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car update: it is a total loss. yucko. anyone wanna go car shopping tomorrow?

michelle thinks i'm psychic. oooooOOOooooo. spooky. should i explain how i know when she links to me? naaaah. being psychic is much more fun. what can i tell you about michelle's linking habits? she logs into a machine named cypher at wpi a lot. . . in fact, i would guess that she's checking this page now. just after 10. but she's not at cypher now. . .

more linky strangeness in my referrer logs: someone was searching for "pictures of weird things." oh, you won't find that on the net. no sirree!


thank you so much for all the support about my accident. i really appreciate it. current guess from my favorite mechanic is that the car is probably not totalled. this is good news. i forgot the camera, so no pictures of my car for you. this has all resulted in some pretty good, well. . . results for me. i am catching up on sleep, working from home (so i get more done in less the time), and my apartment is spiffy clean. you will even be happy to know that i have finally unpacked all those boxes that were stacked up in my hallway since i moved here.

don't forget! mw repertory theatre company, etc. presents their fall prodution of the doctor is in and the really hip adventures of go-go girl tonight, tomorrow, and saturday at 8pm in kinnicut hall in salisbury labs at wpi. as dani says, "Cute Girls. Mini Skirts. GoGo Boots. And they are going to tell you to never fall in love. It can't get much better than this."


production week + car accident = unhappy dawn
[and a lack of updates. but i am fine. no injuries to me. just my car. very sad. . . ]


so i am having a blah day. so seann sends me this pokemon music video. which made me laugh a great deal. seann rocks my world.

this is not a day for working. this is a day for sitting in comfy chairs with hot cocoa reading good books and discussing philosophy with good friends. and walking around in the rain singing del shannon's runaway.

sorry. unmotivated today.


those crazy monkeys. . . [via heather]

there should definitely be pictures with this story: geek chic. [via heather]

i do not know why i am providing this, but here it is. psycho-ex.com. i am sure some people could use it. . . if you write about me, i'll kick you in the shins. [via fark]

loony.org presents the week in review.

why the human race is doomed, case 4 in a series: issues? we don't care what the issues are! give us baseball!.

they are testing our fire alarms today. kill me now.

celebriducks. [via swallowing tacks]


more on the cute little gymnast. she has her own official website. but it loads so damn slow! photos. woo.

interesting rant about the oil issue over at loony.org. i recently discovered this site, and i really enjoy reading it. he's got a great sarcastic style.

watched more olympics last night. the gymnastic commentators have sunk to new lows this year. nbc's coverage is generally crappy, and the official web site is less than great. but on to more important things. elise ray. she's 18. and she listens to the dixie chicks. i'm doomed.

poke-friends: a weblog written by pokemon. [via mister pants]

and once again, it is so cold in my office that i can barely breathe.


all morning i kept reminding myself- self, remember the game this afternoon. it starts at one. when did i remember? oh, just now. but they're winning. go watch. well, sort of watch.

woo! a pseudo win for harry potter in canada. [via heather]

people with far too much free time on their hands. the robotic lego dj. i want one. [via fark]

tivo is holding an essay contest. jason kottke entered and won. it's fabulous.

good grief. some people have no sense of humor. nbc was forced to pull a nike ad that had a chainsaw weilding bad guy chasing a woman due to viewer response. i saw the commerical during the olypics the other night, and i thought it was pretty damn silly. i did find the elephant one disturbing, though. you can download the chainsaw ad over at adcritic.com. here's some more info about it, with a possible explanation of the viewer response.

uselessfacts.net. yes, indeed. [via /usr/bin/girl]

this is a very silly shirt. [via weblog wannabe]

chub club update: apparently, this was the final week of the contest. i thought there were a couple more. . . anyway, i was down 4 over last week. i won. woo! nothing like the threat of being dressed in go-go boots, a mini skirt, and a tube top on stage to motivate you.

a few more flavor updates:
squared: jalapeno. spicy and festive.
dibble: jalapeno.
mick: licorice.
dan: licorice.


