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happy halloween.

fx is having a halloween x files marathon today. why was i uninformed?!? and then buffy from 6pm till 10pm. and then blair witch. oooOOOOooh. check the schedule.

halloween kitchen.

toyota pod. official toyota site. with lots of pictures. [via daver]

mapopolis. mapping application for your palm. [via steve]

sputnik7. huge time suck. faboo videos. [via tom]

from medicus: "Ummmm..is about all I have to say about this. I found it while searching for 'snowblowers reviews sears'. http://www.mum.org." oh yeah. that makes sense.

while looking for something on my computer, i came across this. it was going to be the blog entry for 9.11.2001, which i decided not to post [for obvious reasons]. i had meant to post it when things had returned to some semblance of normalcy [ha!] but totally forgot.

sam at exploding dog is back from vacation. highlights:
+ i love you, but i have chosen the path of darkness
+ he wanted to write, but something held him back

ceiling fan baseball. [via fark]

saw this on the news last night, and, well, i have some friends who are obsessed with monkeys for reasons incomprehensible to me. monkey on the loose in new hampshire. [alas, this article is no longer there.]


iron chef reverse engineered recipes. funky. [via backup brain]

Britney Spears Matted Star Photo. damn. she needs a new makeup person. or something. [via fark]

gifworks. on line gif editor. [via /usr/bin/girl]


this strikes me as something tom would do. i'm not sure why. boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

the wedding was lovely. my date was lovely and looked ohsofine. the reception was a cast party, but we were dressed in nicer clothes and there were parents. smooshy nostalgic melancholy. so much more that will remain unsaid. . .

apparently, Monsters, Inc. [which opens this friday] will have the first Star Wars ep II trailer.


daylight savings time ends this weekend. clocks go back.

i get to go to an ex-beau's wedding tomorrow. that makes. . . 4. feeling old. however, i do have the Best Date Ever, so it will all be ok.

backup brain offers this welcome to xp.

karate for christ. [via fark]

official tenacious d website. includes videos. you may want to save this one for home. [via fark]

11.18.2001 to be proclaimed jackie chan day [well, in toronto anyway]. [via fark]

fantastic article about 1986, game 6.


rough day at work, i decide to play a little furious george, only to discover that there is now a flash version. ooooOOOOooooooh.

once again, time for pie in the sky. proceeds help provide meals for families and people with AIDS. [via xine]

i need to see waking life. opens in harvard square tomorrow.

xp blah blah blah.

drak sends this one along. taunting the short kids.

thanks to heather and michelle for sending along hemp info. summary: they are different plants. dea is dumb.


DEA Bans Consumption of Hemp Foods. from the article: 'In announcing the rules, DEA chief Asa Hutchinson explained that "many Americans do not know that hemp and marijuana are both parts of the same plant and that hemp cannot be produced without producing marijuana."' i was under the impression that they were two completely different and separate plants from the same family? someone help me out clarifying this. contact info over there [gesture right]. [via signals vs. noise]

britney news. she's teamed up with aol. you've got britney! gah. [via fark]

world series. ny yankeessuck vs. arizona diamondbacks. [diamondbacks?!? diamondbacks?!? where the hell did they come from?] series starts on saturday.

meg says, "Apparently one of the victims of September 11 was common sense." sad, but true.

star wars gangsta rap. [via memepool]

the man who wasn't there. new coen brothers movie.


Novel Security Measures. lovely.

meh! the x-files season premiere moves to november 11.

i think little red boat is delightfully amusing, entertaining, and original. i thouroughly enjoy reading. so poo on them.

interesting article on tracking down the folk behind the anthrax mailings. [via metafilter]

john coltrane. [via metafilter]


good grief. who thought this was a good idea? the remote lounge. they've got a website, where you can check out the people at the bar. so. you stalk people by remote controlling cameras to check them out. then you cen send them a text message. and you can talk on the phone. while you are both in the same bar! sigh. . . why are we so afriad of human interaction? [via the soon to be married dibble]

i don't like football. or, i should say, i just don't get football. oh well.

farmstands and orchards of massachusetts. brookfield orchards reportedly has the best apple dumplings. i plan to test that theory this weekend.


two and a half weeks till the season premiere of the x files.

nowhere girl. online comic by justine s. so far, it's just the first chapter, 43 pages. [via memepool]


This is Julianne Varacchi's first web page. who's a proud big sister? that'd be me.

