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i've removed the embedded sound. you can still read about it in the 8.31 posting, and you can still hear it.


the beer backpack. ooh. [via cardhouse]

i am so going to hell. . . dress up jesus. i admit it- i love the sign that says "hang in there." [via fark]

unseen footage from the survivor finale. [via fark]

chi-chi-chi-chia! what you looking at, fool? [via fark]

cult movie posters. too hip. [via gmtPlus9]

i don't get it. why would you ever want to wear a breastee? nothing says lookit my cleavage like a breastee! [via not so soft]

for tom: mr. monkey's index of famous monkeys. [via weblog wannabe]

if you have a sound card, you'll notice that this page has been talking. i figured i would splain why. last week, ryan told me that he really liked the design, especially the woman with the purple face. then he told me that she talks to him. and he told me what she says. silly, silly, boy. . .


if you've noticed, i haven't posted anything about them in a while. that's cause they suck. but last night's game looks like it was pretty wacky. pedro hit someone with the 4th pitch. there was a bench-clearing brawl. there was another in the 7th when daubach got hit by a pitch. all-in-all, 8 devil rays were ejected. pedro pitched an almost no hitter. he surrendered a lone single in the ninth. oh yeah - they won. but they are still 4 games back (but only a half back in the wildcard).

kick ass. kid pix is a hoot. all software should be this intuitive. [via evhead]

i'm not particularly religious. but this is the way it should be. "It's the people who make a church, not the building. It's the people who matter, not their clothes. It's worship, not obligation." [via fark]

hehehe. new site just launched: wwbbd?. [via metafilter]

"incredibly ignorant" indeed. aside for just getting the words mixed up, if you really were a pedophile, do you really think that's something you'd advertise in your job title?!? [via not so soft]

vader for 2000! good grief. [via weblog wannabe]

aluminum foil deflector beanie. there is a reason i am posting this here. it's an excellent story. but it's not my story. it's her story. and it's better heard in person. [via weblog wannabe]

come on now, guys. you said you were back. and you haven't updated since 7.21. tsk tsk.


good freeking god. steve, you buy these and i'll lose all respect. $2,170 and there are still 12 days left. yikes. [via fark]

Couple fights for son, 6, they say is girl at heart [via fark]

weird searches in my referrer logs: tampon and picture. um, why?

bushism of the week: "I don't know whether I'm going to win or not. I think I am. I do know I'm ready for the job. And, if not, that's just the way it goes." --Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 21, 2000. [via backup brain]

zeldman has this whole archive of dead advertisments. you know, ones that never made it to print. here are some favs. but this is just wrong.

interesting thread over at metafilter on this open letter to dr. laura. i point this out for one reason: "I'm confused as to how people can look to a book for guidence on how to live their lives when it begins with talking snakes and half-angel, giant monster-men."

meg asks why? i ask why did ben and jerry's sponsor this?

neale has some hip thoughts on the whole survivor thing.

oh my. survivor mp3s. be sure to check out the lost pictures, too. [via wetlog]


someone had way too much free time on their hands. . . x files barbies. it's actually pretty amusing if you are familiar with the episodes they are parodying. parodying? [via weblog wannabe]

the star wars anti-smoking campaign. [via fark]

ak! gotta start working on a new design scheme. . . august is almost over. yucko.

guerilla improv opens its fall season tonight with a show at wpi. alden hall, 8pm. be there. sign up for the mailing list to get e-mail updates on the groups underground activities.

spam spam spam spam.

you have got to be kidding. e-mail for your cat? yes, it's true. sign up at MeowMail.com. sigh. [via mood swings]

amusement park ride or medical device? you be the judge. [via rob]


britney speaks. "Well, really, I mean, every day is different for me. Like today, I'm focusing on trying to sing and dance at the same time. And yes, I mean, it's really -- I mean, it varies for me. You know, and I mean, one week I'll be worried about an award show coming up. And the next week, and now, you know, right now I'm really -- it's really hectic and crazy because I have a video coming up in between tour rehearsals. But the ways I relax is just, you know, finding time for yourself and, you know, getting massages, spending time with my mom, you know, stuff like that." um, scuse me? [via steve]

go download summoner geeks. really. it's worth it. [via jeremy]

last night was the best night ever. yes indeedie.

