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anyone notice how absolutely amazing the sky has looked the past 3 nights around here? just thought i'd mention it.

i've been meaning to set this up for a while now. . . nothing like the last minute. a day with(out) weblogs.

why the human race is doomed, case 7 in a series: that stupid singing fish is one of the hottest christmas items.

eeyore urged to concede. [via backup brain]

every vote counts. or does it? [via fark]


note to self. this is a handy tool. world time server. that is all.

more fun with lego. all of the dead. "the world's first video lego nasty!" [the beginning is fuzzy. but stick with it.] they are now working on a lego version of 2001. apparently, there is a project devoted to making 20 one minute films based on 2001. hip. unfortunately, i cannot find additional info on it, and the link they provide doesn't work. [via the morning news]

an article about that four cone thing that dan was talking about last night at dinner. [via fark]

fun web toys by Elout de Kok. [via memepool]

i did it. i bought country music. dear god, help me.

for steve[n]. britney spears: there's no place like home.


happy birthday to dandan martins.

i have just discovered that cardhouse is back. i love cardhouse. i blame cardhouse for sucking me into this whole weblog thing.

is there nothing those cardhouse guys can't do? otto - mp3 jukebox.

ok, this is a little frightening. teen spy. [via cardhouse]

the 24 hour plays. what a great concept. [again, via cardhouse. hey - i've got some catching up to do.]

hmmm. there is a rumor floating about that unbreakable is actualy the first of a trilogy.

back in october, i mentioned that diana krall had a christmas album. well, rob sent it to me for christmas. isn't that the best?!?


i would just like to say that nick drake rocks my world. yes indeedie.

yes, i took a day off and vanished to the nether regions of new jersey for the holiday. woo.

jess points out that i have never linked to eric conveys an emotion. which is true [i think]. but i have played with it. nice time waster.

jess also sends this along: "After many complaints, the Edgell canned food company was forced to remove these labels from a particular line of canned veggies. It actually took months of persuading to remove them because Edgell could not understand what the problem was." [not really bad, but i claim no responsibility if you get in trouble at work.]

Two Seek Airport Toilet, End Up in Moscow. and there really isn't anything else i can say about that. [via heather]

note to self: remember to look at this at home. www.bubblebodywear.com. [bad firewall]

more notes to self: lookit these when you have more time to play. musuem of useful things shop. cleaning tips. shut up.

did anyone catch snl last week? good for her, i say. who wants to tell their kids, "oh, it was a beautiful ceremony. we got married on tv."

Authentic Star Trek Mirror Universe Paper Goatee! [via fark]

acne family. don't be scared. it doesn't have anything to do with zits. it's swedish design stuff. [via memepool]

i know everyone is sick of the election, but here's a view of that nasty ballot from the voter's point of view.


i am toying with the idea of adding an "about" type page. so. anything you wanna know? send it over.

this ranks right up there with the desk as some of the coolest shit to do with lego: the woo lego project.

i ordered some stuff from cdnow last week. i was hoping it'd come in in time for the holiday trip. but they just shipped today. crap.


so i have this running list of all the wonderful things ryan says. cause they make me smile. yesterday he asked about my weekend. i told him it was nice, and not dull. his response? "i'm glad to hear that it wasn't dull .. i can't imagine much in dawn's life remaining dull for long though .. i'm still a little convinced you're really ariel. sea storms and salt splash follow you." [if you don't know who ariel is, brush up your shakespeare. which we did so long ago that it doesn't even show up on the past shows page. now i feel old.]

note for dibble: info about dune on the scifi channel. december 3, 4, and 5.


due to the underwhelming response [read: zero] to my request for input on links vs. commentary, you are all at my mercy.

dixie chicks first televised concert. tonight at 8pm. nbc.

cementing the fact that steve is indeed crazy. . . he wants to buy this. "One of the most realistic statues you will ever see." what?!? it's a freeking hot dog with arms and legs and a face!

the hardest simpsons' quiz ever! [via fark]


dan is so bad. there. now it's true.

can all the crap with my car just be settled? please? why is this so difficult. . . pardon me while i go and bang my head against a wall.

something i have just learned: dawn's critical mass is 3 shots of espresso. dawn should not have 4 shots of espresso. because it makes her bouncy. bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce. [good thing i don't have a webcam.]

primarily a cappella records. lots of fun stuff to browse through, listen to. plus, you can order the bobs new cd.

a while ago, someone mentioned to me that the eventual blog had become very much about my moods instead of links. so i made an effort to go back to links and less personal stuff. i think i went too far, and now it's all links with very little commentary about why i linked to that particular thing or what i think about it. but what do you think? just links, or more commentary? let me know. contact info over to the right under who? [if the math confuses you, an email address is made up of name@domain. just in case you didn't know.]

