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more evidence that the world is a different place since Tuesday. the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy will air commercials during the superbowl. drugs are bad. because they help fund terrorism. [via signal vs. noise]

the democratic underground's annotated state of the union. [via fark]

"White House spokesman Ari Fleischer also said Bush's use of the phrase ['axis of evil'] was 'more rhetorical than historical' and not a historical link between these countries and the World War II alliance between Germany, Japan and Italy, known as the Axis." yeah, right.

you know it's going to be a good day when
. you wake up with the beginnings of a sore throat.
. you head off to work, locking the door behind you. without your keys.


employee to enron ceo: are you on crack? [via fark]

state of the union transcript.

msnbc article on usa freedom corps. the operation TIPS thing scares me.

rane at the house of blues in cambridge tonight at 9pm with dr. didg. $10. according to my sister, "they sold it out the last time they were there, so it's going to be a rockin party."


the state of the union is tonight. 9pm est. be good little patriotic do-bees and watch.

make a shorter link. i've seen a few references to this before, but thought i should mention it, mainly for the folks over on the plan-o-rama confined by the 80 column limit.


the patriots are going to the superbowl. let me repeat that in case you missed it. the patriots are going to the super bowl.

and it's supposed to be 60 in boston today. let me repeat that in case you missed it. it's supposed to be 60 in boston today. and tomorrow. and then snow and freezing rain on wednesday. i heart new england.

this whole enron thing just keeps getting weirder. former enron exec commits suicide.

satan on wine tasting.


osamu tezuka's metropolis. anime film based on the 1927 Fritz Lang film. doesn't seem to be playing around here, but dvd to be released in march.


after the events of Tuesday, posting to a series called "why the human race is doomed" just wasn't funny anymore. i've considered bringing the series back, but it didn't feel right. so. prompted, in part, by trying to decide how to categorize yesterday's "curdled/cultured" story, the eventual blog is proud to announce the creation of a new series: hey! you! outta the pool! [wild applause]

hey! you! outta the pool! case 1 in a series. "PENRYN, Pa. (AP) - The police department has refused to direct traffic at a YMCA triathlon because it says the club promotes witchcraft by reading Harry Potter books to children." [via heather]

backdoor lover seth green is going to have a sitcom on fox called "Greg the Bunny". no, really. [via heather]

Welcome to Uhura.Com! Hailing Frequencies Are Open! [via heather]


paper engineer's workshop. too cool. be sure to check out his works. [via gmtPlus9]

"'I wish I'd never said anything about being a virgin now,' [Britney] Spears told a news conference." [via fark]

arrogant bastard ale. [via fark]

"The two fighters then rolled briefly on the stage, which suddenly was filled with jumping, falling bodies and flying fists."

my sister wanted to make some corn bread. so she went to the store to buy some buttermilk. and the container was a little warmish. so she tried another, but it was the same. with her warmish buttermilk in tow, she headed home.

she tried pouring the buttermilk into a measuring cup, but it kind of glooped. she glooped it back into the container, and took it back to the store for a refund.

"this buttermilk is curdled," said my sister to the cashier.

"oh, really?" she said, taking the container and looking it over. "oh. it says it's supposed to be curdled."

"no," said my sister. "that says 'cultured'."

what made my day, case 40 in a series. today's megatokyo. specifically, the origami unicorn. beautiful.

i saw a commercial for this product the other day, and all i could think was, "good god! what an unfortunate name."


rip peggy lee.

Lower-Status Monkeys More Likely to Take Cocaine. well then. [via signal vs. noise]

New England finally gets a call! so. . . was it a bad call or the right call on a bad rule?

reality tv out of control. mtv to launch "The Osbournes". [via fark]

what to do when you win the lottery. you know, just in case. [via fark]


the lord of the rings. in lego. [via fark]

Plans Announced for 4.5 Hour Fellowship DVD. links over to this list of potential scenes based on trailer shots, promotional photos, etc. that weren't seen in the movie. [via fark]


welcome to the twilight zone. the father of the guy who was killed in a fight after his son's hockey practice accidentally killed his other son in a fight 27 years ago. [via fark]

Study Suggests Booze Boosts Allergic Reactions. very curious indeed. [via fark]

sad, but really for the best. Fox to close "X-Files" in May.

political correctness taken too far? rewriting history? or a symbolic tribute to those who died? "A statue based on the famous photograph of the flag-raising at the World Trade Center site is being criticized because the three white firefighters in the picture have been transformed into one white, one black and one Hispanic."


oooOOOooooh! wallace and gromit internet shorts to be released. here's the official aardman story. [via jess]

i would just like to state - for the record - that the new sprint jonny moseley commercial cracks me the hell up.

ok, i admit it. the mothman prophecies intrigues me. . . [much as i hate to use that word.]


so, i read that they are in it. then i read that the scene had been pulled cause of all the bruhaha. and then i read that the scene has already been shot and they haven't decided whether or not it'll make the final cut. who knows. regardless.


weird news tidbit of the day. not only did dr. ruth record an album for kids. . . it's been nominated for a grammy. and she's up against tim curry. full list of nominees. it's a pdf file. she's in category 70. [via andrew]

just when i thought i had seen everything. . . heather points out planet twinkie! the best part being, of course, that it's all official and sponsored by hostess.

ah twinkies. . . that strange yellow cake and cream with a shelf life of unlimited years. the snack cake that would survive a nuclear blast. i [at one point] had never had a twinkie. never. my boyfriend at the time thought this unfathomable. he could not understand how someone could reach the age of 24 in this country withOUT ever having a twinkie. he was, dare i say, horrified by my lack of twinkie consumption. then i turned 25. and for my birthday, he made me a cake. out of twinkies. 25 twinkies, to be exact. lined up in little 5x5 twinkie rows, complete with frosting on top that proclaimed, "Happy Birthday Dawn!" i was touched. and amused.

i've still never eaten a twinkie.


looks like nsync won't be in star wars after all. gee. what a shame. [via michelle]


the Council of Elrond. as directed by Kevin Smith. this has brought me such glee.

hurry, it is back on

goose clothes. as in, clothes. for geese. but not just any geese. and not just clothes. oh no! "Decorative clothing for all 23 to 26 inch plastic or cement Geese." of course. [via drak]


where did all the rainbows go?

time magazine's best and worst of 2001.

"The little baby jesus demands that you pound the sherry." much glee.


getting back in the swing of things. . .

which lord of the ring character are you? warning: they give info at the end about your character, some of which is taken from the second and third books. so if you've only seen the movie, there be spoilers here. [via trish]

NSync to appear in second Star Wars prequel. shoot me. [vie meri]

dilbert. indeed.

"i think it involves monkeys and duct tape."

monkeys everywhere! even at megatokyo.

i told you they were everywhere. . . ben sends along this link to monkey benders.


happy new year!

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