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happy national orgasm day.

bush ii = desert storm ii. lovely.

japanese invent bionic suit. [via fark]

tom sends along additional information on tron 2.0.


the xena files? [season 9 starts on 11.4.2001]

tron 2.0 [via fark]

even more tax info from the motley fool. [via metafilter, where meg's post has sparked a discussion]

the guy who did those little flash movie with stick figures based on famous action flics [see 4.19.2001 for links] made a first person shooter game. [via memepool]

human clock. [via metafilter]

i wonder if it's rush hour? [via wombat]


what made my day, case 33 in a series. meg says i rock.

more tax info. the irs information site consistantly refers to it as an "advanced payment."

i was wondering how this was going to screw people. . . suck. [via fark]

he'brew: the chosen beer. [via swallowing tacks]


raise your hand if ew, case in a series. growing cells for human organs in the bodies of mice. [via tom]

yes, i need some advice on how to move my hippo? thanks. [via agthorr]

if i ever when i get to edinburgh, i am so going to frakenstein pub. [via bluishorange]

45rpm record label designs. too cool. [via zeldman]

the pigmy shrew. . . is a fascinating creature. [via memepool]

why the human race is doomed, case 49 in a series. model commits suicide. which is sad in itself, but plus size?!? 37.5 28.5 is plus size?!?! jesus freeking god. [via metafilter]


apologies for the lack of goo as of late. i'm sick and swamped. a bad bad combination.

amen to that. [via truss]

if you're looking for me tonight, i will once again be here. [last night's game rocked, by the way. lots of fun bits. including the guys behind us singing a little "daaaaante daaaaaante" song every time he got up to bat. and then yelling "son of a bichette!" when he struck out.]

keeping tabs on how much longer dubya's in the house. kind of depressing when you look at it that way. . . [via backup brain]

these people should not be allowed to keep pets. [via mr. pants]

interesting font usability study. [via signal vs. noise]


if you're looking for me tonight, i'll be here.

july is american beer month. almost too late, but still entertaining. [via heather]


why the human race is doomed, case 48 in a series. kid od's on stolen drugs. parents sue drug manufacturer and pharmacy. kid who actually stole the drugs pleads guilty to manslaughter. explain to me how this makes sense. i have a dream. i have a dream of someday living in a society where people take responsibility for their own actions. [via fark]

interesting bit about what to eat to help you through the work day. CHOCOLATE! [via fark]

old lego catalogues and instruction sets. [via gmtPlus9]

12 steps to better code. read number 8. includes a link to PeopleWare. [via kottke]


jesus christ vampire hunter. oh, i must see this. presuming that it's real. but, i saw it on the internet! how could it not be! [via fark]

in the you can't make this shit up department, "I'm having a great time being pres... being a senator from New York." [via fark]

spammobile at ozz fest? [via fark]

so, i figured it was time to revisit my resolutions and see how i've been doing. because you care.
+ was doing lots of this until summer hit. and now? laziness has set in. and something is wrong with the temperture doohickie on my oven.
+ had this one nailed until i hurt my knee in early may. knee is now better, and i need to get back to it.
+ pretty good, still not as much as i would like. mostly a timing thing. i give myself a b-.
+ oh yeah. nailed this one. and loving every minute.
+ been doing pretty good with this one, too. i get a b here.
+ oof. never thought i would. some days it's still hard, but having someone who reminds me on a daily basis that not everyone sucks makes it hard not to. it's been pretty terrific.
+ ha! totally failed on this one. i should fix that. . .
+ see above. although i did go play last week. sad sad sad.
+ *smile*
+ eh. nope.
+ not yet. . . running out of time to do this before the weddings i will be attending in the fall.
+ it would appear that doing so would be nigh impossible. which, for those who know me and my severe lack of self confidence, is a pretty amazing thing for me to be able to say. i'm pretty darn happy about it.


the bass ale gameroom. registration required to play. [via heather who has vouched for the niftiness of the games]

red sox mid season report. a bit late. sue me. [via tom "pie-eatin' monkey" carr]

the webby winners.