[warning! nostalgic mushiness ahead! proceed at your own risk!]
spent an interesting evening last night. . . did laundry, listened to jazz, and went through a mess of boxes that have been stashed away since i moved here. [we won't mention how long ago that was.] found the all important stack of letters from friends forgotten and loves lost. it was a nice reminder. it made me smile. and, for the first time ever, i did not read them wondering "what if." i am in a good place right now. i've been found. and my heart is whole.

a few more flavors:
jeremy: pink grapefruit. [i think]
jessica: blueberry.
dani: cinnamon. explosive and utterly red-hot.
justin: peppermint.
heather: licorice.

so in the store last night i saw a card. well, i saw several. i saw one in particular that sort of scared me. the front was a picture of scantily clad folks around a campfire looking miserable. the front read, "i would share my rat with you. [insert 2 other survivor inspired things that i don't remember here.]" the inside read, "and i would never ever kick you off the island." for some reason, this worries me a great deal.

lack of sleep is bad for you. well, duh. but this part caught my eye: "They suggest that staying awake for 18 hours without sleep can be the same as drinking to the legal limit." 18 hours?? good grief. that's nothing. the whole freeking world is drunk. [via swallowing taacks]

this is kind of silly. sheep game. [via /usr/bin/girl]

this story over at an entirely other day made me laugh.

what would jeebus do? worth it for the description of jeebus. [via fark]

a drive thru strip club??? good grief. [via fark]

the napster battle rages on, but some people are just having fun with it. [via fark]

yup. i'm confused. The Obfuscation Organization. [via loony.org]


i suddenly have this strange urge to call up someone and sing the partridge family's "i think i love you". . . so i called. but i didn't sing. cause i am a big chicken shit oh yes indeedie.

this is so hip. i am getting flavors from all kinds of people i didn't even know read this. i appreciate the feedback! so, feel free to tell me what you like, don't like, pass along links, whatever. again, contact info is over on the left. [i don't put handy e-mail links because i am attempting to avoid the evil spambots.]

the grand flavor tally [let me know what flavor you are and i'll add your results]:
+ me: pink grapefruit.
+ dan: jalepeno.
+ jony: pink grapefruit.
+ truss: vanilla [emode says "Pleasant, fresh, and comforting, you're as tasty as they come." but truss thinks it's a veiled put down.]
+ andrew: mocha [in other news, andrew's celebrity match is richard simmons.]
+ kim: peppermint. fresh, classic, & crisp.
+ michelle: blueberry. natural, sweet, and a little sporty.
+ sarah: blueberry.
+ steve: peppermint.
+ haywire: licorice. powerful, strong, and edgy.
+ david: mocha.

they're dropping like flies! [via truss]

good grief. uri geller claims he's the one who stalled the cauldron during the opening ceremonies. i am in awe. [via wetlog]

this is a little odd. . . jazz and blues musician action figures. [via gmtPlus9]

apparently, jony is also a pink grapefruit. hmmmmm. . . pink? fruit? this requires further study. let me know what your flavor is. contact info is listed over on the left.

dan says he's a jalepeno.

why the human race is doomed, case 3 in a series: take yer stinking flag and go home. nyeh.. [via fark]

bushism of the week: "They have miscalculated me as a leader."--Westminster, Calif., Sept. 13, 2000. and that's all i have to say about that. [via backup brain]

emode has some wacky tests. but this one has to be about the wackiest yet: what's your flavor? okok, so i took the test. results? "Yum! You're pink grapefruit. Sunny, tart, and refreshing, you're as tasty as they come." [via bluishorange]


why the human race is doomed, case 2 in a series: i sent in a bill to get paid. it is in the amount of $7972. the person who processes the invoices sends me an e-mail stating that the purchase order only has $2074 left in it, and she recommends that i issue an amendment for $8000 to cover the invoice. math is hard.

top ten rejected gore/lieberman campaign slogans. [via backup brain]

good grief. disney is going to ban ads for r rated movies on abc because of the big hoopla over the fact that the movie industry targets kids in their ads. um, so? there is an age restriction at the theater. and the parents can just say no. why is that so difficult a concept these days?

cool clothes over at redhaze. it's all about manray, baby. [via /usr/bin/girl]

must. watch. hat bat louie. really. just go. it made my uterus skip a beat. [via seann]

this olympics halfway around the world stuff is already annoying. opening ceremonies are over, but because of the time difference, it was like 4am here. nbc is airing them tonight. but on npr this morning, they had a big story with all the details about what happened. don't tell me this! i want to watch it! and i can just see this getting worse. we'll hear about who won events before we get to watch them here. kind of ruins the suspense.