must. see. nobody knows you're a dog. i had so much fun. apparently, i laughed a lot. and loud. so i've been told. anyway, go. but get there early because the house is very small and there are not a lot of seats and nowhere to put more.

interesting article analyzing bush's tactics in trying to win the election. here's another comparing the parties' spin and tactics. "An idealist might note that the Gore team has fought a more honorable fight. But a cynic would say that only the Bush team has demonstrated the requisite skills for the job."

the new tlds.


i need a graphics program. actually, first i need a bigger hard drive so i have room to install a graphics program. yes indeedie.

apparently, they are issuing a 2 headed commemorative coin. with bush on one side and gore on the other. heard on npr this morning. i am looking for additional info about this. . .

nobody knows you're a dog. by dean o'donnell. world premiere. tonight. wpi.

robert patrick talks about the x-files. [i am not a geek.] don't read this if you haven't seen the first 2 episodes yet. he talks about a "metal man" appearing in episode 10. . . hmmmm. inside joke?

more better goodness! much fun to play with.

jessee + wrestling + football = a happy dan.

tonight, texas is going to execute a mentally retarded man. just one more step towards breaking the record.

if i was drinking milk, this would have made it come out my nose. [with thanks to megnut]


power to the people, baby! fans to buy the sox? you can pledge your support for the idea. [via kim]

dear god please don't let this be true. wassup guys to make tv show. they signed a deal with fox. of course. [via metafilter]

it's too windy out today. cut it out.

went to the beast feast last night. it was hip. the cobra was ok. the venison was good. the turtle was excellent. the quail was nummy. the boar was a little fatty for my tastes.

presidency up for auction at ebay.

now, i would like to point out that this is, in fact, the gossip column. but still. "dubya teen nephew in sex romp". [via fark]

alice has moved to cambridge. "also, traffic signals here appear to be largely decorative in purpose." too true.

just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any weirder, poker may decide the new mexico race. "i'll see your presidency, and i'll raise you a secretary of state."


linky love from heather: "I heard some tracks from this CD last night on WAAF and I thought I'd pass it on as a good idea. It benefits the Leary Firefighters Foundation. More info can be found at WAAF.com. Also at WAAF is the Mistress Carrie section under 'Jocks.' She has a lot of really cool site links there, including this one for Steve, or maybe not for Steve as the case may be. :)"

i was wondering if this would pop back up. . . challenging cheney's residency.

my sister is on the radio again. wecb. 6pm. listen on-line.

fx is running a thanksgiving day x-files marathon again. viewer's choice. woo! except their site is all flashturbation. ew.

pedro wins the cy young.

choose your own election adventure. [via backup brain]

13 myths about th election.

catechumen. a christian first person shooter game. what?!? [via fark]

electoral vote proportional map. now this makes much more sense. [via metafilter]

while we all focus on florida, new mexico is getting some action, too.



election scenarios.

the rock bottom remainders are playing a benefit thursday. any takers?

well, it's the 13th. so where're the beatles?

dan got me the pretty song. now, to figure out who it is. . .

so today i got a catalog. printed on paper. in the mail. for amazon.com.

star in your own video game.

mexico on the us election.

anti-smoking campaign being staged by monkeys? as tom points out, "That's not really fair. That kind of thing really weakens my ability to distinguish fantasy and reality."

the uk on the us election. "Martin Kettle contemplates this newest US entertainment form." [via kottke.org]

amazon gets in on the ballot thing. damn.

someone grab this for me, pleasepleaseplease? pretty song. stupid firewall.

the mechanics of hand counting. good grief, that's a crazy process.

more news on why the design failed.

internet bumper stickers.


ballot analysis. tries to explain how people may have misinterpretted it.

he also turned up hydraulic networks: understanding network.bas. this is the first html i ever wrote. how embarrassing. . .

you know it's friday afternoon when. . . your friends are ego surfing. but he turned up this tidbit with my name: Automobile Recycling Alternatives: Why Not? she's got me cited in her bibliography.

design a ballot contest.

it's just another case of history repeating.

this is great! cause, you know, i was wondering why all the other states were having all the fun. boston recount called for.

election fun in new mexico.

the global internet

italy's reaction to the election. [via heather]

some friends are like cooshy blankets. they surround you with their warmth. they comfort you. and it doesn't matter how long it's been. you can still fall into them and it feels like home.

