Gnostica learner's deck

Frustrated with playing Gnostica with a tarot deck? Can't get your friends to play because remembering what the cards mean is like doing tax returns? Is scoring a chore because the three values of cards aren't immediately distinguishable? Then download this strictly-functional-yet-stylish beginner's deck created for gnuthin' but Gnostica. With minimalized graphics and instructions on every card, and no mature or macabre imagery, it might become the only deck you use.

Also included are:

The cards are separated into pages so you can print them on five different colors of paper (the four suits and then the trump cards.) Then cut them out and affix them onto 3"x5" index cards with dry paste (don't use liquid glue or spray adhesive or the paper might warp.) Try to get opaque cards if you can or you can see through each other's hands. I might try painting the backs with printmaking ink on a roller but it might warp the cards.

Please send any corrections or suggestions to me at If I get enough requests, I might create reformats for European metric paper, or trading card sizes. Most of all, if you like it please recommend it to the Lab Rabbits mailing list.



The files are presented here in two ways:

You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader in order to use these files.

Last modified June 11, 2002

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