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proof that there is nothing you can't buy these days. the p-mate. [via mike, who is currently vacationing in hawaii the bastard.]

10 laws of bad science fiction. [via fark]

i found a duck! ok, not really. but i wish i would. nifty. be sure to take a look at the duck chorus. [via /usr/bin/girl]

this is supposed to be a movie of a chimp in ninja training, but i can't say for sure. bad firewall! [via /usr/bin/girl]

i find it really hard to believe that these motorcycle models are made out of paper. [via /usr/bin/girl]

reservior dogs action figures. to be released this summer. [via fark]

ok, this is just weird. apparently, all of the keyless entry remotes in bremerton, washington have stopped working. [via fark]

oh this does not bode well. . . a fetus is now a person. yes, they've disguised this in a bill that is intended to promote harsher sentances for attacks against pregnant women. but, i fear where it is headed.




moment of silence.


what does the bible say about....t-shirt messages? cause, you know, t-shirts with funny logos and messages were all the rage back then. "the devil is always around to take things and pervert them for his purposes, he is using T-shirts to advertise evil. . . . Displaying evil names and pictures by wearing these types of T-shirts can be invitations to the devil to attach himself to a person or to cause a curse to come against them." right. [via fark]

oz prison bitch name generator. [via fark]

.com for sale. really. entertaining. photos. [via metafilter}

why the human race is doomed, case 27 in a series. they'll be selling mcveigh execution souvenir t-shirts. [via metafilter]

record store. wacky concept. [via mr. pants]


today's episode. that in which dawn cleans out her inbox to bring you today's list of links.

harry potter teaser. [via heather]

ben found me shakespeare and all that jazz. [refer to 4.6.2001 entry.] if i only had a turntable. . .

the stool. [via heather, who says, "This strikes me as something that our friends would do."]

drak says, "if you liked monkey versus robot..." and offers this. unfortunately, i cannot get to it cause it has mp3 in the url. stupid firewall.

peepwar! a strategy wargame for 2-6 players and Marshmallow Peeps®. [via mike]

they've invaded boston, too. peace, love, linux. [article via dan]


yes, yes. i played hooky friday. the weather was beautiful. snow to 70 degrees in 2 days. only in new england. and now i am frantically preparing for a brief business trip. so, please amuse yourself with the archives until my return. thank you.


what made my day, case 21 in a series. truss. wow. we touch each other's lives in ways we rarely know. thank you.

can your soul mate be a monkey?

raise your hand if ew, case 5 in a series. marybeth's .plan of the day. "what i *did* on my birthday - i cleaned a horse penis, and i stuck my arm up cows butts." [oh the search referrals i will get now. . .]

oh lookie that. . . the red sox have won 4 in a row, while the yankees have lost 4. the red sox are tied for first in the al east, while the yankees are 3 games back. let's revel in this moment, shall we? revelrevelrevel.

this is just fabulous for the headline. Eight dead over missing penis. [via fark]

Soon you could plug your palmtop into your clothes and throw away the batteries. weird. or cool. you be the judge. [via fark]

"who says a plunger has to be ugly? Plungees is the world's first pretty plunger in a pretty box." um, ok then. [via 50 cups]

inflight panic. it's an mtv commerical from singapore. [via gmtPlus9]

fight! Fight! FIGHT! [i like the first and third the best. couldn't figure out the middle one. via metafilter]

who do you think you are? apparently, the eventual blog thinks it is forrest gump, while the front page thinks it is tony manero. right.


new voices 19 opens tonight.

surreal moment of the day, case 6 in a series. being told, "i have to shop for breakfast on friday night. . . "

snow?!? snow?!?!? gah.

The Zompist Phrasebook. "The author and translators disclaim all responsibility for the results of use of these expressions under field conditions. Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not expose to open flame. No user-serviceable parts inside. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting." [via josh]

shopping. haven't been back to WickedCoolStuff.com in a while. their stuff is indeed wickedcool. [not to be confused with evilcool.] plus, the way they categorize their merchandise by both what it is [ie, mugs, tshirts], and what theme it follows [ie, south park, wonder woman] is great. i think a shopping spree is in order.
+ i need to buy this mug for like 20 people. . .
+ don't mess with texas!
+ mix n match virgin mary magnet set, complete with stroller and baby jesus.
+ looooove the flower pillows.
+ ohoh. must buy this poster for my sister.
+ postal t shirt.
+ freudian slippers!

i am saving my love for you.

what made my day, case 20 in a series. old memories re-discovered. *breathedeeplythroughnose* wheaton!

dubya owes $2 million in legal fees to the guys who helped him become president win florida during the post-election florida goo.

hear, hear.


relax. stupidity produces antibodies. [via dani]

GotTrouble.com? includes the always useful information about grounds for criminal deportation. [i don't know. ask tom.]

why the human race is doomed, case 26 in a series. this year's pulitzer prize winner for breaking news and photography. you can see the full list of winners at pulitzer.org. just looove the timeline interface.


once again losing faith in the human race. . . archie comics and dan decarlo, creator of josie and the pussycats, are battling over who owns the rights to the characters. fans are asking people to boycott the movie. [thanks to jonathan for pointing this out.]

no. [via gmtPlus9]

nifty shockwave race car game. [via metafilter]

weakest link airs tonight.


friday the 13th. oooOOOoooooo. spooky.

robin young this morning on wbur on the movie, blow: "the moral of the story is: don't do drugs, because if you do, your story may wind up in a Really Bad movie."