neale is hosting a slash the splash contest. entries must be in by sept 3. be sure to take a look at his parodies.

news on the upcoming harry potter movie. [note the all important word above the picture. . . ]

kick ass! ooooh. they've even got a home page. and you can play games. and they have programming contests.


salon has a great episode by episode summary of what happened.

damn. [via not so soft]

woah. scary.

malkovich! [via gmtPlus9]

britney to write teen advice column for bbc. Spears said: "This is a great way of showing that pop stars are real people too. Most of those logging on are probably going through the same experiences most teens go through, and it is great to share with them how I dealt with these situations." um, what?

chub club weigh-in. it's been awhile. i am down 3. woo! of course, that brings me back to one less than my starting weight. . .

it's over. now will everyone please return to their normally scheduled lives? thank you.

granted, it's a joke. but i wouldn't be surprised if someone actually made survivor: the movie. [via fark]

washington post touts survivor's evil queen. [via metafilter]

big brother turns out to be very much like the book. the producers are editing and re-editing and changing the public's perception of what's happening on the show. this is the 2nd article i've seen about this. apparently, dedicated webcam watchers can see what's really happening vs. what gets aired every night. interesting stuff.

the cute little town i live in is expanding faster than the infrastructure. as a result, they are worried about electricity demand during the summer. (i don't really understand why - it's not like it's been hot or anything.) anyway, they've set up this new system to let residents know when energy demand is high. on the front porch of the electric dept. building in town, they've installed a new orange light. when energy demand is high and we need to conserve, they will turn the light on. let me say that again, with emphisis in case you missed it the first time: when energy demand is high and we need to conserve, they will turn the light on.

the first professional olympic baseball team.


andrew points out that this tour, brought to you by the same guy who did the ebay art gallery, is even better. he's right.

Ebay Conceptual Art Gallery. a few are a little raunchy. a few are downright disgusting. one made me scream in terror. [via mister pants]

i don't know if i should laugh or cry. laugh i think. Will ape sex make Burton leave Planet of the Apes? apparently, the studio is worried that if there is a monkey-human relationship, the movie will get an adult rating, and they won't be able to sell as many aciton figures. [via mister pants]

a few of my friends over at gweep have a thing for hello kitty stuff. (i don't know why. i don't ask.) well, now you can buy the car. i'm not kidding. check out some of the hello kitty details. [via mister pants]

and in one of those weird conicidences. . . pop culture junk mail offers a link to a story about a hello kitty cafe opening in hawaii.

ok. weird. i just linked here to find out what that silliness was all about. the page loaded no problem. but a pop up window. . . well, popped up. and the pop up was restricted by my firewall. and now my phone just rang once and stopped. i am having a twilight zone day. or something.

good god. this is what we can expect from our next prez? good grief.

drag queens to appear in the sydney olympics closing ceremonies. [via fark]

*snarf* Titanic Adventure Slide and Iceberg Challenge. it says it's not affiliated with any motion picture. too bad. i would've paid good money to see leo and kate on this. . . [via cardhouse]

in another weird coincidence thing. . . swallowing tacks posted a link to the titanic slide. who wants to pitch in and get this for dibble's wedding? or maybe we should get him human foosball.

final ep of survivor is tonight. i am proud to say i haven't watched a single show. but brady bunch survivor? now that i'd watch. be sure to read the story. [via ctrl-alt-ego]

even more *snarf* amazon.com sells the bible. scroll down to the author comments. [via fark]

so i got the i love you, you're perfect, now change! cd the other day. it really is a hoot.


now you can download weird al's great adventure. "Weird Al has lost his accordion and he needs you to help him find it!" great. haven't tried it yet. let me know if you do. [via metafilter]

from the egg on your face department: Cannabis may make you a safer driver. hehehehe.

ooh fun. AOLiza. this guy took the ELIZA program and let it loose in AOL chat rooms. read the results. [via metafilter]

woo! new bobs cd to be released in october! there is other news, too. including: the bobs provided the character voices for smarterville.com. good god. they've got a bobs toothbrush.