things i have learned/realized/whatever in the last week [or so].
+ apparently, women have suddenly become breast-less. or at least that's what the people who make dresses seem to think.
+ movies should come with a "you may not want to watch this in the wake of 9.11" warning.
+ macguffin
+ some people are heroes. for many, many reasons.
+ i should really write this stuff down when i think of it, lest i forget.

i admit it. i watch dark angel. but i am concerned about where the show is going. or amused. one of the two.
"hmmmmm. well, last year ended up with them admitting they like each other. so the sexual tension is gone."
"we need it back! you can't have a show without sexual tension!"
"i know i know. but what can we do?"
"i've got it! we make this disease. and it'll be genetically engineered just for him. and then, we make her the carrier. so that way, they can't ever touch or he'll DIE!"

three monkeys.


annie and the hedonists were faboo. i [of course] bought their brand new cd. it, too, is faboo, but sadly, does not do her voice justice.

don't really know what's going on over at 50 cups, but the photos on the strange brew front page crack me up.

"Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle stick!" [via fark]

Computer monkey business amazes boffins. [via metafilter]


where's my ambition gone?

the vacation was faboo. whee.


i am off for a happy and much needed mini vacation. i can't wait.
+ thursday. mass moca.
+ friday. cafe capriccio's cooking and wine society. it is the most fun. i've been two or three times before, when i was living near albany. friday's class includes "selections from our autumn menu: assorted antipasti, risotto with mushrooms, braised baby lamb Roman style and a fine dessert." yum.
+ saturday. annie and the hedonists [a great band, who i've only seen at the troy victorian stroll, although they've also played caffè lena and the eighth step] is releasing their first cd. i am going to the cd release party. ohyesindeedie.
+ other stuff.

cnn has before and after pictures of the attacks in afghanistan, along with a bit of explanation. [via tom]

the joy of jumping to conclusions. a follow up on the anthrax story and the intern. arrested in the middle of a job interview, cleared in an hour. [via metafilter]

sand castle central. could come in handy one day. . . [via metafilter]


windows of hope. eat out tonight, a portion of the proceeds from participating restaurants goes to helping september 11th victims. end of season grades for the players. finally, a little end of the year trivia: joe "i like a stable line up" kerrigan managed 43 games. how many different line-ups did he have? that's right. 43. [okok, i am perhaps exaggerating. it was at least 40. i haven't verified the few final games.]


cirque du soleil to be released on dvd.

i had to fly. the airports were quiet and muted and strange.

littleredboat: october 5.

things that made me jump that probably wouldn't have if they happened before Tuesday. walking down columbus ave in boston last night, all of the street lights suddenly went out. apartments and restaurants were still lit, but the street lights went dark. and my heart stopped. and i thought, "hm. this is actually kind of pretty! i wish i could focus on that instead of thinking that i am going to get shot or that something will certainly blow up." and then this morning, driving through the pike tunnel [no, i don't know the real name or if it even has one] all the tunnel lights suddenly went out. very freaky.

pan's house of horns. for all your. . . horny needs? [via /usr/bin/girl]


you know, it's a good thing they fired jimy and replaced him with kerrigan to turn the team around. it did work, after all. they went from being a team in contention to one that sucks.

dilbert meets six sigma. [ok, this may only be entertaining for me.]

there is a new movie coming out on 10.12.2001 called iron monkey. no, really.

especially for michelle, because i know how addicted she got to the first one. pontifex. sequel to the bridge builder game. [via fark]

the university of south carolina offers a star trek class. [via fark]

danarchy.net is up and running.

pig 'n pepper. 10.6 and 10.7 in westford, mass. [via lizzie]

does anyone know of a mapping website that doesn't result in ridiculously long urls [not to name any names] so that i can easily map something and then send someone else or link to the url without it being 5 lines long? thanks.


first kiss comics: my date with destiny by kevin smith. [via memepool]

i mention this for the pure joy of the following phrase: thumb-sucking monkey doll. [via heather]

cardhouse, 01sep27 entry.

especially for andrew, who loves those wacky car talk guys. car talk's list of the ultimate gay and lesbian cars of all time. [via fark]

on-line journal of some folks motorcycled to the grand canyon and canadian rockies.

kitchen shopping at the gadget source. [including the donvier mmmmmmmice cream maker.]

faboo new design over at bluishorange.

trot [that's not a name it's a verb] nixon. your hero and mine.

back. saw not a single moose.

welcome to october. month of halloween-ie goodness and many babies.

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