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we put the F U in fun.

design tool. amazing wallpaper.

gun to your head. it'sa game. of sorts.

skinnier, faster, live arrived today. i must say that cdbaby rocks. they had shipped the cd within 4 hours of placing the order. their e-mail confirmation made me giggle. they offer free cds for repeat customers. they specialize in independent music. they have fun titles for their music styles, such as folk: like ani. they have sounds clips to check out the music before you buy. they have a money back guarantee if you don't like the music you bought. i will be ordering more from them, oh yes.

New Bill Aimed at Drunken Politicians [in puerto rico]. "There were from 10 to 12 legislators in a state of drunkenness. You notice it because they would say foolish things in their speeches." hmmmm. makes one think, doesn't it. [via heather]

final episode of ken burns' jazz airs tonight on pbs.

meg offers a bunch of ebay searches. definitely worth the link. involves some nasty words in case you're worried about that sort of thing.


i'm sorry. i thought we had separation of church and state in this country. my mistake. [i thought this was fairly well known news by now. apparently not. Bush Sets Up Faith-Based Office at White House. the salon version.]

design tool. wanted fonts. [via strange brew]

dana once mentioned that it was impossible to find stuff in this veritable cornucopia. i've started to put sort of tags on some of the links that i think people may want to find later. for instance the "design tool" above. i've also started putting "shopping" before shopping links. provides a sort of category to search on later. thoughts?


what made my day, case 12 in a series. finally finding a rubber duckie shower curtain. i've been looking for months. don't ask. thanks to dan for his help in finding a store that actually had it in stock.

i'm sorry. i thought they played football at the superbowl. my mistake.

in case you missed any commercials, adcritic has a superbowl page.

or, in case last night's didn't do it for you, msnbc presents The Super Bowl ad champs.

Our Relationship with the Cows - An Interview through Sharon Callahan. [via julz]

WineUpdate.com. speaking of wine, i still have a bottle of button to consume. . . i need to do that. [via backup brain]

blood simple. ok, why have i not heard of this movie before? it's coen brothers. must rent. [via bluish orange]


sunday. church.

dave barry on the humvee. "military shorthand for HUgely Masculine VEEhickle." [via tom]

shadow of the vampire opens today. apparently they went through huge efforts to make it sound old. they replicated wax cylinders, and parts of the movie are in mono. funky.

"all men are fanboys. you need to stop being so prissy and learn how to benefit from it."

these are cool. id dinnerware. [via cardhouse]

Castro says he hopes Bush "not as stupid as he seems". don't we all.

got milk? game. "Watch out for stray vacuum cleaners and toy cars, which will leave you dry as granola if they run into you." [via fark]

QueerTheory.com. [via memepool]

why the human race is doomed, case 17 in a series. the fact that this product exisits: "If you are interested in increasing your bust size and having firmer breasts, then you want to try Bloussant. Bloussant is an all-natural herbal tablet, which, when taken daily will increase your bust size by up to two cup sizes." [via metafilter]

i remember when meg first posted her ideal man description, which she has since modified. and i thought, gee that sounds swell. interesting the way things work.


scots on the rocks presented by mw repertory theatre company etc. opens tonight. break legs!

back in stock. my copy has been ordered. oh yes. it will be mine. damn. order placed at 12:45pm. e-mail confirming shipment received at 4pm. these guys are good.

buena vista social club. the music. ibrahim ferrer.

surreal moment of the day [last night, actually]. running into paul szlyk at john harvard's last night. [really need to make the surreal thing into a series. this would be the 3rd time i have used the phrase, surreal moment of the day. there you go. it's a series.]

this would be cooler if it was at least somehow based on your current name, but it's still silly. discover your true name. on the first try, i got Marvellous Orchestrator. and then i played a little more, and the next cool one to pop up was Rhythmic Turtle-Carver.

bragg-smith advanced driving school. [via harrison, who has actually taken the class. whee.]