Star Wars Episode II Title Generator. my name results in "Star Wars Episode 2: The Crying Of The Jedi." lovely. dan turns us "Star Wars Episode 2: The Space Ewok." hehehehehe. [via fark]

kevin's oddly different story time. curious george and henry's red ballon are the best.

a simpsons movie is in the works? scary. here's more info.


back in the saddle again. . .

oh. and the harry potter thing? apparently, they cast it. woo.

State of Texas to Execute Gore, Lieberman. [via fark]

especially for dibble, who insists that star wars was a b movie that made it. The 20 Worst Moments from Star Wars. i especially like numbers 12 and 5. they've also got a list of 20 Reasons Why Return Of The Jedi Was The Worst In The Star Wars Trilogy. pretty lame, except for number 15. [via fark]

yes, i am a geek. i wanna go. no pun intended.

for steve: apparently, she's beautiful and brainy. [via fark]

remember the post-it-note theatre thing? there are more on line flipbooks at fliptomania. yes. they are a real company. and they really make flipbooks. [via evhead]

new toys to buy at firebox.com, where men buy stuff! seriously. that's their (not there) tag line. the shot glass chess set is pretty cool. the toastabag is just plain scary. shot rocks, shot glasses made of ice, are damn cool. there's much more, but i'll let you explore. [via backup brain]

pat the candidate. [via backup brain]

this is ridiculous. Study finds onscreen reading more difficult. but all they did was scan the article in. which means it wasn't formatted really nicely and all webby. and it was probably all grainy the way scans tend to be. what a dumb study. [via cardhouse]

so what's up with harry potter? i caught the tail end of something on the radio yesterday saying there was some big announcement today and kids who love harry potter should check the internet. anyone? contact info is over there (imagine me gesturing over to the left hand side of your screen. . .)

dear loyal readers (all 5 or 6 of you):
i apologize for saying i'd be back in the swing of things friday, and then not. last week was tough and good all together. i took a much needed break of sorts. but i'm back now. really. i mean it. anybody want a peanut?


yes, i am still alive. sorry for the lack of updates. i hope to have a few today. if not, i should be back in the swing of things tomorrow.


the brunching shuttlecocks present the alanis morissette lyric generator.

suck comedy school. canada is on the instant funny list.


that's it for now. i am a busy busy girl.


Video-Game Characters Denounce Randomly Placed Swinging Blades. "Nintendo and these other companies are always talking about how realistic their graphics are. Well, what's so realistic about killer turtles shooting out of clouds and such?" [via harrison]

you have got to be kidding. the second coming project: "in order to save the world from sin, we must clone jesus to initiate the second coming of the christ." [via mike]

survivor goes the next step: destination: mir. good grief. [also via mike]

i hate it when i write myself notes and have no idea what they mean. on my list of stuff to do when i get back to the office, it is written, "add @ and meta to blog." i have no idea what this means. sigh.

so i got a voice mail while i was out of the office last week that said, "well, it sounds like you're on vacation, so have a good time and i'll talk to you when you get back." um, scuse me? what part of "i am out of the office on company business, returning august 14th" means vacation?

i have piles of crap to sort through after being away for a week. so i need to get to that. but here are a few to keep you entertained until i get some more time.

yes, i am back in the office after a week of power meetings and such at the main plant in schenectady. woo. down $23 at the track. got to see a pretty hip musical called i love you, you're perfect, now change! ooooh! they do have an original cast recording! oh - and i feel totally empowered and re-energized to do my job. or something.

you can now get free x-files internet access. how wacky is that? and no, i did not download it. yet.

this picture over at exploding dog made me laugh out loud: unfortunately we had to share.


i am in a training session. in a room where they gave us ethernet connections. those silly people. . .

ugh. i am too tired. go play in the archives.


science songs available for download as mp3s.

groovy, baby!

dear tired: yes, i am tired. because i didn't get enough sleep last night. because i am in this icky hotel that smells bad and has an uncomfortable mattress. and the bed is definitely missing something. . . .

when dr. seuss goes bad.