dandan martins has just lovely things to say about me over in the friends section on his page. he is convinced that i hate him, though. i don't understand why. he says i keep linking to his page. i would think that's a good thing. but i guess he's not real happy with the design and wants to improve it. but till then, take a look at dan's page.

michelle also has really nice things to say about me. she's hip. glad i could help!


i just deleted and e-mail that i got about a month ago that really ticked me off. i kept it, cause i was waiting till i calmed down to respond. but then i realized - it wasn't worth my time. insert sigh of relief here. thank you.

i do not hate you. shut up.

we're doomed. that's all there is to it. the human race is doomed. [via metafilter]

hehehehe. an empty website. [via weblog wannabe]

kick ass! Master of intrigue Conan Doyle accused of murder.

you'd think that if there was something making kids read instead of watch tv, people would be happy. but nooooooooo.

i think i knew some guys in college who survived on 5 pair of undies a year.

x-entertainment reviews the phantom menance. [via fark]

update on florie. ok, it's not much of an update but still. and i refuse to link to the standings. cause it's just too damn depressing.

the swiffer mobile. the swiffer mobile? "The Swiffer Mobile examines the mundane task of housecleaning under the keen eye of science, analyzing the dirt and dust of everyday home cleaning. . . The public, including children, will be invited to come aboard and participate in a number of educational and entertaining activities that will demonstrate the magic of Swiffer and unveil the mysteries of science." oh joy. it even came to boston. [via cardhouse]

i haven't had a chance to read this whole thing, but so far it's damn funny. sarcasm. [via cardhouse]


psa: for those who have thought i've been a <quote>stick in the mud</quote> lately, i am in a much better mood today. thank you.

more revised not to self: just throw the cookies away.

revised note to self: stop buying cookies. stop buying cookies.

note to self: stop eating cookies. stop eating cookies.

good grief! that's a lot of lego. he's done some other wacky sculptures, too. that last one is damn cool. i really like the concept of a 2d lego picture. [via fark]

he's back he's back he's back!

K'Pinky and the Brain. much silliness ensues. [via chadly]

those sneaky republicans. . . RATS. and more RATS.


this is great. "Each week Britannica.com digs deep into its vast bins of knowledge and tries to explain as many of Dennis Miller's Monday Night Football (MNF) references as possible." [via metafilter]

god, this was a scary thing to watch the other night. best wishes for a speedy recovery, florie.

no more cats. what a shame. cause, you know, it was such a good musical. [someone really needs to develop good sarcasm tags. . . ]

thong jewelry um, why? [via fark]


clinton and castro shake hands. "It's incomprehensible just thinking that the president of the greatest and strongest and most beautiful democracy in the world would dirty his hands by shaking this dictator's hand soaked with the blood of political dissidents and innocent freedom fighters," fumed Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla. Cuban American National Foundation spokeswoman Ninoska Perez said, "One can only think that the same stupidity made him [Clinton] have sex with Monica Lewinsky." jesus christ! what was the man supposed to do? pretend he didn't see him standing there?!? castro cooties. i can't see you. . . ooh lookie what's over there! he's the president, not a freeking 6 year old. wait a sec. . . and the "same stupidity made him have sex with monica??" the article says he just turned around and there castro was with his hand out. yeah. same thing happened with monica. he just happened to turn around one day in the oval office and she was there on her knees with her mouth open and it was just a natural response to stick his dick in her mouth. gah.

gah. cdnow classifies soundtracks as movie.tv stuff and broadway shows under vocals/theatre. so broadway albums aren't on sale. and i was hoping to expand my collection. i do not listen to only show tunes. shut up.

got e-mail from cdnow this morning. they are having a soundtrack and video sale. one of the things they "recommend" is: Survivor, The Official Soundtrack to the Hit CBS TV Series ($12.58): Relive the days of Tagi and Pagong with the new-age drums and chants of the main title theme, "Ancient Voices" - extended version included. um, no thanks.

a prayer to the sox: please, sox, play well in the upcoming series against the evil ones. may your pitches be strikes, your bats be swift, and your errors none. and above all - try not to suck. thank you.

apparently, there is a theatre company in germany that does hugely technical productions on stage. including titanic. with ungodly amounts of water and fire. and one called insect. with flying insects and fire. i dunno. it seems kind of gimmicky to me. for the description of titanic, it says "The legendary disaster through impressive images. The myth lives..." what myth? it really happened! there is no myth! gah. [via cardhouse]

photos from episode ii now availble. wait a minute. isn't that a shot from american graffiti? what the hell. . .

drinking games. just what we need. [via /usr/bin/girl]


watchin the game, watchin the game. they won they won! woo!

