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fnx is having a yankees suck radio broadcast on august 31. sweet. [via heather]

i'll be out of town, holding baby chickens, drinking wine, and attending weddings. back next month. good god. where did the summer go.

recipe source. wokzilla. [via backup brain]

the venus razor. mmmmmmmsmoooooooooooth. and the web page title is "hello goddess." those folks over at gillette are pretty smart cookies. the fact that there is a game is a little weird though. it's a crazy easy trivia game. but i won and i am now a supreme godess oh yes indeedie.

catnip = mosquito repellant. which is great, but they don't tell you how. i mean, do you leave some catnip out on a table? do you burn it? what? [via fark]

shopping. novica. [via 50 cups]

the macgyver cookbook. [via 50 cups]

woah. trippy. [via not so soft]

dilbert's ultimate cubicle. [via swallowing tacks]


dvd review. all things dvd. pretty cool. [via /usr/bin/girl]

"For any city-dwellers, a star is a small twinkling device at night (nb; not a streetlight) which shines above one's head for little apparent reason but great aesthetic effect, when seen in herds."

alison has posted her london photos. i want to go. edinburgh looks amazing. and the melrose abbey pictures are beautiful. jealous = me. [and yes, i am fully aware that edinburgh is not london. she was in london for a month, and there are a series of photos from edinburgh.]

you have got to be kidding me, case 11 in a series. "Jill Pietrini, the band's lawyer, commented: 'We've already expanded into the automative industry by selling Metallica tire wheel covers. Part of our natural expansion (includes selling wheels) and they're trying to usurp the market, which isn't right.'" they are a band. since when is selling tires a "natural expansion"?!? [via fark]

new chick tract. the little ghost. [via fark]

dark tower news from stephen king. he's posted the prologue to the fifth volume.

love the new design at swallowing tacks. especially the spoon image. faboo.


why the human race may be slightly less doomed. jesse helms will not seek another term as senator.

"you WILL experience the ninja burger difference." [via jesse. not helms. although he did play a senator once that may or may not have been patterned after helms. . . ]

the leisurely backpacker. info on hiking in new hampshire and surrounding area. [via steph]

massachusetts trail maps. and other hiking info. [via dibble]

try your hand at the mcas and see if you can graduate from high school in the fine state commonwealth of massachusetts. it gives you the answers right on the questions pages, so hide them somehow. no cheating. [via stephen]

the red sox make me sad.

"The counterfeit climax - ironic in light of Spears' claim that she's still a virgin - is part of her new hip-hop influenced, sex-mad track." [via fark]

halfbakery. [via metafilter]

why the human race is doomed, case 55 in a series. dubya logic.


explore space not drugs. [via kottke]

lovely e-mail waiting for me this morning: "It was 10 years ago today that the WPI class of 1995 began Freshman orientation." ahgahd. thankssomuch, david. . .

photoshop tenis match today. funky concept.

especially for ryan. stickman logic. [via weblog wannabe]


why the human race is doomed, case 54 in a series. "Who came to this country first -- the white man, didn't he? That's who made this country great." -Rep. Don Davis. [via metafilter]

shortlist. your course for finding good music. [via signal vs. noise]

mad science laboratories. desktops, icons, and games. oh my. [via /usr/bin/girl]

dralion was amazing. i must go see o.

again, i find myself in awe of the things people decide to spent their time on. this page intentionally left blank. [via backup brain]

for chia. things to do in pittsburgh.
+ drink iron city beer
+ shop at the strip district
+ drink beer at the church
+ eat sammiches at primanti brother's
+ falling water

"If God had wanted you to wear earrings, he'd have made you a girl." [via fark]

mexico, canada, and us separated by ocean. news at eleven. [via fark]

for steve [whose company just moved him to germany on like 2 day's notice]. britney says she walks around the house naked. [via fark]


i'll be away on business till thursday. no, nowhere good.

"Jesus Christ of Nazareth paid the ransom in blood for me on the cross and my motorcycle is part of the eternal inheritance in general." [via fark]

'Buddhist U' to open doors and minds. [via swallowing tacks]


happy birthday!

get your guerilla improv t shirt, hat, and boxers.

