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well, they finally won one. of course, the bad news is that pedro was put on the 15 day dl two days before he was supposed to start against the white sox, who have been kicking ass this year. sigh.

rocker arrived at shea via police escort without incident. oh well. and then he apologized: "Unfortunately, many members of the media have overestimated my significance." unfortunately, the braves we able to beat the mets 6-4.

cardhouse never ceases to amuse me.

more klingon stuff: top 12 things likely to be said by a klingon programmer. [via fark]
#4. "A TRUE Klingon Warrior does not comment his code!"
#2. "You question the worthiness of my code? I should kill you where you stand!"

geeky news: the world's fastest computer.

rumor-mongering made easy with the internet conspiracy generator.
"It is rumored that Julia Roberts was seen in Boulder, Colorado just before the explosion while receiving a case of handwriting samples implicating involvement in a sinister scheme designed to win the browser wars."
"The chances of this conspiracy being try are 96 percent."

kerpal. warning for those in the office: audio with bad words. [thanks to seann who claims this is good for you.]

semi-real light sabers for sale

oh yeah- if you ever see a typo in the text or something, please let me know. i always try to proof but sometimes i miss stuff. it's a peeve. yesterday, hideous was spelled hiderous for most of the day. ooops.

oh yeah #2- the mach 5 went for $150,099.


not only did someone pay $4 million for it. . . the final selling price was $7.4 million. geesh.

rocker turns out to be a wuss after all. (i refuse to entertain the notion that he may be smart or have some common sense.) but look at all the trouble he is causing for shea stadium: 10 times the normal number of cops will be on hand, and they reinforced the dugout roof. wow. should've just let him ride the train.

sotheby's is auctioning off the original declaration of independence on-line. bidding opened at $4 million. actually it's not the original. it's from the first printing and there are only 25 in existence. it doesn't even have the signatures! who would pay $4 million for that?!? [thanks to dan for the extra info.]

i refuse to admit i am a red sox fan. they have been all stinky lately. they lost 5 in a row. sigh.

mmmmmmmmm. i am drowning in a sea of melissa ferrick today.

geek=gay. um, riiiight. [via metafilter]

enter to win free beer for a year! how can you pass that up?? apparently quite easily. they don't deliver to massachusetts. oops. [thanks to seann for pointing that out.]

these people have way too much free time: the klingon language institute.

definitely too much free time. taH pagh taHbe'! (if you can translate that, i am really scared. go outside and play you scary people!)

more star trek geekiness. i think it's supposed to be a starfleet training center.

i just love the name of this site: shakesbeer.

another excellent name: the hideous jabbering head of abraham lincoln. oh go on and click. you know you can't resist. . .

and of course, there were no refs from japan or diggit in the log yesterday. if you check today, lookit the last entry from yesterday. please? for me?


we should get one of these for andrew. you know, cause he's always saying he doesn't have one. gaydar

buy speed racer's mach 5. just over 1 day left!

your pokemon name. [via /usr/bin/girl] the color you pick does make a difference. mine is Snakerino.
Profile: You live in the icy glaciers of Alaska, and your diet consists mostly of garbage, insects and wine.
Combat Characteristics: You can puke lava. You can spit evil glances. You can shoot lightning.
Natural Enemies: Your natural enemy is Bertchu. [it'd be cooler if the page then linked to your natural enemy so you could find out about it.]

cheerleading, i mean, charlie's angels trailer

star wars macbeth. for a high school production, this kicks ass. i love geeks who know shakespeare. that was serious. i'm one too. most of my college friends are. [via weblog wannabe]

spirograph. this would be cooler if you could actual simulate spinning the gears and all instead of just having the computer make it for you.

so there are these 2 things that keep popping up in my referrer logs. one is from japan. the other is bulldozer software. [i am guessing that this person is a gweep and i am just a dumbass and don't know that this is their job.] i admit. i am curious. who are you? how did you find my site? be nice people and let me know. cause it's shaking my reality. and that already happened yesterday.


my reality has been shattered. "that's not a name! it's a verb!" turns out it's not even his name. i think i am going to cry. . . [the first one to say, "oh, we knew that" gets kicked in the shins.]

hey dana! we need to be able to do this with as the .plan turns: make it an interactive soap opera. on second thought. . .

does this makes sense to anyone? i mean, dennis miller is a damn funny guy. but hosting monday night football? i mean, really!

news [sort of] on the matrix sequels


one for jeff (make sure you are not drinking anything when you look at this or else it will come out your nose. yes indeedie. not that it happened to me or anything. . . ): who's your froggy?!? [via neale]

Oh. My. God. i have this hope that the follow up story will be Matt and Ben saying "we were just joking! didn't any of you ever read the running man? geesh- some people will believe anything!"
[note i did not link to the movie. that's cause it was evil and bad and stupid.]

one for my geeky friends: The Second International RoShamBo Programming Competition. hurry! entries are due july 10.

make your own music video at build a rock star.

a leftover survivor link from yesterday's theme: and then there was one.


today's links are survivor inspired. and no, i still haven't watched it.

survivor mania

apply for survivor ii: the australian outback

all about edible insects. mmmmm.

who would you vote off the island? tough choice. . .