the random beer generator. i don't really know why. . . at least it's slightly better than that random chicken thing. . .

how fresh is this guy? [via seann, if i remember correctly. if not, too bad. okok, if not, someone tell me. contact info is listed over on the left hand side.]

this is very silly. and fun. A Step-by-Step Guide to joining the Forces of Darkness. definitely worth some surfing time. i would post some of the funnier bits to entice you, but i am too freeking tired.

lameness all over the eventual blog. i promise to make it up to you. . .


oooh. fun. dhtml magnifying glass: "I was trying to do something like the system used in Blade Runner by Rick Deckard to zoom in on a photo. This is as far as I got. Next to do: voice recognition software and optional whiskey on the rocks."

rent-a-ghost. "The World's first, and only Ghost Installation Company." well, that's a relief.

in case a ghost isn't what you need right now. . . Rent-A-Relative.

a little something for dandan martins: instructions on how to hack your tivo. [via /usr/bin/girl]

who would you kill? [via gmtPlus9]

stupid.com: "a complete waste of perfectly good technology." yes indeedie.

The 20 Greatest Simpson Bit Characters. [via fark]

hey. i warned you links would be lame this week.


starting today, i am in schenectady for the rest of the week on business. updates will be sporadic.

more fun domains for fun e-mail addresses at yada.com. [via weblog wannabe]

this is truly frightening. kids learn guerrilla tactics in Palestinian summer camp. [via fark]

sing it with me: found a planet, found a planet, found a planet just now. just now i found a planet, found a planet just now. i hve no idea what possessed me to blog that article like that. maybe it was the summer camp thing from the last entry. . . [again, via fark]

more singing news: blame canada, blame canada.

monkey army. not to be confused with this monkey army. note the fancy new url: www.guerillaimprov.com. ooooh. aaaaaah. oh. [via not so soft]

these guys? cool as shit. infiltration: the zine about going places you're not supposed to go. i wonder if anyone could set up a similar page about wpi. . . hmmmm? anyone? [via gmtPlus9]

and a little game to keep you entertained while i am out of town: pong! [via fark]


must. have. [via not so soft]

Babylon 5 creator publishes novel for free on the Net [via danarchy, who swears he'll update now that i keep linking to him. yeah right. (do i hear a challenge??)]

*cry*. chub club weigh-in this morning. i am up 3 pounds. i blame you. and you. oh- and you. and everyone else who keeps saying, "why are you trying to lose weight? you look great!"

in an article in time magazine, james poniewozik writes: "This much we do know: Duchovny, who last year suggested he might not return to the series at all, will be back for 11 episodes, about half the series. Fox just hired a new male lead, Robert Patrick, who will sub for Mulder, playing a cop turned Fed. About six or seven of the 20 or so episodes will be 'mythology' installments and the rest stand-alones - the usual stingy ratio. They will be an hour in length and will be punctuated by short films, or 'commercials,' that encourage viewers to buy consumer goods and services." this is not new news. i just love that last part. and i keep thinking it says "a cop turned Fred."

it is my baby sister's birthday today. she's 19. god, i feel old. . . but i am also a very proud big sister. she took the photos on kori's webpage. and, she gets to work court side at celtics games, where she was able to take this photo and this one.

a moment of silence, please. "In 1985 he told the Guardian newspaper that he hoped by the end of his life to have put everything in order -- 'a kind of little bow, tied on life. And I can see myself drifting off into eternity, or nothing, or whatever it may be, with all sorts of bits of loose string hanging out of my pocket. Why didn't I say this or do that, or why didn't I reconcile myself with someone?'"

"We all know someone who offends in some way but we're not always able to find the right words to bring the problem to their attention. Allow gentlehints.com to apprise the individual in a gentle and diplomatic manner while preserving your anonymity." as i said to my friend keith, what we really need is hitthemovertheheadwithasledgehammer.com

when word goes bad

what a hip vacation! take the adventure bus to Tau Ceti Ruckus. i especially like the disclaimer down at the bottom of the page. and they do offer some real trips. [via fark]

floral radiographs. these are so pretty. ooooooh. aaaaaaaah. oh. [via not so soft]


i am at an off-site meeting today. and then i get to go watch the sox from a box. woo! (sounds like a dr. seuss) anyway, so this is it for the day. what you see is what you get.

huhuh. this is cool. heheh. he said bush. and dick. huhuh. heheh. [via metafilter]

many times at the b over pints we have tried to list all of the seven deadly sins. here's a handy shirt that will help you remember. [via memepool]

random chicken. i don't get it.

