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god, i wish i had been there to see this. he is so my hero.

the road to freedom. songs by l. ron hubbard. sung by john travolta and others. [via memepool]

i want.

Unisys Apologizes for Creating Unintended Consequences of the Computer Age. [via /usr/bin/girl]

how to dance gothic. "i am a frond of seaweed." [via /usr/bin/girl]

ghost town gallery. [via weblog wannabe]


this man is my hero. balls of steel.

we won't do it. really. not gonna happen. well, not in the forseeable future anyway. really. honest. not gonna do it. well, ok maybe.

someone beat up cookie monster. or, maybe not. interesting to see the bits of the story that were left out in the first version.

why the human race is doomed, case 43 in a series. because people will believe that dihydrogen monoxide really is bad.

klein bottle. i want a klein stein.

2nd internet only trailer for jay and silent bob strike back.

museum of hoaxes. [via metafilter]


comics by b. amundson. be sure to check out the kimberly one. [via gmtPlus9]

JazzRadio.net [via zeldman's daily report]

hypertales. there is some stuff by gweeps in there. [via steve]

moxie days festival?!? [via andrew who apparently has a thing for moxie]

backup brain has some nifty amazon tips.

why the human race is doomed, case 42 in a series. Windows Minesweeper is an 'offence to mine victims'.

why the human race is doomed, case 41 in a series. knight rider is coming back to tv. starring david hasselhoff. good. god.

bush's anti-logic shield. "the logic behind the rationale." almost as good as the work e-mail i got yesterday explaining a new web-based tool that would give us the information we need to "proactively react." [via backup brain]

google. bork bork bork! [via backup brain]

guerrilla news network. discovered via cardhouse who linked to the coca-karma article.

why the human race is doomed, case 40 in a series. supreme court to hear a case against posting honor rolls in school because it hurts kids' feelings. [via fark]

i don't know what to file this under. i think it is bordering on a people suck, though. red sox and florie. [via truss]

this is midly entertaining. apparently, eminem's mom sued him for defamation of character. [via fark]

very hip. the loch ness monster may, in fact, be earthquakes. [via fark]

for steve. britney to make a movie about her life. starring dan aykroyd as dad. [via fark]

oh. crap.

you know you're having a bad day when. . .


what are you doing with my mother?

shopping. oriental trading company, inc. [via lizzie]

classic arcade games in massachusetts. [via mike]

how to speak pirate. [via steven]

what made my day, case 31 in a series. cybercheeze's response to threatened barney lawsuit. cybercheeze itself. [via eric the darker]

how to break the curse, in a number of not-so-easy steps. hey- who knows? [via truss]

people suck. 3 autos hit by sniper's pellets. [via truss]

why i love massachusetts, case 5 in a series. "she watches too much TV and confuses real life with the plots of 'Law and Order'." [via truss]

rob sends along this vacation idea. dangerous curves.

Fan Converts Home Into 'Star Trek' Spaceship. "Alleyne, 48, who said his wife left him for another earthling, lives alone in the apartment." now there's a surprise. [via heather and j who says he must've gone to wpi]

mark your calendars. july 31 is national orgasm day. [via heather]

back, not dead. trying to catch up on officey things and e-mail. more later.


lots of goo today. save some for the rest of the week. since updates may be nonexistent.

babylon 5: the legend of the rangers.

sorry, chia. someone patented toast a method of refreshening a bread product by heating the bread product. [via fark]

"Britney looking a little chunky." sad that this is considered a little chunky. [via fark]

"It's like coming into a Buddhist temple with a shirt that says 'Jesus Saves.'" no, i don't think it is. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 39 in a series. "The first thing is, stop offending us."

the love project. right. [via gmtPlus9]

PowerPointlessness. i am sure i will be encountering some of this over the next few days. . . [via kottke]

independence day flag jam. [via memepool]

cal ripkin to retire. very sad indeed. a true baseball hero.

KISS® Kaskets. at first, i thought this was weird. then i kept reading. "In addition, 'KISS® Kasket' can also be used as a Giant KISS® Cooler, enabling fans and their friends to enjoy ice-cold sodas and beer served directly from the ice-filled, completely waterproof 'KISS® Kasket.'" [via metafilter]

web tools. the color schemer. [via weblog wannabe]

HELP!, my boss hates me[^3].

telluride. cause, well, i will go on a vacation this year. oh yes.