this is it. proof that he really is crazy. my favorite bit:
"I'm not scared, I'm not intimidated in the least," he said. "Come on, what are they going to do to me but boo me? I hope they do."
the 7 train in nyc? yes. booing is definately the worst they could do. something tells me he is unclear on the concept. . .

remember the site where you could get biblical action figures?

which led to a ticket to hell?

well, in the true spirit of the internet, someone's taken it a step further. i cannot explain. just watch. it's absolutely wonderful.

but looks like it's already getting them into trouble. . .


oooooh. i remembered. the south park tribute to monty python. too cool. (for some reason i had trouble with the quicktime version in ie5. i dunno.)

here's the eminenya mp3 again for your listening pleasure.

there was something else in last night's b discussion that i said i'd post. anyone remember what it was? cause i sure don't. cause b is for beer.

but here's one from a b discussion from 2 weeks ago that i said i'd post and forgot. . . oops. cease and desist barbie.

this offends me on so many levels. . .

you can't go wrong with a can of whoopass

this one is for chadly. Why? you may ask? Because the tag line is: "Ever wonder what happens when you attach model rocket engines to plastic toy trucks? We do."

watch the trailer for the new ron howard jim carrey grinch movie

drunk browsing test

smurf the web! try smurfing the eventual blog


super condensed books. some of my favs:
Catcher in the Rye
Isaac Asimov
Dean Koontz
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Nurse Ratched: I destroy my patients psychologically so I can have power and control.
Randall P. McMurphy: But freedom and happiness are good things.
Nurse Ratched: Lobotomy time for you, buster.


the original adventure game

interactive fiction games for your Palm

The first rule of the quilting society is: You don't talk about the quilting society.

"oh god! my soul is burning in the fires of hell! who can save me from these evil sinful thoughts?"
"here i come to save the day!"

chicken run! opens next week. be sure to check out the "download free stuff" link.

so on my way to work on this one back road i travel, there was one of those orange construction signs. it reads, "road under construction. use at your own risk." i dunno. for some reason, this just cracked me up.


"The likeness between Robonaut and 'Star Wars' bounty hunter Boba Fett is strictly a coincidence, NASA said"

that didnt last very long.

more lessons in not documenting your intentions to break the law. oops.

a sort of toy. text-to-speech synthesizer. i especially like the click here disclaimer: "If you plan to enter text which our system might consider to be obscene, check here to certify that you are old enough to hear the resulting output."


Pedro walked in a run? he walked in a run??

oooh. finding this was a bad idea. major time suck. but it is the coolest game ever. and hardest. the on-line java based original text version of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. (here's another site that hosts it in case you have troubles or something.) only downfall is you can't save so you have to restart every time. but looks like they are developing a shareware version.
i also have hint sites if you are interested, but use them as a last resort.

the hitchhiker's guide becomes a reality. too hip.

mulder meets shaft. the .wav file and the video. as a side note, i hate real audio cause it always seems to mess up my computer. so if you can find the video clip in another format, i would be a very happy dawn.


i hate microsoft. how can you have help topics that tell you to click on tabs that don't exist? help says "On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Internet E-mail tab." ah. progress. so tools. . . options. . . and the tabs choices are: Preferences, Mail Services, Mail Format, Spelling, Security, Other, Delegates. no sign of Internet E-mail tab. excuse me while i go and bang my head against the wall.

remember star dudes? they've just released episode v: the bad dudes strike back

if wrestlers were in gladiator. i don't get it. not enough wwf raw in my diet. or something. i bet dandan martins gets it though. he uses the tivo to tape raw. geesh.

here's a few more things i just don't get. [no, not that. i. . . oh, never mind. refer to the perfect timing and related comments that sent me into major giggling fits the other day.]
a website devoted to cereal
a website devoted to what people see in clouds


today is pick on microsoft day.

illegal operation error

like, news interview with a kinder, gentler bill gates.

the split into good and evil microsoft

microsoft's newest acquisition

i'll be your sever

when penguins attack


many amazing pages to play with by golan. I especially like streamer. Be sure to read the directions on each page.

only in boston

remember the molson i am canadian commercial? here is the i am not canadian response.


aaaaaw. . . what a shame. cause he was such a nice guy. . . hip hip horray! hip hip horray! hip hip horray!

put down the mouse. . . back away from the computer. . . and pretend you never, ever saw this.

this is great just for the title: Black holes blow as well as suck

been a while since i posted a game. here's a bunch. smoke n' go elmac and fluff the kitty are my favs.


today's sites come to you from the shit we talked about at the b department:

here is an article about the finger length thing. and here is another. no, it's not dirty. but looks like it only works for chickies.

haiku movie reviews


today's theme: god stuff [inspired by marybeth's posting of this]

jesus-ify your web pages

this man scares me. I wonder how many responses he's gotten.

ask jeez

meg over at not so soft posted this, which fits right in with today's theme. so i swiped it:
bible gum. because jesus blows

if god had a web page


wo hoo! my jill austin band cd came today! complete with stickers, and autograph, and a handwritten note from jill. i feel so loved.

new search engine: shakey google

this is just wrong. imagine the conversations:
"do you have a tissue?"
"sure - i keep them in my vulva"
[via not so soft]

news from UMoose i mean UMass


today's websites brought to you from the elementary school playground, the letter d and the number 7

the official rock paper scissors strategy guide

official shotgun rules

cootie catcher. (does anyone remember how to fold these?)

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