ok, now this is a little ridiculous. you can order ginger on amazon. [via metafilter]

superbowl meets the matrix. i'll be impressed if it works. maybe. real media demo. [via metafilter]

more to dos:
+ fix the naming scheme of the archives
+ remember the other eb related stuff i wanted to do. . .

disco dan. i can't stop laughing. i especially like the 2nd buttons down. [via wetlog]

i am never going to work again.

why the human race is doomed, case 16 in a series. top 100 banned books of 1990-1999. top 10 includes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Of Mice and Men, and The Catcher in the Rye. [via fark]

Oops! Britney Said a Bad Word. and apparently, you can get the recording on napster.

heard this on npr on the drive in. spooky. Funeral home director discovers woman in body bag was still alive. "People have to understand that cold, stiff, blue people can be resuscitated."


i am floating in a sea of melancholy today. i wonder why. . . and now it's gone. *shrug*

shakesperian insult generator. Thou puny pottle-deep harpy. [via ben]

in watermelon sugar by richard brautigan is one of my favorite books. it's generally referred to as in watermelon sugar, but the full title on the cover is "In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar." i still remember the first time i ever read it. my dad was straightening up some stuff in the basement. he handed the book to me and said, "here. i think you're old enough for this now." i need to read it again. i need to read more brautigan. i need to figure out why i suddenly have this book on the brain. . .

what made my day, case 11 in a series. this beautiful post by rabi. she says, "did you know friends are the most amazing invention ever?" and i think that is lovely. [another to do: add wokerjabby to where list.]

megatokyo. pretty hip. i will have to browse the archives. . . [via jony]


there. i fixed the list of stuff over on the right. [refer to 'to do' list from 1.17.2001] let me know if you have issues, comments, whatevers.

oh this is just too much fun. time digital 2026. [via chris]

noah points out, "If travelling to orlando to be sufficiently creeped out by christian marketing doesn't suit your needs, there's another opportunity right nearby, off I-84 in CT... (even though it's mostly abandoned)"

okok, so i took the silly spark test. it's based on the myers briggs. weird. [i've taken the actual myers briggs. i don't remember what my results were, but it definitely wasn't the same as this one. oh well.] favorite question: Are you always forgetting where you put things, like your keys or tongue?

and so it beings. Bush moves on abortion, drilling. sigh.

give me a w!

dubya-fy your web page. try the eventual blog. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 15 in a series. McVeigh execution might be televised. why don't we just take bets on how long it'll take and sell peanuts and popcorn too. sad thing is, someone probably will.

megnut presents a plethora of information on the abortion issue today.

new graphic novel out by neil gaiman. the last temptation. "Steven is afraid. Afraid of ghost stories, afraid of growing up...just afraid. That is, until he meets the mysterious Showman and his Theatre of the Real. Steven takes a ticket and watches the show on a dare, but getting out of the performance will be harder than he ever imagined. And Steven learns what it is to be truly afraid."

pretty dresses. i want some. [via memepool]

Controversial Christian theme park to open in Orlando. "The Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park, is unlike anything Orlando has ever seen. When it opens February 5, visitors will be able to enter a replica of Jesus' tomb, climb the stairs of a faux Herod's Temple and travel down a re-creation of the Via Dolorosa, the street that Jesus walked before he was crucified." of course.

for dan. open casting call for jay and silent bob strike back. thursday.

sushi 101. hip. [via weblog wannabe]

geekt.org. geek history through t shirts.


golden globe movie and television winnners.

M.W. Repertory Theatre Company, Etc. presents Scots on the Rocks by Richard Nathan january 25, 26, and 27, 2001.

yes, dibble. i am nearly ready to concede that the x files has indeed jumped the shark. last night's episode was just so wrong. excellent review [mainly cause it uses the phrase 'butt munchkin']. this is sad. i wonder what february sweeps will bring. oh right. mulder.

How to build the best paper airplane in the world in 35 simple steps. 35 steps?!? damn.