click to opt out of those stupid x10 ads for 3000 days. even though it says 30, it's 3000. [via signal vs. noise. with much thanks.]

the popcorn fork! "the most unique eating utensil since the dark ages." WOW! just what i needed! now i know what i am giving my friends for wedding presents this year! [via /usr/bin/girl]

the management at the eventual blog would like to apologize for the comments in the last post. apparently, dawn has been hit over the head with the sarcastic cudgel a few too many times today. thankyouforyourpatience.


update. all fixed thanks.
seann says: someone at rcn please give back my internet. i'm getting very cranky. thankyou.

webby awards today.

surreal moment of the day, case 9 in a series. one of the newsgroups i read had a message from a friend of mine [who happens to be a massage therapist] dicussing how she uses a bit of dawn in the laundry to help get massage oils and lotions out of the sheets. just a hit of dawn does the trick, she says.

dumb people with cell phones contest winners. if nothing else, scroll down to the bottom and read the winning entry. [via fark]

what?!? explain to me why this makes any sense at all. [via fark]

vitamin clothes. i'll never have to eat again. too weird. but why oh why do they want to make lace undies? i don't get it. [via metafilter]

fun icon collections. [via swallowing tacks]

themeparks.com. for all your major theme park needs. hip resource. [via /usr/bin/girl]


crap. i forgot all about maria mckee last night. sad.

most lopsided trades in sport history. guess what tops the list. . . sigh.

why i love massachusetts, case 6 in a series. t cell phone thing [this was supposed to be a note to self that i needed to find more info about this. why didnt someone mention that i had something up here that made zero sense?!? next time, someone say something, ok? thanks. you're the best!]

why i love massachusetts, case 6 in a series [take 2]. they are going to install wireless communication attennas in the t. so people can talk on their cell phones. on the t. which may be a nice convenient thing. or hugely annoying. but. you'd think that maybe they'd spend some money to, oh, i don't know, improve the t service in the city first?!?

for steve. Britney Spears Is Growing Up. i can hardly contain my excitment. no, really. [via fark]

tax rebate news. [via fark]

raise your hand if ew, case 10 in a series. can i offer you a slice of peanut butter? [via fark]

Meet the Penny Pinchers Of the Year. this is only minorly interesting, but i mention it for one very important reason. guys: don't ever. Ever. EVER. think of doing what the second place winner does. really. trust me. buy the freeking card. and flowers. you'll be a happier person for it. [via fark]

you've got to be kidding me, case 10 in a series. dubya's dad calls the middle east for him. there are no words. [via metafilter]


maria mckee is going to be on letterman tonight, playing songs from her new as of yet not released album.

mess of new exploding dog stuff today.
+ making life better
+ how do you do it?

the mists of avalon on tnt. started last night, but they are re-airing it about a zillion times.

why the human race is doomed case 47 in a series. football team beat up drum corp. and the author of this one should be shot for the headline and first line of the article.

clips from the muppet show [and other henson stuff]. unfortunately, they don't have harry belafonte. [via fark]

well then. Cannabis puts females in mood for love. [via fark]

spideman teaser.


the tick! complete with video clips from the pilot. [via fark]

raise your hand if ew, case 9 in a series. Farmer frees himself from hay baler by cutting off his own arm. "All I was thinking about was that my arm really hurt. And [the baler] was kind of sucking my whole body in, so I figured, well, it was either my whole body or my arm." [via metafilter]

why the human race is doomed, case 46 in a series. teacher fired over a mural painted by his students that depicted 2 men kissing. story is obviously more involved than that. go read the article. then shake head in dismay. [via metafilter]

too cool. lego palm. [via swallowing tacks]

lego mosaic. turn your pictures into lego sculptures. demo version only. gotta pay for the real thing. [via /usr/bin/girl]

the shape of song. converts midi files into pictures representing the structure of the song. fascinating stuff. [via the morning news]

dr. who: Death Comes to Time. listen.