[side note: the url for the official blow movie site is quite entertaining.]

dubya says, fuck the planet. americans need jobs.

speaking of dubya, smirkingchimp.com. [via backup brain]

josie and the pussycats. meow. [loooved these cartoons and comics.]

the red sox currently rock my world. here's hoping for a successful series against the sissy yankees this weekend. [friday, 6pm on fox. saturday and sunday, 1pm on fox.]

this is pretty funky! terry's chocolate. flash, resizes your window, but not permanently. good show. [via backup brain]

dear god! my eyes! [via kottke, whose description of the photo is priceless.]

"the trailor murder mystery" by abraham lincoln. [via metafilter] [note: after actually having read this story, i have discovered that it is pretty lame. proceed at your own risk.]


dear god not the guiness! [via fark]

good grief.

jon and mike. i wonder if the letters are real. . . you can find them here as well. i wonder.

wanted: super hero.

i liek milk!!! that's, um, great. . . [via chris]

new game. Dance Dance Karnov. "There are two levels in this game. In each level, you must DANCE YOUR FAT WHITE ASS AROUND FOR FREEDOM!" [via /usr/bin/girl]


if you are looking for me over the next couple days, i'll be in schenectady.

16 Ks, baby.

raise your hand if ew, case 4 in a series. transplanted monkey head. [via fark]

harley fat boy that runs on bio fuel. [via fark]


laws of physics? pah! i scoff at your laws of physics!

11 new planets found.

someone get me this album, should you ever see it. [via not so soft]

a game for friday, since no one is working anyway. sheep cull. "The aim of the game is to maliciously murder as many innocent sheep as possible with your allocated 50 bullets." [via /urs/bin/girl]


ohoh! perhaps it won't be such a bad season after all. nomo pitches a no hitter.

you are the weakest link. goodbye.

for ryan. math jokes. "A mathematician is in Africa trying to capture a lion. When he spots one he proceeds to build a fence around himself and says, 'I define this to be outside!'" [via fark]

jesse ventura says, "until you've hunted man you haven't hunted yet." right. [via metafilter]

"I lost a week of forever because I waited. Don't lose a week, man."


hypersonic xlc. that's xtreme launch coaster. angle of ascent: 90 degrees vertical. angle of descent: 90 degrees vertical. 0 to 80 in 1.8 seconds. good god. [via andrew]

speaking of coasters, i got to ride the rock 'n' roller coaster at mgm back in february. it did 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

a review of the honda insight. over on the second page is where it talks about the battery pack. "120 nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) D cells power the motor at 144 V and are stored in the cargo area of the car." the car runs off of d cells?!? [via dibble]

"they can make me work in a little box, but they can't crush my spirit."

we had to break up - it just wasn't working

H3O: extreme water. right.

ok, so maybe he did win after all. [via metafilter]

happy tax season. the top 10 overlooked deductions. [via swallowing tacks]

that's my bush premieres tonight on comedy central.


surreal moment of the day, case 5 in a series. on the radio this morning, there was a celtic love song about a vincent 1952.

monkey zone, your pet monkey resource. with lots of pictures. good god. [via mr. pants]


watching the game.

. . . and the home of the brave. play ball!

robot frank's life. [via chris]

shopping. american science and surplus. one stop shopping for all your Dissect-A-Frog needs. [via ben]

spinal tap reunion tour. get tickets, currently only for the la show. [via fark]

jesus diet. contains such gems as urine: the fountain of youth!, possible side effects from eating food, and history of health and its derangements. "It seems that no human being, of below-average intelligence, and who was not a regular church-goer, could write something so flawless and yet so profound." indeed. [via 50 cups]

finally, some good news. Dutch law allowing same-sex marriages in effect. "Though several other countries register same-sex couples and some call them marriages, rights groups have hailed the Dutch legislation as groundbreaking. It eliminates all references to gender in laws governing matrimony and adoption, going so far as to amend the dictionary to eliminate references to 'man and woman' in the definition of marriage." [via metafilter]

assabet tech. i want to take dance classes. and cooking classes. they have one called 'cooking with special effects.'


welcome to april. spring showers and all that.

"APRIL 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four." -mark twain

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