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connectivity issues. please stand by.


orlando for business = no updates. but i am warm. and that is good. back next week.


what did you feed me?


what made my day, case 41 in a series. Bush asks non-US olympians to unite behind America by finishing behind America. i'm still giggling. [via truss]

i would just like to say, for the record, that i totally dig erin mckeown's distillation.

note to self: skeleton is on february 20.

ore-ida to release new Funky Fries. they come in chocolate. [via fark]


explodingdog is back. in a scary sort of way.
+ lets have some fun
+ the one in the far back
+ something inside me
+ it's amazing

Physicist flips over the perfect pancake formula. a fabulously geeky article. [via fark]

i wasn't going to post this, but the results scared the crap out of me. colorgenics. "Everything seems to be going against you at this time .. Try as you may - you are meeting with considerable resistance at every turn. Nothing is going as you would plan. The situation is difficult and you are trying to persist in your objectives against resistance." damn. for those keeping score at home, this would be the very reason updates have been sporadic and boring lately. [via surreally]


the olympics start tonight.


chewbacca and jedi involved in enron collapse. no, really. [via fark]


in other news, the redsox have finally finalized the schedule and annouced ticket information. including when they go on sale. [phone and mail orders feb 24. box office mar 2. on line mar 6.]

expos and twins get one more year.

"Screen legend Charlton Heston doesn't use bodyguards or high-priced security -- because his guns are all the protection he needs."


monkey moves computer cursor by thoughts alone. spooky. [via kottke]


"This hangtag shows Marika activewear for women. And while it is not specifically forbidden for men to wear these garments, such misapropriation may result in a svelter form, a secure feeling of support, and an uncanny ability to ask for directions."

happy february. you will note that we have abandoned our normally cynical view of this month and gone with a more smooshy design, however maintaining a complete lack of pink or red. thankyou.

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