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greg knauss of an entirely other day is selling a book. Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard. and he's on a weblog booktour. fantastic stuff. and the stories sound like something some people i know would do.

[begin shameless plug. . . NOW] if you live in massachusetts and are into the larp thing, may i suggest 6x9? the game will be running april 12-14 in waltham. [i will not be partaking, as i have tickets to see the red sox beat the yankeessuck on saturday.]

fabulous foods. recipes, tips, etc. [via lizzie]


full of beans

time magazine's 50 best websites.

last night i ate turtle. and elk. and rattlesnake. and aligator. and boar. and ostrich. and baby chicken.


tights in funky colors. [via lizzie]

the women's well

Giant Killer Robots

Pub Crawlers Get Hi-Tech Support. [via heather]


what a wonderful day

oscars sunday. complete with a bit by cirque du soleil.

dead people server. [via andrew]

brain. . . . hurts. . .


guinness contact lenses. no, really.

why i love massachusetts, case 9 in a series. Study rates city as worst for potholes.

salon article on bill hicks. who is dead. but has a new cd and a new biography. and a webpage. which, incidentally, i haven't looked at. proceed at your own risk.

soundbug. "turn flat surfaces into speakers." geek toy! [via bill]


i hate traffic.

there's something strange in my brain

get a guiness bottle opener. but only if you live in IL, IN, NY, NJ, or PA.


"the console is a conduit for the soul."


streamzap. remote for your pc. you know you want one. . .

more proof that everyone has a weblog: williamshatner.com

march 12. ten years. i still miss you.

dead eyes

for steve: britney is single.

it's time to play the music. it's time to light the lights. it's time to get things started on the muppet show tonight!


remembering. . .


drunk monkeys. [via fark]

been reading what's new pussycat? [woah ohohoh!] love the title.

Look out!

so, i am having major connectivity issues. sad. don't know if or when i will be able to fix them. . .


longing for spring. . .

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