn wishes!


especially for steve. how to get britney to call. [via fark]

how the yankeessuck are screwing up baseball.

resource. area codes listed in numerical order. [still looking for a site that will allow me to enter an area code and it spits back what time it is at that code.]

this is so beautiful. . . "The Portland Beavers, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, are sponsoring 'Arthur Andersen Appreciation Night'"

well then. this is certainly not encouraging. . .

picture of an absolutely beautiful crop circle.

harley davidson demographics.

oh for the love of god [beep!] pledge guy has more in store.

which bug spray is most effective?

ahh, my eye!

watch your fingers

if anyone lives in the massachusetts area and has no plans for later in the week, come on out to worcester to see The Complete History of America (Abridged). Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. $5. [cheaper than a movie!] Alden Hall on the WPI Campus, 100 Institute Road, Worcester MA.


"have you ever seen monkey brains?"


r.i.p., ted williams

Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format. [via backup brain]

raise your hand if ew, case 12 in a series. "Investigators are trying to figure out if a Texas medical school employee sold body parts from people who willed their bodies to science."

scary. "A man believed to be the stepson of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was arrested Wednesday in Miami on a visa violation, according to the Immigration and Naturalization Service." and why was he here? to attend flight school.

How to pick the best barbecue grill.

jesus christ. Music Labels Plant Online Decoys, Mull Lawsuits.

What the Presidents Did On the Fourth of July. hip. [via /usr/bin/girl]


what made my day, case 43 in a series. catching slight of myself in the mirror and thinking, "hey! i look pretty good today!"

britney will not appear on buffy next season. apparently, sarah michelle gellar nixed it herself. [via xine]

bassist ray brown dies at 75.

mathematical sculptures. made out of lego. [via fark]

britney's new restaurant opens. "Britney named Nyla after her, like, two favorite places in the world, New York (the 'NY') and her home state of Louisiana (the 'La')."


shopping. louisiana products at CajunGrocer.com. they have cane syrup. and zatarain's. oh dear god so good. [via meri]

moving references
+ massachusetts movers association
+ moving estimates
+ getamover.com
+ gentle giant
+ monster movers
+ paul w. taylor moving and storage
+ tobin and sons
+ magnum moving and storage


evangeline made. a tribute to cajun music.

the 2002 5k entries are up.

"The days of cellphones ringing during plays, concerts and films may be numbered because Japanese scientists have developed a high-tech material that absorbs microwave radio signals." yay!

10 Reasons Why Men Put Off Marriage.

Martha Stewart's tips for gracious big-house living. [via steph]

mass pike toll increases go into effect today.

for those unaware. . . postal rates went up yesterday.

slowly transitioning to style sheets. . .

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