wow! this is the coolest toy ever! High-tech pitching machine scores. [via matthew at bakiwop]

amelia earhart's plane possibly found. [via signal v. noise]

holy pink. hello kitty laptop. [via /usr/bin/girl]

these people are my heroes. Garden gnomes gather for freedom.


cal ripken is my hero. indeed.

why the human race is doomed, case 45 in a series. proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union between a woman and a man. they are proposing to amend the constitution. dear god.

this is not nearly as entertaining as i had hoped. but, interesting nonetheless. fbi records for famous people. including elvis. [via metafilter]

what made my day, case 32 in a series. chasing rainbows on the drive home from work.

and, in case i ever get another one. The Language of Lagomorphs: What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back. [via weblog wannabe]


nifty computer light. [via harrison]

heat vision and jack. "Jack Austin, an renegade astronaut overexposed to the sun's harmful rays while in orbit, does not return to Earth with a bad tan, but rather, a superpower: He is three times smarter than the smartest man on Earth (I'm assuming that excludes himself) whenever it's sunny out. Aided by his old roomate Doug, who was turned into a motorcycle by an experimental raygun, the duo coolly transverse this wide open vista we call America, fighting crime, and longing for the days when they weren't super-smart or a motorcycle (respectively)." failed tv pilot that may just make it as a movie. download the show. [via memepool]

the x files mythology explained. in theory. [via memepool]

raise you hand if ew, case 8 in a series. Boy's Arm Reattached After Florida Shark Attack.

in addition to cartman finding his first pubic hair, radiohead will appear on tomorrow's south park.

why the human race is doomed, case 44 in a series. man sentenced to 10 years in jail for writing in a journal. now, granted, the stuff he wrote about was nasty and scary and gratuitous. but he wrote it. in a personal journal. he didn't show people, he didn't sell it, he didn't do it. i'm sorry. i thought i lived in a country that had freedom of thought. [via metafilter]

Mental illness 'at the root of jazz'. funky. [via swallowing tacks]

x-wipes. "Express your true feelings about your ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-boss with customized new X-Wipes. Just send us any photo and we'll emboss it onto the sheets of soft and highly absorbant rolls of quality bathroom tissue." [via swallowing tacks]

all star game tonight.


google zeitgeist. [via zeldman]

sports candles. note the little pewter gift that comes in candle d. [via cardhouse]

student projects in high-speed photography. some really spiffy photos in here. there are 30 in all. [via cardhouse]

um. witches say harry potter movie has him riding his broomstick backwards. right.

they are actually gonna do it. romania to build dracula land theme park.

fun with computers. changing the silly start button in windows. [via fark]

celebrity tattoos. with pictures. [via fark]

anyone know german? h.i.v. energy drink. [via fark]

monopoly game piece theory. [via fark]

an argument for attending more minor league games. bench clearing brawl started with a kick to the face. complete with video.

fun with the internet. [via backup brain]

torre, in a fantastic display of nubiness, picks 7 yankees for all star team. this, among other reasons, is why the yankees suck. [via tom]

aaaaaah vacation.
where i was: matinucus.
what i did: "well. today we've read, ate, sat on rocks, drank beer, read, walked, ate, sat on rocks. . . did we miss anything?"
"nope. i think that's about it."


gon out. backson. bisy backson.

my very educated mother just served us nine pickles and a bunch of other things large enough to be considered worlds out beyond pluto.

are you a god? "take this simple test and find out." [via fark]

Former lottery winner jailed for meth manufacture. because apparently, a million dollars just wasn't enough. [via fark]

surreal moment of the day, case 8 in a series. driving home from work last night, the guy in the car in front of me suddenly and inexplicably dropped a naked barbie doll out the window.

dress'm up dubya. oh too much fun. [via signal vs. noise]


154 earth days... 5 game years, 1 game months, 12 game days... Until Browser-based Gaming Is Changed Forever. if they say so.

Super-Toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss. the story that inspired ai. [via memepool]

hello kitty tetris. [via /usr/bin/girl]

july. whee.

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