35th annual world pillow fighting championships. who even knew there was such a thing. [via backup brain]

send your name to mars. [via fark]

choose your own 404 adventure. [via not so soft]

updates to be sporadic or weird or nonexistent this week as i leave for a business trip tomorrow.


angelina jolie on her lara croft boobs.

don't forget. monty python and the holy grail is being re-released at kendall square today.

now you too can own monty python and the holy grail figures. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 38 in a series. "They felt very threatened by the evil factor in the book."

you will be assimilated. [via fark]

people suck. [via fark]

what made my day, case 30 in a series. this highly entertaining article about apple v. the church of satan. "Gilmore added spookily: 'It is also amusing to us that this company uses as a corporate logo an apple with a bite taken from it.'" [via memepool]

first the funky colored imacs and now this? damnit, dibble. we could've made millions.

interesting evidence about disney stealing the atlantis idea from an anime film. spoilers, but then again, it's disney so the plot isn't too hard to figure out anyway. [via metafilter]

alcohol abuse, or cool. you be the judge. [via metafilter]

glad to see the president is doing important things for the country. [via metafilter]

for chia. toast.

you don't know jack. abc. june 20. hosted by pee wee herman paul reubens. complete with fighting ninjas.

jesse helms is a nub. schools won't get federal funding if they refuse to allow the boy scouts to meet. ok, so let me see if i've got this straight [ha].
1. boy scouts refuse membership to gay men because, as we all know, gay is bad and unamerican and against what the scouts stand for. plus, gay is equivalent to pedophile, so if gay men were alowed to be scout leaders they'd sleep with the little boys.
2. the supreme court rules that the boy scouts are within their rights to exclude membership because they are a private organization.
3. some schools decide to no longer allow the boy scouts to use the school for meetings since they are discriminatory and discrimination is bad.
4. jesse helms decides discrimination is ok, as long as it is against gay people, and says, oh yeah?!?!? well. we won't give your school any funding if you don't allow the boy scounts to use the space. take THAT.


happy flag day. [no, seriously.]

britney spears is not dead. please, go about your business. [via andrew]

god's acre. no, seriously. it's deeded to him. [via stephen]

more proof that you can find anything on the web. the condiment packet museum. [via wombat]

battlecry 2. june 23 at wpi. watch vicious robots tear each other apart! grrr!

operation clambake. the fight against the church of scientology on the net. includes scientology's big secret core belief. and why clams? [via fark]


it's about freeking time. Judge says health plan must cover birth control. score one for the ladies. finally.

"He will be his own monkey." i think this will become my new mantra. be your own monkey. [via metafilter]

dr. who returns 7.13.2001.

major webby goodness. e4. [via /usr/bin/girl]

afi's list of america's 100 most heart-pounding movies. i've seen 34ish.

don't forget: mars is not a ufo.


afi's 100 years. . . 100 thrills. cbs. 8pm.

the honda civic is not a mommy car. that is all.


game. minigolf. [via /usr/bin/girl]

slow day. i'm still basking in the glow of a fantastic weekend.


what made my day, case 29 in a series. fox sports ads for interleague play. red sox v. phillies. "when these teams get together, it's Absolute Mayhem!" *snarf* [thanks to truss who recorded the ad]

operation swordfish opens today.

there is no justice.

sam at exploding dog is back from a break with lots of new stuff. some highlights.
+ need more evil
+ I feel as if I have done something wrong
+ he will fly again

live with regis and kathy ME! kelly is having a college co-host week. because kelly is off for maternity leave. anyway, kori chambers is going to be co-hosting next thursday. he's from my home town. note on left side of his page where is says "all photo credits: julianne varacchi"? that would be my baby sister. she may actually be have been on the show this morning, as she was there when they came to kori's house and filmed some stuff for the Big Announcement of the Winners.


what made my day, case 28 in a series. jess's stortrooper over at the plan-o-rama.

[andrew comes from behind with an even better answer.]
Things that make Dawn cynical:
3. republicans
2. office and or work in general
1. family

ali v. frazier. so much money they will make off of this. . .

"Michael Joseph Rouleau, 32, who may have been under the influence of drugs, told police he set his home ablaze because he thought he was possessed by the devil." [via fark]

"On 13 June, Mars will be closer to the Earth than it has been for two years - close enough for the planet's polar ice caps to be seen through a small telescope." way cool. [via fark]

i made megnut! i'm so proud. love her site. it's one of the first weblogs i started reading on a regular basis. always entertaining and informative.

yeah, i think there was an x-files episode about this once. file this in the "i read it on the web so it must be true" category. [via memepool]

shopping. camping/outdoor gear. rei-outlet. sierra trading post. [thanks to chadly]

re: yesterday's cynicism. favorite [but wrong] guess delivered in an e-mail from ben:
"Happy Birthday?"


current plan: move to nepal and tour the countryside performing macbeth.

why i love massachusetts, case 4 in a series. the driving. oh yes. the driving.

surreal moment of the day, case 7 in a series. scene: starbucks. enter, 2 boys in black athletic pants, one in a black t shirt, the onther in a navy t shirt, both with the hair cut and sunglasses and attitude to match. they both approach the counter. the perky starbucks chickie says, "how can i help you?" and they order caramel macchiatos.

dilbert's new motto.