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office Gift Shop. i want the beach towels. *snarf* "we're dying for your business" and "spare hands, spare ribs". this could be fun. . . [via gmtPlus9]

the alaskan poop moose. don't ask. just go and lookit the animation. [via gmtPlus9]

The Institute for Applied Autonomy has a nifty graffiti writer, which is "a tele-operated field programable robot which employs a custom built array of spray cans to write linear text messages on the ground at a rate of 15 kilometers per hour." oooooooh. the trouble we could cause with this. . . is that maniacal laughter i hear? [via memepool]

one for andrew: the top 50 silliest uses for silly putty. [via /usr/bin/girl]

and someone has pointed out to me that i have, in fact, done 5 of the 9 things outlined in geeks in love. but that's ok, because someone is a self-admitted geek in love, too.

they suck.

chub club: down a pound. which brings me to 2 less than when this started, and 4 less than my high.


with 4 days left, bidding has reached $6000. if i had 6k, i wouldnt buy clothes with it. well, ok maybe i would. but i'd buy a lot of clothes with it.

i saw this on the news this morning. sing-a-long-a-sound of music. they show the movie. with the words to the songs kareoke style. and they encourage the audience to sing a long. and dress up. for $20. gah. my mom would love this. too bad it's only listed in nyc for the us tour. . .

this is my most underlying issue with organized religion. the "my religion is better than yours" mentality is ridiculous. biggest mistake i ever made was suggesting to a born again that perhaps everyone's concept of god was a little bit right and maybe god was just too complicated a concept for anyone to understand completely.

hip! interactive pong banner. [via kottke]

this is just depressing. protect americans now! lets you "enter your zip code and find out how vulnerable you are to missile attack." i wonder how they figure it out? is it based soley on range? cause that would inflate the numbers, i would guess. i mean, sure 16 missles can reach my little town, but are any of these countries seriously going to attack it? [via metafilter]

geeks in love. i soooo wanted to not fall into this category. . . ah! i've only done 3 of the 9 things in there. ever. phew! [via weblog wannabe]

this space not updated. sort of a paradox cause i updated it to say it wasn't updated. . . but i digress. took yesterday afternoon off to paint. oooh. pretty new bathroom. so i really need to catch up on some stuff. but check back later. cause i will update. yes indeedie.


good grief. now i am getting all sorts of hits from searches for britney. gah. oh, and searches for "huge testicles photos" and "huge testicles gallery" for which i am the 3rd and 1st results, respectively. oh joy. and "tampon picture." that's the second time that one's been in there. why are people looking for pictures of tampons?

damn. major league asshole.

ask a klingon. [via fark]

the william shatner acting simulator. this is the most fun. [via fark]

i don't get it. fridge cam. i really don't get it. [via swallowing tacks]

fun games to play with telemarketers. i dunno. i think i'll stick to hanging up. [via /usr/bin/girl]


whoa. the people i share office space with asked me to lunch today. for the first time ever. i've worked here since january.

find your next decimal birthday. woo! i am going to be 10,000 days old on monday. [via rob]

if i didn't know any better, i would guess that steve wrote this. Frequently Asked Questions About Men. i'd post some excerpts, but there is this big copywrite bruhaha on top. . . [via weblog wannabe]

wow. this could turn into an interesting war. favorite excerpt: "Again. We are in the USA. Don't make us start dumping tea again - you remember how well that ended for you last time don't you?" [via cardhouse]

you have got to be kidding me. RePet. [via fark]

i'm not quite sure how i feel about this one. . . lesbian couple to wed legally in texas because one of them used to be a man.

gah. another story that just makes me shake my head. aclu to represent nambla in lawsuit.

chub club this week. same as last week. good grief. i am just going to have to stop eating. that was a joke. i am not really going to stop eating, so stop worrying.

oooh. i want one.

another hip background from Jeffrey Zeldman Presents. oooo. aaaaaah. ooooh.

welcome to september. good god, it's september.

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