Clinton Accepts 5-Year Law Suspension.

jellybath. all i can think is ew. [via memepool]

oil spill off the galapagos. sad. when i lived in ecuador i couldn't afford the plane ride out to the islands to play. it was on the list of things to do if i ever make it back with money instead of as a poor college student. that, and riding on top of the train through the andes. which i didn't do because i couldn't get anyone to go with me and i didn't want to do it alone. that was dumb.

sopranos mob name generator. pants? that's it? what a lame name. my dad is the butcher. cool. rocco the butcher. mom is the stare. my sisters are the bishop and the heartbreaker. [via /usr/bin/girl]
seann 'kids incorporated' ives
heather 'the grown up' sheldon
tom 'fancy pants' carr
john 'baby buns' trussell
marybeth 'the hobo clown' miskovic, a.k.a. dusty 'cedar teeth' heart
mike 'the delicious' caprio, a.k.a. mikey 'the bastard' caprio, uncle mikey 'the self-toucher' caprio
jony 'sweet nostrils' balboni

for tom who can't wait for me to change the design because he says the pink face is obviously not work. 9 to 5 cafe presents office safe games. [via weblog wannabe]


don't forget to go to church on sunday.

shopping. the unemployed philosophers guild. i want a pair of freudian slippers.

apparently, this peta singing cow commercial was too much and cbs banned it from superbowl sunday. i don't get it. it's not offensive. it's actually kind of silly. maybe they banned it because footballs are made out of leather? i don't know. [via metafilter]

adcritic has a special superbowl page.

the sound of chaos. "Turn numbers into music. That's the aim of fractal fan Lars Kindermann, who created this computer program to do just that. By plugging in numbers, choosing instruments and selecting the scale and other musical settings, you can hear fractal music of your own making." [via weblog wannabe]


i have weird friends. chadly was bored, and threw this together. the imperial redneck.

truss says, "Slowly, painfully, it starts to take shape..."

[i just got e-mail from heather with the subject 'my love.' ooooh yeeeaaaaaah. i don't wanna read it for fear it will disappoint and won't be nearly as entertaining as the subject. . . cause odds are it is commentary on the candy article from yesterday. sigh.]

script story #2 [see 1.11 post about the script thing and 1.12 for script story #1]:
one day, i was telling kim [same kim as story #1, not pictured in the storTrooper thing] about something especially sweet that my boyfriend at the time had done [i have no idea what it was anymore]. we were doing the "aaaaaaw isn't that sweet" googlie girlie thing, when kim said, "dawn, i think your boyfriend has my boyfriend's script. can i get it back now. please?"

a mysterious ben says i am his friend. which i don't doubt. but like the tom thing before, i know several bens. shoot us a messsage, won't you?

it worries me that alien abductions incorporated exists. "WHETHER YOUR INTEREST IS CULTURAL, SCIENTIFIC, OR SENSUAL Alien Abductions Incorporated can provide you with memories of an experience guaranteed to be unlike any other available on this planet!" the abductalizer? favorite question: "Do you currently hold a religious ordination or Doctoral degree that you received by mail?" [via backup brain]

fun with flash. the revolution. [parts of this look familiar. i wonder if i've posted it before. . . hm. i generally remeber stuff like that.]

the schmoozer. be sure to check out the instant schmooze. "I wish I were your dog, so I could sit in your lap and lick your face." [via weblog wannabe. be sure to play with her draggable images if you have ie. hip toy.]

the center for persons cursed by evil fate. [via wetlog]


bad candy. the my love story is particularly entertaining. [via mike]

to do:
+ fix the part over [gesture right] there cause it looks dumb in anything but ie5.
+ explain the veritable cornucopia thing.
+ make the about page i keep threatening to.
+ fix the when? on the older pages.
+ start thinking about a feb design cause i was stupid and used pink this month. valentine's day is dumb anyway. someday i will have a st. valentine's day massacre party. oh yes. someday. . . this doesn't involve shooting anyone. geesh! just people dressed up as gangsters. and lots of frisking.

few more storTroopers. well, actually a clarification from yesterday.
jess says, "They should have breast size as an option."
[the other one that was listed as mystery yesterday is actually someone known as mystery. there you go.]

