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off for a mini- vacation of sorts. back next week.

right. well then. i thought we lived in a country with freedom of speech. my mistake.

and really take some time to read the onion. lot's of great stuff.

rabi redesigns over at wockerjabby. absolutely beautiful.


the onion released a special edition. holy fucking shit: attack on america.

flight 93. as full as the story will probably ever get.

september 11 journalists' resouces. absolutely gobs of information. [via megnut]

evolution on pbs. my sister worked on stuff for this show.

oh yeah. and star trek enterprise premieres tonight.


monkeypiece theatre companion. [via memepool]

i've only owned a motorcycle for a week, and it's been in my driveway all of 2 days. but i now understand the true pain of rainy days. . .

"why, grandmother! what tiny windows games you have!" "the easier to hide when the boss walks by, my dear. . ." [i appologize. i've no idea where that came from. weird.]

note to self, for future reference. metafilter recipe thread. includes a link to guinness cake. woah.


happy banned book week. read a banned book. you'll probably learn something. or maybe even open your mind. ooooOOOooooh.

note to self: motorcycle manuals.

in need of a vacation.

steep. tea. [via signal vs. noise]


a group of cdbaby artists are donating the money from their sales to the red cross.

barbara lee on her no vote. [via cardhouse]


come monday, i will be a full fledged biker chick. well, almost.

"Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope." Written by Catherine Gronlund.

elements of tragedy: the weapon by stephen king. just one in a series of essays on the elements of tragedy. [via fark]

what falwell really meant. [via fark]

welcome to 1984.


mmmmmmelissa ferrick is playing at the avalon saturday. get tickets.

prophectic column from 1998 by Peggy Noonan on time.


trying to return to some semblance of your regularly scheduled eventual blog. . .

sad though this is, i find it important to point out the global toll. [via metafilter]

Mass. rescue team returns from a tough battle. [the group that tom works with.]

"President Bush, briefly setting aside his war planning efforts, visited the mosque at the Islamic Center of Washington yesterday to admonish the nation not to avenge last week's terrorist attacks on innocent American Arabs and Muslims." an excellent step. i only wish he had done this sooner. [via fark]

hurrah for abc news. "The president of ABC News has ordered the network to stop showing footage. . . saying repeated broadcasts of the images had become gratuitous." [via fark]

rush limbaugh responds to robertson and falwell's comments. "All I can say is I was profoundly embarrassed and disappointed by their comments. They can try to take them back all they want, but the bottom line is that their words are indefensible." [via fark]

as a side note, i heard about the falwell-robertson thing the other day and was horrified. i couldn't bring myself to actually link to their comments. at the moment, i refuse to feed into any of the hate resulting from this tragedy. on a semi-related note, there will be [at least] a temporary suspension of the doomed series. remember? focussing on hope.

i fear for our personal freedoms, our civil liberties, our sense of privacy.

tom is home safe. i can't express how proud i am to be his friend. i learned yesterday that another friend had gone to the city to do what he could to help. he, too, is home safe. he, too, is shaken by what he has seen. the strength of the people i know astounds me and humbles me. i wish there were more i could do.

ribbon graphic via Alon Cohen.

half price day-of tickets for shows in boston. excellent.

more boston theatre info. broadway in boston.


vroooooooom! very soon. . .

beautiful image from the ny times. phantom towers.

i realize i've been quiet lately. this has all hit me harder than i would have expected, and all my words are inadequate. but i'm slowly regaining my voice, focussing on hope.


first article i've seen with some info from the air traffic controllers' points of view, and why they didn't know what was going on. also has additional info on flight 93. A Sky Filled With Chaos, Uncertainty and True Heroism.


shattered. some absolutely amazing photos.

well now. this just about says it all.

lots of info at world new york.


family and friends in nyc [appear to all be] accounted for.

best wishes to tom, whose fema branch was deployed to ny - stay safe and be strong. i know you will.

the world is quiet and muted, and everything seems only half real.


nothing today as my brain and heart deal with the tragedy at hand.