"A British medium launched an international hunt for witches in a bid to contact the ancient Scottish king Macbeth and lift the jinx which is said to overhang Shakespeare's gory tragedy." [via heather]

Red Sox defeat Mariners for Kerrigan's first win.

more on jimy.

jimi hendrix's house for sale on ebay. scuse me while i kiss the sky! [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 53 in a series. get drunk, kill a friend, sue the people who gave the party for negligence because they "let him get drunk at a company party and didn't warn him and other guests of the dangers of four-wheeling in the sand pit next door." [via fark]

miller lite beer pager. no, really. [via fark]

for chia. popcorn. [via memepool]

the one question morality test. [via weblog wannabe]


star wars title generator.

jimy williams was just fired. press conference at 3pm today.

if you are in the boston area without anything to do tonight, may i recommend heading to improv boston at 1253 Cambridge Street in Inman Square for church.

welcome to the internet helpdesk. [via backup brain]

paint the moon. [via not so soft]

the surreal gourmet. funky strange recipes. including dishwasher salmon. i'm hooked. i must have these books. [via not so soft]


it was a faboo show.

what made my day, case 35 in a series. trying to find the exit along with 25,000 other people last night, some guy jumped up on his friend's shoulders to figure out which way to go. "everyone!" he cried. "the exit is this way! follow me! to freedom!"

apparently, new zealand has deemed it international orgasm day.

why the human race is doomed, case 52 in a series. "Five-year-old Lotte Pickard loves her pink fishnet stockings her strappy sandals, which she says, are sexy. 'I like to look sexy,' the little girl explains." [via swallowing tacks]


x files cartoons. these are pretty hip. they are based on the actual episodes. so if you are a huge x files geek like me and recognize ep titles, they are even funnier.

christopher walken reading "the raven". [via fark]

especially for chia. this boy is toast. [via not so soft]


angst technology. "coffee and monkeys and ninjas - oh my!" [via andrew]

i'll be out of the office monday.

first, we had the xena files. and now? the princess files??

HA! take that uptight organized religion! [some of us knew this all along. although it will be interesting to see the fall-out this generates.] the catholic church used to bless same-sex marriages. "The Vatican has not commented."

teleportation and the philidelphia experiment. [via fark]

perseids peak this weekend.

origami yoda. page 2. page 3. [via fark]
update: apparently the yoda links aren't working. try this. [you'll have to scroll down for yoda.]


top cult tv shows.

fun with computer cases. more pictures. [via fark]

wacky things happening in the world of baseball. yet another bizarre ending. tigers score 13 in the ninth.

little gamers. comic strip. [via memepool]

dot com: the musical. [via not so soft]


something totally cool in worcester. who would've thought it. bijou cinema.

why the human race is doomed, case 51 in a series. the coffee shop i go to every morning is closed because their computers are down. last i knew, you didn't need a computer to make coffee. but, of course, adding up how much you owe and making change. now there's something nigh impossible without a computer. it's going to be a rough morning. *grumble*

what do i do?

oh too much fun. le piano graphique. be sure to play with "compulsion." [via swallowing tacks]


vroom resource. beginnerbikes.com

$85,000?!?!? good god, how much does a new one go for? [via fark]

attack of the clones. what a stupid title. sounds like something you'd see on mst3k.

why i love massachusetts, case 7 in a series. save the harbor swim cancelled due to pollution.

what made my day, case 34 in a series. fark had a link to bambi vs. godzilla.

why the human race is doomed, case 50 in a series. south dakota governor "thinking about scrapping his state's Adopt-a-Highway program rather than allow the Sioux Empire Gay and Lesbian Coalition to participate in it." [via fark]

this is completely wrong and angers me on so many levels. nyc cop released without bail after killing 4 people while driving to work with a bac of 0.2. [via signal vs. noise]

fun with the web over at lo9ic. [via the morning news]


"Red Sox outfielder Carl Everett was ejected from a baseball game for the second straight Family Day at Fenway Park."

"historical debacle". damn. what a game.

more on dubya's vaca. cheney's out till labor day as well. great. i'm so proud to be an american.

the periodic table of comic books. because i have geeky friends. [via backup brain]

ben affleck entered rehab. i was hoping he went in to break his habit of making too many really bad movies. but no. alcohol.

the brady kids are the weakest link. [via megnut]

dubya to take a month vacation. that's just great. [via metafilter, also on vacation. but just till 8.20.2001]

games. flash version of pacman. time suck. [via weblog wannabe]


dance lessons. [via chia]

oh, want.

obviously, dana needs to move to germany and help the slumping beer economy. [via heather]

drak has posted some pics from the great sterling invasion. some favorites include
+ joe invents fire
+ shameless tart
+ beautiful scenery and nice trees too [only because the title is so smooshy]
+ DJ funkison setting up [hey- when we throw a party, we really throw a party]

and now we'll never know. [via metafilter]


smooshy feel good story of the year. "You know, my daddy's name was Johnny Johnson." [via metafilter]


melt banana. melt banana. what a great band name. this will require more research. [via gmtPlus9]

some fine new stuff at exploding dog.
+ i can still feel you touching me
+ i wish i was a vampire
+ i fail to see the humor in it

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