18 innnings. for the love of god. wakefield is my hero. and hillenbrand too of course. [another game recap. those clever sports journalists!]

nomar blah blah blah. just get better, ok? anyway. the real reason i post this is for the last little bitty article at the bottom.

oh for the love of god. they wouldn't give the valdictorian his diploma cause he said "damn" in his speech. [via fark]

"oh no! i'm having a quarter-life crisis! how do i figure out who i aaaaaaaaam??"
"i'm so glad you asked! finding out who you are is easy! just look it up in this handy book! [that'll be $11.96 please.]"

unfinished douglas adams book to be published. i don't know if this is good or not. . . sometimes authors don't publish or finish things for a reason. neil gaiman wrote about adams after his death [scroll down to may 12] and sort of mentions this.

[i'm feeling a bit cynical today. if you couldn't tell. . . 10 hero points to anyone who can figure out why.]


oh yeah. i smell a conspiracy.

why the human race is doomed, case 37 in a series. "They're turning Narnia into a British version of Mickey Mouse." this is so sad. . .

why the human race is doomed, case 36 in a series. 100 best novels. i file this under the doomed series because of repeated appearance of l. ron hubbard on the reader's list. and starship troopers? and stephen king? i love stephen king, but the best novels of the century? please. personal tally: i've read 7.5 on the board's list and 15.5 on the reader's list. and 13.5 from the radcliffe list [which is my favorite for including winnie the pooh]. interesting. . . [via fark]

"If they see something so big they can't get their mouth around it, they don't usually try for it." [via fark]

SMITE THEE! [via fark]

raise your hand if ew, case 7 in a series. your nutz. "This humorous automotive novelty product looks like a HUGE set of testicles hanging under the rear-end of your vehicle. If this isn't the coolest accessory yet then I don't know what is! Darn near everyone that sees them agree they're great fun." [but wait - there's more!] "Your participation in this endeavor will make possible donations to benefit testicular cancer research." [via metafilter]


i don't buy it. there has to be more to this story. hmmmm.

temple of black jesus. "Dear Black Jesus- I haven't been sexed up in three weeks. Every time a sweet honey pie tasting baby walks my way, the power of the lord rises in my heart, but not in my pants." [you may want to avoid this one at work.] [via fark]

the church of reality. "If it's real, we believe in it!" [via fark]

duchovny done with the x files.

to quote truss, "Two games up, Pedro on the mound. Life is Good." indeed.

convert your ip address into music. [via metafilter]


heather's comments on today's entry in the raise your hand if ew series [because it made me giggle a great deal and she said i could share]:
Please, no, really, PLEASE explain to me how someone even comes up with this stuff!!! Is this another one of those things where they're sitting around the campfire drinking Kemosabe's Holy Hell Bathtub Mash smoking peyote and someone just says, "hey, you know what would be *really* cool, is if we took shark hooks, hooks designed for the catching and innard ripping of big fiersome *sharks*, and stabbed them through the skin on our backs!" this conversation must, of course continue with, "Yeah, that'd be great! Hey, I bet it would be even *better* if we hung ourselves by them, or dragged each other, or other heavy objects around with them, wow, that would be REALLY useful!!!"

dam! it's a killer beaver! [feel free to insert obligatory, "i knew a girl like that" joke here.] [via heather who "couldn't help but laugh over the headline."]

rum. sounds like we need to get us some of that bois bandé. [via pie-eatin' monkey]

"A sex-crazed male monkey has caused an uproar in a central Sri Lankan town, stalking and attacking girls in public and flirting outrageously with cats and dogs." [via metafilter]

ph33r my lack of b33r!

he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaak[iwop]

why the human race is doomed, case 35 in a series. "it's just like reality." no. no, it's really not. [via fark]

star wreck. [via memepool]

raise your hand if ew, case 6 in a series. hook, line, and sinner. it's a tug of war. between 2 people. connected by a rope. connected to carabiners. connected to shark fishing hooks. connected to the contestants' backs. ow. [via metafilter]

mmmmmmm. motorcycles everywhere in worcester last night. many many motorcycles. [it causes me much amusement that in the right sidebar one of the quick links to yellow pages is for "tattooing".]

tony awards. sunday night. 8pm on pbs and 9 on cbs.

it hurts me when wbur makes mistakes. this morning, there was a commentary on the "old" new economy. glenn rifkin commented on the fact that "in 1991, there was no world wide web. . . it was just an idea around the corner." um, no. he also co-authored Radical E: From GE to Enron - Lessons on How to Rule the Web, which i feel i really must read. apparently, we're one of "nine of what the author considers to be the best Web sites on the Internet" and we're "flourishing online because they've embraced a radical approach to e-business, emphasizing nontraditional thinking and a willingness to turn left when conventional wisdom says turn right." who knew?

being the beginning of a new month, i'd like to point out again that if you'd like to drop me a note, my address is dawn at gweep.net. if you still can't figure it out, substitute @ for at and remove the spaces. just doing my part to foil the spambots.

current detriment to my productivity: benj's gweep plan-o-rama.

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