xfl rules. i suppose this would mean something to me if i understood regular football rules, but i'm just a girl. [insert hair tossing and high pitched giggle here.]

why the human race is doomed, case 14 in a series. DA prosecutes mom who gave son condoms. what?!? now granted, the article makes it sound like she just handed them over without really discussing it with him. but come on. if she told him to stop, you think he would have? isn't making sure that he is protected a good mom thing to do? isn't acknowledging that he knows what sex is a good mom thing to do? christ. my parents still can't accept the fact that i've probably had sex before. [let the fun search referrals begin.]

good god. IT has it's own website. www.theitquestion.com.


george w bush or chimpanzee?

'Ginger' Inventor Says Speculation Far Overblown. oh now there's a surprise. [via heather, who says "considering new developments, I know what it is, it's a radio made out of coconuts made by The Professor for Ginger!"]

more on ginger. [via jeremy]

re: storTroopers: heather says, dressing up the skeleton "did prove to be entirely entertaining. It was like scary goth reaper paper dolls. The black pigtails were my favorite."

[i had the day off yesterday. hence no linkie love for your browsing pleasure.]

Scientists Splice Fluorescent Gene Into Monkey.

turtle technology by the groove chamber. must have sound. fa boo. [via swallowing tacks]

Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument. favs below. [via backup brain]
23. What? I don't speak your crazy moon-language.
43. You used to program in Pascal, didn't you?
54. Yes, but can this be embedded in a toaster, for example?
70. I heard that the only real application for that technology was child pornography. How did you hear about it?

analysis of britney's lyrics. "The song is essentially Britney's quest to get closer to God. She begs to fill the spiritual emptiness she feels at the begining through her psychosexual relationship with her imaginary god figure." oh. it makes so much more sense now. [via fark]

lego chef. damn this is good. [warning: i pick quicktime high and after watching it, my machine crashed. i dunno why.]

rubber duckie fan club of america.

ok, i am admittedly a huge x files geek. and i always try to give tenthirteen the benefit of the doubt when there are not so great episodes and attempt to decipher what they were trying to do. but sunday's show? it was bad. awful. horrible. i thought i was watching a soap opera during the opening scene. i am losing faith. . . there were a few funny lines, and they made fun of duchovny's name again, which sent me into a giggling fit, but other than that? bad. as tom mccown stated, "When most quality shows have been on the air too long they usually lapse into mediocrity, with only occasional flashes of their former greatness. The X-Files has lapsed into sheer stupidity with occasional flashes of torpor." indeed.

a few final storTroopers that rolled in over the weekend.
mystery's storTrooper.
dan's storTrooper.
a second mysterious someone's storTrooper.
murph's storTrooper.

it is unclear whether ryan was planning this before, or if he was inspired by the silly little people, but nonetheless, he now brings you the kathy and ryan show.


yes, it is now saturday, but any new storTroopers that rolled in late last night or this morning are still under yesterday's heading so as to have them all collected in one place. dig?

don't forget to go to church tomorrow. see below for details.


repent! go to church on sunday. [afternoon brunch and avant jazz at the zeitgeist - 312 Broadway, Cambridge. 1:00 to 3:30 pm. $10 donation, all you can eat.]

lovely words about the blog from tom. "You know the greatest thing about your blog is that it's enough of a forum that lazy butts like myself don't need one. That's a compliment, btw. . . All the entertainment, none of the work."

salon on temptation island. "'Who will stay together?' asks Mark as he thoughtfully approaches us, the concerned viewers at home. 'Who will be torn apart? Who will return to their lives with the partner they arrived with? And who will return alone?' Who will really care? As long as they keep the public sexual humiliation of others coming."

even more majestic news.

david cone is now a red sox? ok, that's a little weird.

