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Clerks the Cartoon premieres tonight at 930 on ABC.

Oh. My. God.

eminenya! [via megnut]

CatchPhrase generator. i got: Kill some pretty noses. um, ok then.

timex has a new commericial directed by tim burton. sort of like matrix with a watch. or something.


Golden Triangle Area Gravity Forecast

mmmm. prawnography.

review and short video download from the live action version of the TICK

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks? Shaft! Can you dig it?


my new bathing suit is here! i love this on-line shopping thing. . .

ever have one of those days? you know, when life seems totally pointless?

come closer. closer still. stand riiight. . .here! Whomp! (i have got to get me one of these. . . )


Daubach saves the day. (the yankess won too. . . but we're still a game up)

another name generator. this time, be a Bond Girl. i'm Nora Lation-Ship. ga rowl.

more from the let's-make-fun-of-battlefield-earth dep't: will he ever live this down?

hip. hopefully, this needs no explanation.


from The Room:
As valiantly sunny as you are, you do have a darker side. You store up pain until you burst into tears while the heavens ring out with songs such as, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head". [and we all know that never happens. . . -d] Although your eye is fixed on the horizon, deep in your inner self you may have a secret wish to be a flight attendant, (coffee, tea or me) while watching blue movies and crying the blues with Ella Fitzgerald.

hm. . .maybe marybeth's level of caffeine intake isn't so bad. . . the Desk Potato Caffeine Guide.

i know i am going to regret posting this.


apocamon! copyright 80 A.D. St. John the Divine. [via backup brain]

create your own pop art

find the spam! game. it's pretty tough. don't get discouraged.

The What-Do-You-Want-For-Dinner-I-Don't-Know-What-Do-You-Want? Dialog Generator. scary. i've never had this conversation. nope never.


another really funny review of battlefield earth, by 7 year old Billy Darsow.

yet another reason to hate that freeking paper clip.

just last week i was wondering if anyone had gotten around to designing a site that would figure out what your phone number spells. i don't know why. . .

post-it note theatre


news of julia roberts. . . hmmmm.

like, totally oh my gawd! julia roberts is totally my celebrity soul sister!

new favorite web toys:
the Dialectizer
and exploding dog (there are no actual exploding dogs. . . trust me)
and Entropy8Zuper. trippy. (works best with a fast connection)

sad news from the mojave phone booth.


red sox are a game up. awwwwww yeeaaaaaaaa.

here, dans. i found you a new house! [via backup brain]

quick, lassie! tequila is in trouble! this makes me sad. . .

speaking of tequila. . . imagine the body shot possiblities!


play 20 questions with the computer. it's good. it got spleen.

i saw this listed on fark a while ago, but i never checked it out. then, last night over dinner, a friend was lamenting the demise of hamster dance. so i mentioned the Chris Farley Dance. it's pretty damn funny.

blue man group inspired links (i saw them for the first time last week):
fun with twinkies and
there's always room for jell-o


horoscope blender - aries, kungfu:
Before you speak, listen to my fist. The hand controls more than it can hold. Fight as if you were defending your soul not just your life.
<posted by dawn @ 10h05>

a link for dan dan martins, who has the tivo, a marvel of human invention. . . and uses it to record wwf. sigh.


Prof Poopypants Name Changer: Your new name is... Gidget Picklelips!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

the silliest web-based person- er, poohsonality test ever.

just in case you needed to know what to do if your parachute fails to open, Worst Case Scenarios.

i am being super productive dawn today. amazing how when you are happy it affects every part of your being. . .


her name is dani. her site is called web-therapy. weird.
not to be confused with this dani, who provides dani therapy.

wine drinkers, i give you the wine oracle.

Word Perhect

how can a movie be this bad?
"It's a shame that MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 was canceled."
"Battlefield Earth is like taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It's not merely bad; it's unpleasant in a hostile way."


yet another wazzup parody. make it stop.

explain to me why you would want to track your money's past adventures [via /usr/bin/girl]

i always wondered if there was a superhero with a bowl of noodles on his head. . . [via misterpants]

this makes me smile. and laugh. it's silly.


cool new lego toy, and bizarre things to do with mindstorms


news from the star wars front on "the man who would be Darth Vader"

i think i just started my fbi file by visiting this page


Democrat, Republican, he's the candidate with the gun.

Clerks The Cartoon to debut 5.31.2000

just what i've always wanted to do. Pretend you're in prison and make a license!

this has to be the coolest url ever


oh yeah. just what we need. the random rumor generator.

long live the brat pack! test your breakfast club knowledge.

live action Tick on tv


explain to me again how Pedro can have 17 strikeouts. . . and they still lose the game?


the world is coming to an end! oh wait - this already happened. never mind. move along. nothing more to see.

the judging is complete.
personal favs are 5th place Princess Rain cause it's damn silly
and 10th place IDEO Web Color Visualizer cause it's damn useful


anyone wanna get a team together for the Junkyard Wars?

what will they think of next? damn.

Viva La Revolucion!


sniff. this is beautiful. sniff. i heart america!

in the you cant make this shit up dept. . . Jesus Sandals

haven't you always wondered what your name would be if it was a cyborg acronym?


i need to check this out, but cannot connect at the moment.

stupid people kill me.
i just got a fax that read, "i have highlighted the sections you need to complete. . . " on a fax. a FAX!

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