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you have GOT to be kidding me. tell that someone special that they've done something stupid.


this drives me nuts. . . on the weather channel web page, you have to pick a state, then the city. so i have to pick District of Columbia, and then choose Washington.

ok engineering friends. build me this.

i never heard about the easter egg cracking game till sunday. guess we just weren't hip in my family. i still don't get it.

and one for mr. carr: Monkey!


really hip silly screen saver. bouncing sheep. they make me smile.

and i don't really know why you would need to personalize your browser, but i guess it's fun. or something.

yet another whassup parody.


got a fourth animated greeting from my sister. she didnt want to be left out. it's actually the coolest one so far.

the high fidelity soundtrack rocks.


my baby sister just paged me to say happy birthday. that was a little surreal. ok, so the easter bunny thing was slightly more surreal. . .

it is 11h15, and i just received my 3rd animated greeting card. tally to date:
+ one bird eating cat, with a note suggesting, "For your birthday, go out and find yourself a younger man..."
+ one bubble bathing turtle (i think he's a turtle.)
+ a series of somersaulting hedgehogs

i just ran into the easter bunny in the ladies' room. . . .

woah - red sox had 2 shut outs in a row?? what happened to them?

i love maria mckee's voice.
and don't ask me why, but there is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman playing acoustic guitar.

todd- learn me this song and you will be my friend forever. ok, ok, so you are already. um, how about learn me this song cause it's my birthday?
come to think of it. . . i may be able to play this one. . .


happy birthday marybeth!

oh boy. . . i sooo did not want to get out of bed this morning. where is the spring?!?

note to self: water heater in little apartment does not provide enough hot water for a load of laundry and a load of dawn. and, after having submerged oneself in a tub full of not warm water. . . you will never be warm again.


i guess we had patriots day off. there were 3 of us in the office this morning. the big guy is gone. the other guy just told me he is leaving as soon as he finishes making his copies. which leaves me. wa hoo.


bought a bunch of cds last night. my first foray into the world of used cds. plus a couple new ones. here's the breakdown. because you know, you care.
+ high fidelity soundtrack: kicks. mmmm velvet underground.
+ lone justice, this world is not my home: very country-ish. and for some reason, my computer doesn't like to play this one. . . so i haven't heard the whole thing yet
+ lost highway sountrack: pretty cool. nice mix of angry music, jazz. . . angelo badalamenti, nin, smashing pumpkins, and lou reed singing "this magic moment" - how can you go wrong?
+ pizzicato 5, happy end of you: lost highway was so moody, that i decided to go with happy japanese pop. hmmm. not as good as the other album i have by them.
+ the pretenders, isle of view: oh yeah. chrissie hynde is just about the coolest chick in music

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