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you have got to be kidding me, case 13 in a series. gladiator 2 in the works. [via fark]

"Scientists working in Brazil's central Amazon have discovered two new monkey species that are about the size of kittens."

zeldman presents Monkey.


the sports guy answers reader email. on many many subjects, not all sports related. "Remember, it's 'No-mahhh,' not 'Nomar.' Say 'Nomar' and people will look at you funny."


happy summer

god's live journal.

she held my hand

snippet of an article on Mark Turner. he's a tenor saxophonist. i wonder why i posted this. . .

$20, $50, and $100 bills to be redesigned.

kite news. [via fark]

philips makes teeny discs that hold more data. but the size of a quarter?!? wouldn't they just be easier to lose? [via fark]

jack black sound clips. it's jack black. of course they aren't all safe for work. . . [via fark]


"we're good people who have been influenced by a corrupt corporate culture."


happy juneteenth. [via metafilter]


jesus christ on a pogo stick!

trip notes
+ logan is starting to look like a real airport. there was a covered moving walkway to take you into the terminal. they fixed the signs, so i was actually able to find my way back to central parking and my car. they have nifty little atm-like kiosks where you can print out your e-ticket instead of waiting in line. only downside is that it prints out on little flimsy paper instead of heavier card stock, so you have to be more careful that you don't smoosh and tear it before you get to the gate. the lines and wait times are back under control.
+ ate at obrycki's. there was a picture of one of the chef's with martha stewart on the wall. they were holding crabs.
+ saw a game at camden yards. holy god, what a ball park. if you ever get the chance, go. seriously.
+ also ate at mo's fisherman's wharf [they don't appear to have a web page]. order the jumbo lump crab cakes. best damn crab cakes i've ever had.

why did i leave? it is safer here

digs magazine has an "ask the bartender" feature in their host section. they also have a drink database. and the person who writes them uses fabulous words like "smoosh" and "zizz".

hear, hear. i keep reading these articles that leave me thinking, "why?!? why do we keep publishing these things?!?" Dennis Pluchinsky wants to know, too.

monkeywire. "the premier source of monkey and apes news (for all primates)." [via memepool]


correction to something posted on the 9th: KYSOff is based out of salt lake city, not chicago as i had stated. they were in chicago for the improv festival. oops.

more info on not in our name.

1,000 Blank White Cards

Why I Ride. [via seann]

Honda Takes Up Case in U.S. for Green Energy. [via signal vs. noise]

"MEETUP helps groups of people with shared interests to meetup in local cafes (and other places) around the world."

Chief Justice William Rehnquist: "In time of war, the laws are silent." [via fark]

the Not In Our Name statement. fascinating that this is in the guardian. any u.s. news agencies carrying this?

raise your hand if ew, case 11 in a series. brandy to give birth on mtv for reality series. The series "will focus on the star balancing her career and the demands of family life." family life demand #1: do not pimp out the birth of your first born to mtv.


in other news. . . i'll be traveling for business for a few days so don't expect much in the way of updates for the rest of the week. thankyou.

ain't that the truth.

reminder to self: don't ever move to texas. [via fark]

monkey arrested for breaking and entering. [via fark]

especially for chadly: abandoned mines web site. only covers three counties in northeast ohio. [via fark]

because i get a huge number of search hits for this. . . more stuff on heat vision and jack. including the script. [via cardhouse]


espn page 2 columnist bill simmons reviews summer movies.

geeky, but i want them. escher paving stones. [via backup brain]

surgical eyes. info on complications from refractive surgery. [via fark]

britain is having a foosball tournament. [via fark]

britney is being sued for stealing two songs.


create a south park character at the south park studio. too fun. [via megazone]

free restaurant coupons at entertainment.com [via leaf]

MassParks.org. info on state parks in massachusetts, activities, trail maps, etc.

image entertainment. dvd info a go-go.

Knock Your Socks Off [KYSOff]. improv comedy in chicago salt lake city.

carl and phil. monkey ninjas. note: episode 2 is way better than episode 1. [via tom]


today is apparently the day of many sporadic and random updates here at the eventual blog. . .

Immobile Homes. [it's a band]

resource for parents: Kids with Diabetes. Clinical Trials and Disease Information.

note to self: multimedia search engine.

because the original wasn't strong enough. . . jolt espresso.

this is just about the coolest thing ever. play catch on the field at fenway. so want to go. . .

handy or scary, you decide. spyonit.com [via Very Big Blog]


ozzy to market teddy bears. among other wacky items.




partial solar eclipse on june 10. sadly, it begins too late for those of us on the east coast to see it. [via fark]

"Bush climate plan says adapt to inevitable. Cutting gas emissions not recommended." [via fark]

calorie restriction may be the secret to long life. i completely don't understand. how could you possibly have enough energy to actually do anything? sure, we eat way too much as a general rule, but this seems absurd. starve yourself and be miserable, but live longer! woo!


this month's background once again by the fantabulous jen at PixelDécor. check out her Very Big Blog.

Peter has one fish

why i love massachusetts, case 11 in a series. "It's probably too late to do anything about it now, but the next best thing is to complain about it, which is what we're good at." [via fark]

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