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what made my day, case 42 in a series. Spiteless in Seattle. [backstory] geezo peezo!

you will never come back

oh brother. "a full set of polyhedral dice carved from the Edmond meteor." [via fark]

for chia: orlando bloom.

OnlineConversion.com. handy. aside from the room area one, which is just kind of sad. [via chia]


as if having tickets to wednesday's redsox game wasn't exciting enough. . . pedro is the scheduled pitcher and there will be a little pre-game celebration for lowe's no hitter.


when i saw the commercial for jason x, i thought it was one of those fake commercial spoof commercials. sigh. . .

look out, honey! [as a side note, you know you've looked at too much exploding dog when. . . you could guess what this picture would look like based on the title. not that, you know, i did that or anything. . . ]


those wacky lobyists. . . House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Committee hearing. another. [via meri]

seibertron.com "The ultimate Transformers resource for images, news, interaction, and more than meets the eye!"


britney has a new beau. and she smokes! oh the horror! who cares.


happy earth day.

it's ben and jerry's free cone day!

why i love massachusetts, case 10 in a series. it was snowing this morning. snow. and tonight, we may get an inch. last week it was 90.


heard about the daffodil project [more info] this morning on npr. what a great idea. absolutely fantastic.

kim has jumped on the blogwagon. check out her efforts over at shhh.... [really. especially today's post. which links to one of the funnier books i've seen in a while. which i would reproduce here, but then you wouldn't go look at her page, now would you?]


new voices 20 all this week at wpi.

fox has launched greg the bunny. it's pretty entertaining, but greg used to do short films for the independent film channel. since ifc is cable, they are slightly more. . . shall we say. . . raw? download and enjoy. [probably not work safe due to language.]


digs magazine. "a home + living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation."


from espn's page 2: 10 burning questions for Samuel L. Jackson

You actively pursued a role in the "Star Wars" prequel series, and George Lucas made you a Jedi. What's the best part of being a Jedi?

Jackson: Having a light saber, which I do get to use this time. And being all-powerful in the universe, that's pretty cool.

for a truly depressing experience, may i suggest Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age? [via not.so.soft]

if you're looking for me tomorrow, i will be at fenway watching pedro pitch against the yankeessuck. oh yes indeedie.


a [highly entertaining] list of sport's unwritten rules.

[in this morning's email. . . ]

Limited Time Offer. Try any of our most popular bras and SAVE $5!

Choose from. . .

The "Very Sexy" Miracle Bra®: Push-up shaping with the latest liquid-filled technology.

liquid filled technology?!?! good god.

let's see. . . it's april, and it's felt like spring the past two days, and there was no snow in between. i do still live in new england, right?


someone owns iamthemonkey.com. dear god.


because i know at least one person will find this entertaining. . . Ozzy Accepts Invite To White House Dinner.

mainly for justin. The 6 Biggest Continuity Errors in Star Trek: The Next Generation.


does anyone know what happened to march? i thought i had one around here somewhere. . . .

ambiguties are all we have

Rare Planetary Traffic Jam Above. last two weeks of april and the first two weeks of may. funky.


especially for tom. Making Lethal Ninja Weapons with Househould Items. [via /usr/bin/girl]

three cheers for the new owners, who had the red sox greet the fans. let's hope this becomes a semi-regular event.

some opening day pics [thumbnails]
+ tom "wait- don't i play football?" brady
+ the green monster flag
+ steve tyler sings the national anthem. a faboo rendition, by the way.


new[ish? new to me at any rate] search engine: teoma. categorizes results into results [relevant web pages], refine [suggestions to narrow your search], and resources [link collections from experts and enthusiasts]. also features a spiffy "find this phrase" check box. i always always forget to put my search in quotes for google when searching for a phrase. so i'm already a big fan of the little chieck box.

monday is national workplace napping day. organizers' page. [via fark]

jim koch of samuel adams fame has brewed a 48 proof beer. let me repeat that in case you missed it. he brewed a beer that is 48 proof. good god. official sam adams utopias website. [via fark]


much fun was had this weekend with good friends, good food, and apples to apples. if anyone wanted to get me this game for my upcoming birthday, i certainly wouldn't complain. . .

danny is my friend

muppets.com. complete with ask dr. honeydew and the swedish chef's virtual kitchen.

OpenTable.com. on line reservations. enter the date and time, location, and type of food, and it'll spit back restaurant suggestions for you. trés hip. [via megnut]


play ball!

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