upcoming concerts i [and other folks in mass) should consider going to. [via tim's concert listings]
+ jan 19 & 20 Aimee Mann - Boston - Berklee Performance Center
+ jan 19 Vance Gilbert - Framingham - Uncommon Coffeehouse
+ jan 20 Jim's Big Ego / Honest Bob - Cambridge - TT The Bear's
+ jan 20 Loomers - Westboro - J & J Coffeehouse - (email jamatson@prodigy.net for info)

script story #1 [see yesterday's post about the script thing]: kim was getting ready for a dinner date with her boyfriend. now, kim is notoriously late. always. so it's getting really close to when they should be leaving the house. boyfriend is getting nervous about the time.
kim: "honey, don't worry. 5 more minutes and i'll be beautiful."
bf: "ok, well, i am just worried cause the reservations are for 7:30 and it's after 7 now. . . "
kim: "no. you're line was: 'you look beautiful now.' let's try that again. honey, don't worry. 5 more minutes and i'll be beautiful."
bf: "you look beautiful now."
kim: "aaaw. thank you!"

loony.org once again throws me into bouts of laughter.

meme of the week: storTroopers. here's me. [originally, i had me in skimpier clothes. but i was all embarassed and stuff. okok i put the skimpier clad me one up too. apparently that wasn't skimpy enough. so here's the go-go girl version. and i've been told my hair is wrong. which would you pick? general consensus is that's as close as it's going to get.]

now you go make one and send it along.

chadly's storTrooper.
mike's storTrooper.
tom's storTrooper.
noah's storTrooper.
seann says "dig my pet monkey."
heather's storTrooper. [this one made me snarf. and i was on the phone with a consultant. bad evil heather.]
andrew says "the inner me."
kim's storTrooper. [not the same kim referenced in the above story, just in case you were confused.]
the kathy and ryan show. ryan wins for best use of little people.
MegaZone's storTrooper.
josh's storTrooper. take two: "I am leet. I have Photoshop."
the ever mysterious someone's storTrooper.
jer says, "well, sorta..."
mark says, "The closest approximation... i don't have pix editing apps here to fix the hair or the glasses..."
mike presents vara.
truss' storTrooper. [includes some post-production modifications.]
tara presents amy, tara, cam, and katie, aka one pimp and three sexy beeyatches.
ford's storTrooper. [hope i got it right.]
juniper says, "They didn't have hair long enough for mine - and they didn't have bandannas either, which surprised me. But I guess this is pretty close..."
brian's storTrooper.
andrew's storTrooper.
gryphon's storTrooper.
steve says, "pimpin' ain't easy."
lizzie's storTrooper.
helene says, "(The rest of my hair is in the braid you can't see down my back.)"
brian says, "would that i looked this cool in shades."


damnit. cdnow is having a $9.99 sale. i think many purchases are in my near future. . . they have miles davis kind of blue on sale. if you don't have it, buy it. really.

state and main. that was the movie. david mamet. must see.

good man. he has figured out the script. i have 2 fun stories about the script. . . perhaps i will get to them later.

why the human race is doomed, case 13 in a series. britney is making a movie. then again, i saw bits of the snl she hosted and was actually marginally impressed that she could sort of act and didn't totally suck. but still.

the simpsons meet shaft. [via gmtPlus9]

origami cd case. [via memepool]

forget-me-not, self-closing toilet seat and lid. like that isn't headed for disaster. . . but wait! i wasn't quite done! [via not so soft]

speaking of not so soft, meg writes a lovely page. and it's named for an ani difranco song. [i seem to remember saying this before. . . but i cannot find it. oh well.]

microsoft tech support vs. the psychic friends network. [via /usr/bin/girl]

r-a-n-d-o-m. [via the morning news]

what made my day, case 10 in a series. the moon. beautiful and full and bright. the moon. reflected over the reservoir. the moon. framed in my window as i went to sleep.

mbta is trying to raise money by allowing corporate sponsors to name t stops. oh yeah. that's a good idea. driving around boston is already nigh impossible, so let's make navigating the t confusing too.

why the human race is doomed, case 12 in a series. rod paige is bush's pick for secretary of education. he's been the superintendent for houston since 1994. isn't texas dead last in education?