why i love massachusetts, case 8 in a series. "Thomas Casey Jr.'s name was chisled off the Boston Vietnam Memorial last spring after the city learned that the Hyde Park native had become a Milton resident shortly before joining the Marine Corps." [via heather]

"A Methodist mascot named Chippy the Chimp has church kids going ape in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where the puppet is so popular he puts out videos and hosts his own Christmas service." [via fark]

welcome to C.A.P.E.! Citizens in Appreciation of Powerful Entities. [via metafilter]

gone to lunch.


espn offers a preview of the rest of season for red sox fans. [via truss]

why the human race is doomed, case 57 in a series. the mtv 2001 video music awards.

what's my pirate name? love the answers to the "are you tough" question. and the hamlet one. anyway, i am apparently, mad anne flint. [via Calico Tom Flint]

today's dilbert is pretty depressing.

the bruching shuttlecocks present the drug slang translator [based on the white house's database of street terms for drugs]. the eventual blog: drugified. [via kottke]

what made my day, case 36 in a series. running benj's gweep plan-o-rama through the drug slang translator.

god finally gives shout-out back to all his niggaz.

INeedCoffee.com. huge resource. faboo. [via the morning news]


tonight. season premiere of whose line is it anyway? on abc.

email this morning from my sister: "hello my favorite sisters. . . YEAH! ok so i hope to hear from you soon. I'm on campus right now, and will be back at our place in an hour or two (like 6 or 7 pm)and should be there for the rest of the night."
translation: "i've been living in my own apartment in boston for 5 days now. please visit and bring me money and food."

someone please explain to me why the entire town of marlborough was in the starbucks this morning?!? nothing better than starting your day stuck with a bunch of cranky caffeine deprived souls.

demotivators® 2002 calendar now available.

harry potter wins the hugo. [via metafilter]

some help in defeating the spam-bots. email encoder. [via swallowing tacks]

especially for mikey. invader zim desktop wallpaper. [via swallowing tacks]

why the human race is doomed, case 56 in a series. our dependence on plastic. seriously. if you don't have a couple bucks on you to buy milk. . . gah. [via signal vs. noise]


happy birthday!

vroom today. [alas, not for me. i am still looking for a used vroom that i can beat up for a couple years while i am still learning. but i will get to ride on back of this oh-so-pretty vroom.]

not at all unimportant eventual poll. i am considering swapping the colors of the tables, making this one white and that one [gesture right] yellow. i think it would look better and enhance readability [gotta stop reading those corporate press releases. readability. gah.] thoughts? contact info over there [again, gesture right]. thankyouinadvanceforyourinput.

Ray Bradbury is on fire! if you've never read fahrenheit 451, you should. now.

. . . and then we made out

cnn interviews Robert Siegel [onion editor]. "We're basically supremely unqualified."

the hershey's miniatures personality indicator. right. [via fark]

"A drug-dealer armed with a rocket launcher was shot dead by French police after he challenged them to a duel at the end of an all-night gunfight." [via tom]

for dani. [since she's been having a bunch lately.] the nightmare project. [via memepool]


borders is my hero because they allow you to check store inventory on line. how cool is that.

Furbeowulf Cluster Computing. apparently, a super computer made from furbys. [via fark]

game. x-men vs. street fighter. [via fark]

hit a few of the wineries along the finger lakes. including earle estates meadery. nummy mead. dibble sent along this list of meaderies in the us.

sucks to be you.

falling stars.

no vroom today. vroom tomorrow.

shopping and cooking and info [oh my]. kitchen emporium. [via dibble]

bluishorange = new design. whee.

"Such corrupted files are also found in our life and we have to constantly ask the good Lord through His Holy Spirit to scan us through and through to fix our corrupted files." [via fark]

for tom. x-e interviews bruce campbell. [via fark]

welcome to september and the return of the funkadelic eventual blog. i had a great time. the fair was fun, and the wineries were fantastic and i even got to go to a meadery. that was pretty fine. and the wedding was nice and my parents behaved themselves. for the most part. details and links later once i catch up a bit in the office.

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