hexually explicit. [via not so soft]

re: the florida ballot thing. no one complained before the election. the ballot was approved by both parties. so at this point, there is nothing they can or should do about it. there is no way there should be a revote. that would be too dangerous a precident. that said, the confusing ballot probably cost gore the election. but, as i said yesterday, don't tell me that if someone couldn't figure out the ballot that they are too stupid to vote.


posted this back in june, but seann points out that they've got some great election stuff. the hideous jabbering head of abraham lincoln.

fox news has a breakdown of the florida recount by county. [click on "Continually Updated Vote Count"] check out palm beach numbers.

play by play of the tuesday night mahem.

if i hear one more person say "if they couldn't figure out the ballot, they are too dumb to vote anyway," i am going to kick someone in the shins. because you are elitist scum. but i don't think that should take away your right to vote.

sing it with me now. this is the vote that never ends. . .

oooh. a plethora of information at voter.com.

buchanan weighs in on the wacky ballot design.

it would appear that cheney did register in wyoming speicifically to avoid this issue.

a break from the political hoopla: a breakfast cereal character guide. [via gmtPlus9]

glenn frey on dubya: "he reminds me of a comedian on a 90 minute show. but he only has 15 minutes of material."

and the story gets even better. read amendment xii. bush is a texas resident. cheney is (or was, maybe he registered in wyoming, still searching on this one) a texas resident. can the texas electoral college vote for them?

i am so glad the internet is being used for useful purposes. doggynames.com.


more election fun.

"Roundup of Campaign 2000 Shenanigans." the first one on the second page frightens me the most.


thanks to truss, kim, and stephe for helping out with today's political links. [if i missed you, let me know. i should have been keeping track all day but wasn't. silly me.]

i slightly adjusted the colors, which will hopefully make this a little easier to read. comments?

welcome to the day after. which could very well turn into the weeks after as they try and sort out this amazingly close race.

nader wins!

abc presents the results for your county. pretty hip.

more info on the buchanan no i meant gore! thing in florida, with a picture of the questionable ballot.

anything for a buck: making money off the race.

interesting that the only article i've found explaining how the recount will work is from the bbc news.

missing ballot boxes.

oh, they are going to be talking about this one for years. ballot boxes lost and found in florida.

eggvote 2000 unpopularity poll. a nice break from the other election.

once again, the onion brings it all into perspective.

the official florida site.

oh. my. god. [via fark]

scully and mulder 20000. "trust no one else." [i am embarrassed that i did not find this earlier. . . ]

i knew it was going to be close. . . but i didn't think it would be dirty.


vote baby vote.

listen to my baby sister read the news tonight at 6 on wecb. you can listen on line.

truss offers up this weird election site of the day: haiku acceptance speeches.

and if that's not enough, seann points out that it is san miguel day. so think of mary and joseph and poor little san miguel and ass. . . and celibate. er, celebrate.

question of the day from heather. with answer from me.
Q: what is the deal with Chad's apparent history of launching weird things?
A: well, he is from nevada. for fun, he and his friends used to explore caves and launch rockets. there are several home movies of these launches if you are really interested. . . but the main reason i give him crap about it is because one time they were launching rockets off a pickup truck. and welded the gate shut.

someone explain this to me. see the weather forcast for mars. but what is with the engerizer bunny? [via fark]

oh, so much fun to live in this utah town. virgins forced to carry guns. [via fark]

one for the chad (who is great): launching stuff with liquid nitrogen. [via gmtPlus9]

ok, weirdest search referral yet: someone came to my page from a search for "the really hip adventures of go-go girl." wow. obscure.

must. see. dilbert.


"the discovery could give a new twist on the old phrase 'gut reaction'."

the brunching shuttlecocks present the campaign scandal generator.

something for steve: Who Wants To Date a Hooters Girl? and Keeping abreast with "Hooters" TV show

fun with jell-o


um, hi mom. i'll just be hiding now, thank you very much.

when i grow up. . . . nader's take off on the monster.com ad. [via andrew]

d. amn.

"The hotel is scheduled to open next January just outside Quebec City. It will stay open for the three months, before it melts next spring." [via jeremy]


i bought vonda shepard's by 7:30 yesterday. it is faboo.

damn, i wish i saw this yesterday. carve a virtual pumpkin. much less messy. [via fark]

interesting article on the correlation between hi-tech and gay populations. don't miss the title of the article. get it? [via metafilter]

george w's "compassionate conservatism". oh, he's a man of the people all right. [via metafilter]

you know cinderella if you're nice to me, i'll even let you borrow a pair of my shoes. cause i think we're the same size.

eek! i forgot the background. just a sec. . . ah. there it is. that's better.

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