oh. god. there will be a possible 4th lone gunmen on the spinoff show [well, 5th if you count the chickie they are adding too]. his name? jimmy bond. puhlease.

we will go into the future together.


if anyone can get me a copy of melissa ferrick skinner and faster you will be my hero forever.

we need to get this for dandanmartins. La-Z-Boy and WebTV team up on new "Explorer" e-cliner!

oh. dear. god. Jermaine Says Jackson 5 Will Live Again.

do not let me into anymore music stores. i went shopping last night for the express purpose of exchanging a cd i got for christmas and picking up 2 others and a box set i wanted. final tally? after 2 stores, i came home with only 2 of the 4 things i set out to buy. plus 6 other cds.

welcome to zombo.com. [via fark]

things that must be destoryed, part 1. they forget britney spears. [via fark]

tom robbins interview. "What I try to do, among other things, is to mix fantasy and spirituality, sexuality, humor and poetry in combinations that have never quite been seen before in literature. And I guess when a reader finishes one of my books -- provided the reader does finish the book -- I would like for him or her to be in the state that they would be in after a Fellini film or a Grateful Dead concert. Which is to say that they've encountered the lifeforce in a large, irrepressible and unpredictable way and as a result their sense of wonder has been awakened and all of their possibilities have been expanded." tom robbins is my new obsession. and all because of alison, who mentioned once that still life with woodpecker was her favorite book. so i asked for and got it for christmas. and i'm hooked. [interview link via tefler]

what the hell is ginger? "According to the inventor of 'Ginger,' Dean Kamen, his device will be an alternative to products that 'are dirty, expensive, sometimes dangerous and often frustrating, especially for people in the cities.'" more clues. discussion over at metafilter. send along your ideas to be listed here.
me: a trash bag. [hm. the additional clues don't line up with this theory. perhaps the whole thing is a hoax.]
tom: it's a VCR that automatically sets the time so that it doesn't always blink 12:00. Rocket jet pack. Personal transport of some kind. Maybe pedemotive. Fred == flintstone, drove car by pumping his feet, Fred & Ginger. . . Some kind of powered rollerblade. He's an avid aviator, so I'm not ruling out the jetpack either. I'm going to guess that it's person-portable personal trasnportation with a clean power source. Probably ground-based, but maybe a jet pack.... The most realistic is powered rollerblade-type skates, the least realistic is a rocket pack. Or it's a big yellow smiley face with 'This is such a huge scam' written on it.
dave: My first thought was some sort of personal vehicle. Powered walkers? "change the ways cities are designed" hints at some form of transport. Modular buildings? Who knows?
heather: probably has something to do with transportation, can't imagine what yet though.


more majestic stuff. oooh. trailers. [via heather]

more on majestic.

this is not me. just in case you were confused.

majestic. cool or spooky. you be the judge. [via tom]

sunday's x files was supposed to take place in worcester. it was definitely not worcester. oh well. and if they keep calling each other agent i am going to shoot myself. they have names. use them. [side note: the episode that takes place on the boston t airs february 11.]

unwise microwave oven experiments. this is just asking for trouble. [via backup brain]

weird research, anomalous physics. [via backup brain]

for steve. britney interview.

this one is for dan. just for the band's name. straigh edge crack whores. [via fark]

monkey news. cause for some unknown reason, i have friends who are into that sort of thing. monkeys. i don't get it.

hm. cool. Man makes history as 1st to take wife's name.


episode ii pics.

time wasting game: isketch.net.

um, that's good to know. or something. [via noah]

forbidden panda. edited by a new gweep.


historic nyc subway. i dunno. it looked kind of funky. [via gmtPlus9]

the art of topless dancing and information design. how can you go wrong with a title like that?

evil science university. [via memepool]

Sci-Fi Author Clarke's DNA Set for Space Odyssey. hip. [via heather]

re: my resolutions. a few folks have sent along links to death wish piano movers. how can i not hire them with a name like that?