*snarf* best name for a college ever

mmmmmmmm. brains. the other gray meat.

the vatican's list of movies you should see. you'll be surprised at some of entries.


based on something that happened last weekend, i have been on the lookout for a specific snapple drink: a pink, passion fruit flavored drink called sky that comes in those snapple tornado bottles. i can't find it. anywhere. however, today in a gas station i saw a pink, tangelo flavored drink in the snapple tornado bottle called meteor. hmmmmm. . . i am beginning to suspect the pink, passion fruit flavored drink called sky that comes in the snapple tornado bottle doesn't exist. searching snapple. . . leads to elements. . . leads to flavors. . . and sky! how bout that? it does exist. i heart the internet.

a cute little britney story over at an entirely other day.

and a little petition to "*Britney* *Spears*, Girl of Silicone" [via weblog wannabe]

seems to be a britney thing happening today. . . britney helps launch a website. and it did go live yesterday. it's "the freshest place to party on the web!" oooh. you can even "Make your friends jealous by downloading the Exclusive Britney Spears Sweet16.com ScreenSaver!" [via wetlog]

oh. my. god. uncle booger's bumper dumper.

take the starfleet academy exam. i am proud to say that i had no idea what they were asking on most of the questions. i got 7 out of 30.

i am impressed by the technology. plus it's fun. the face generator. [via not so soft]

fun with flash: nose pilot. stick with it. [via fark]


even more funky

now this? this is just a bad idea.


kottke presents Straight Outta .Compton, where dot com marketing copy meets gangsta rap lyrics.

i was going to save this for tomorrow, but it's too damn fun. catapult! good god, there is music and sound effects. [via metafilter]


pot prices on the rise due to drought. any witty comment i could make would just get me into trouble. [via fark]

damn. 19 innings. finally ended around 4am EDT.

beat a seal. another one i thought sleezy d might enjoy. he is, after all, fond of clubbing people with a baby seal just for the irony.

i haven't posted a britney site for steve in a while. . . flush britney spears.

to stick with the beating on pop culture theme. . . smash regis. be sure to read why.

gobs of information about the lord of the rings movie and other things tolkien: theOneRing.net.

the wonders of duct tape. as squared said last night, "it's all about manray, baby!" oooooh. aaaaaah. oh.

of course, squared's comment was actually in reference to go-go boots. she and dani found some cool ones for sale at girlfriends LA. ooooooh. but i think the above outfits would definitely work.

speaking of manray. . . you can get your very own manray e-mail account. hip.

and in case you didn't know, Man Ray was an artist who lived from 1890 to 1976. here is one of his more famous photographs. he was a pretty wacky character.


someone said she needed a new keychain to go with her new car. so here are just a few sites where one might find some nifty keychains. [just one more]

steve says he wants to buy this.

a moment of silence, please.

"The Tierra C source code creates a virtual computer and its Darwinian operating system, whose architecture has been designed in such a way that the executable machine codes are evolvable. This means that the machine code can be mutated (by flipping bits at random) or recombined (by swapping segments of code between algorithms), and the resulting code remains functional enough of the time for natural (or presumably artificial) selection to be able to improve the code over time." [via andrew]

beer can bob. [speaking of pictures of weird things in weird places. . . where oh where is jeremy's big thing?]

wow. altoids have a website. it's pretty funky.

ms releases new software. ok, not really. it's silly. go look.

geesh. and i thought my friends were geeks. a collection of custom computer cases. [via digital swirlee]

dennis miller gets less than stellar reviews. [via pop culture junk mail]

fun new rings for your nokia phone. includes classic rock, madonna, musicals. wacky. [via pop culture junk mail]

fancy new design for a fancy new month. background via Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

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