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happy new year's eve!


happy holidays!


"I'm on a stamp. Christopher Lee and I are on the 40-cent stamp in New Zealand. Not many living people are on stamps. And on Burger King cups."
- ian mckellen


the physics of santa claus. [via fark]

santa's faa waiver to fly through restricted air space.

"I went to a lady who speaks to spirits. And they speak back to her. They say 'drink me!'. Or I'd guess that's what they say to her. That's what they say to me, anyway. especially Gin."


nfl standings.

massachusetts christmas tree association. [with thanks to liz]

last week, there was a flicker of hope that perhaps - just perhaps - they'd be able to salvage some part of the x files so that the show would cease to stink. but then. last night's episode. horrid. absolutely horrid.

google catalogs. wild.

on-line petition: "We hereby, the undersigned, in spirit of our raped childhood's, ask that George Lucas give over his reign as director and writer of Episode III to one Peter Jackson." [via fark]

in case there is any confusion over the previous post, i would like to state for the record the following items:
1. episode i was pretty damned bad.
2. attack of the clones is a stupid name.
3. lord of the rings looks amazing.
4. yes, i think it is premature to say that jackson is the man seeing as how lotr hasn't actually been released in the us.
5. just because i link to things doesn't necessarily mean i agree with them.
6. i didn't actually sign this petition.
7. i just kind of thought it was funny.

i mention this mainly for mikey. tijuana flats hot foods, inc. lists their hottest 15 sauces. [via fark]

design a snowman. much fun. [via kottke]


today on the eventual blog: a focus on good news.

good news item number 1. i am thiiiiiiiiis close to having a new office that is 1. big enough to have a computer desk and a spread out reports and maps desk, 2. has a window, 3. doesn't require me to commute over an hour one-way, and 4. doesn't require me to move two and a half hours away.

good news item number 2. red sox fans rejoice. no more carl everett! nananaa na! nananaa na! hey hey hey! goodbye! brings a tear to my eye, i tell you.

good news item number 3. a dumb annoying work thing is on the way to being resolved. and that is all i am going to say about that.


megway has arrived!


huh. the x files didn't suck last night. it was actually pretty good. although fox ruined part of the suspense in their commercials for the episode. . . sad, that.

info on buying a christmas tree.

the national christmas tree association. who knew there was such a thing?


scary. "Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Usama bin Laden have a lot in common. Take the quiz and see if you can identify statements by each of these 'leaders.'" [via memepool]


kicking myself because we only had two days

green button [a good alternative title for this could be "toys that would captivate ryan's brain for hours"]


I can teach you to manage your time more efficiently.


no one pointed out i had yesterday's date wrong. it's ok. i fixed it.

what made my day, case 39 in a series. dave barry's holiday gift guide. i heart dave barry. [via fark]

viking name generator. All hail Haengr the Lawless. [via fark]

Nikki S. Lee: Dressing the Part Is Her Art. fascinating look at fashion and identity. check out some of her projects. [via mister pants]


[let me know if the link color is working out better now]

so that's what IT is. . . read more.

"If you're hungry and hankering after steak, and I give you a cheese butty, how can you be satisfied?" brilliant.

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