rane. my sister's boyfriend works for the band. [note he does not play in the band. he works for them.] anyway, supposedly they are playing house of blues in boston sometime this month. but she doesn't remember who they are opening for. [they're schedule is called ranedates. i think that's spiffy.] i've no idea what they sound like. someone grab a few mp3 samples for me.

jeopardy is coming to boston in february to look for contestants. you know, in case you're into that sort of thing.

finders. i am intrigued. [via mute who has a lovely page. and it's got e.e.cummings. you can't go wrong with e.e.cummings]

speaking of e.e.cummings. . . "she being brand new" is one of my favorites. it's about a car. sort of.


what made my day, case 9 in a series. being called a "reasonable and intelligent person." in light of recent goings-on, this meant more to me than it probably should have. regardless, it was nice to hear. [and don't give me crap about having 2 in one day. it's my game, so we play by my rules.]

new pics and updates over at guerillaimprov.com.

she's got a new label. and the live cd is out. it's got will you be the one on it, which is the song she played the first [and only] time i saw her play. love that song. must. buy.

must. watch. ken burns' jazz on pbs. my sister works for wgbh so she got to see part of the show already. she said it was hip.

alternative phrases in the crouching tiger, hidden dragon pattern. [via kottke.org]

today's dilbert makes me think of joe plunkett in you're screwed. which was in new voices. . . 12? gah. old.

what made my day, case 8 in a series. the sunrise this morning. it was spectacular. almost made getting out of bed early worth it. almost.


[nother resolution added to the list below.]

what made my day, case 7 in a series. reminiscing about stuff that happened long ago and finding out that people still remember it and it had some nifty impact on them. [thanks, truss!]

the niagara mohawk building in syracuse is one of my all time favorite buildings. it's so ugly it's cool. [see? i told you it was a better gotham city building.]

cricket lick-it. "Cricket Lick-It suckers are bright green, Creme de Menthe flavored with a genuine California cricket in the middle." [via gmtPlus9]

loony.org's week in review made me laugh out loud. twice.

the north end has its own webpage?

fun page. cool clock. [via metafilter]

witch stole man's penis. "No one in the crowd had seen any evidence of the theft. But they all appeared to believe the man, who was said to be holding tightly on to his trousers." [via fark]

year 2000 darwin awards announced.

damn monkeys. Customs officers quake at 'devil monkey'. "British customs officials have claimed that a wooden monkey statue seized from an African drug smuggler has put an evil spell on them." [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 11 in a series. thunderwear. "how many times have you said 'there's got to be a better way to carry a gun concealed!' tired of having to pull your pants up all the time?" check out the main page too for a nifty little picture. cute doggie. . .big gun! [via gmtPlus9]

tv commercial. even though i saw it coming, i couldn't believe it. [via fark]

one for dan. Rally backs teachers in dispute over student Packer fan. "More than 50 parents and children joined by a few teachers rallied Tuesday night in support of the New Prague Intermediate School and two teachers who excluded a student who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers from participating in a Minnesota Vikings pizza party."

surreal moment of the day [hm. i will have to turn this topic into a series. . .]. walking into the coffee place this morning and hearing pull up to the bumper by grace jones playing. in the coffee place. [i wonder if i just have surreal coffee place karma. can you have surreal karma?]

resolutions [as featured in today's .plan. anyone else want to share? as always, contact info over on the right.]
+ cook more and eat better
+ exercise more
+ read more and different things
+ take better advantage of living near boston (ie, see more shows)
+ spend more time with friends i don't get to see on a regular basis
+ continue to have faith and trust in people
+ play my guitar more
+ find a way to get my piano to massachusetts and play that
+ have more "special occassions"
+ write more
+ learn to swing dance
+ do not fuck this up


what made my day, case 6 in a series. went shopping for a new suit. discovered i had dropped 2 sizes. booyah.

note to self: diana krall stuff.

pink is so my color.

funfun commercial for 21st century toys. [via jonathan]

snow! sideways tree! dopey face!


good day and welcome to a new year. millenium. whatever.

"and besides, 2001 is actually the start of the new millennium."
"nobody likes a math geek, scully."

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