Idaho Equine Hospital. Nampa, Idaho.

Externship program to provide extensive equine medicine and surgery exposure to veterinary students. Experience with cattle is available for interested students. For the most part, the externs will be exposed to in-hospital cases, although ambulatory exposure is available. The caseload is largely performance Quarterhorses with a rising number of hunter-jumpers. There is some cattle and occasional camelid work.

There are seven staff veterinarians and two interns, five technicians, three animal care and barn maintenance staff, and several other technical support staff.

The full facility hospital includes two surgery suits and two recovery stalls, and over 30 stalls for in-house patients. There is also a 500 mas overhead and a 300 mas mobile radiography unit, two portable ambulatory radiography units, Impact with doppler ultrasound and 3 Medison ultrasound units, a Nd:YAG surgical laser, 3.3 meter endoscope, pneumatic dental system, etc. Scintigraphy will be in place by mid-spring of 2000.

We believe that hands-on experience is essential to veterinary education. However, we are not a teaching hospital and the students must understand that client satisfaction and patient needs come first. Students will participate whenever possible and beneficial.

Externs will be part of the team that provides after-hours patient care and have emergency responsibilities. Externs will be on call with this team and will be rotated in the schedule. More of this type of work may be asked of you during the busy periods of the year. You are expected to be present at rounds whenever possible, to facilitate the teaching experiences.

We try to schedule no more than two externs at a time. Time frame is based on available apace and student scheduling needs (first come - first serve basis). A two bedroom apartment is available on site (externs will likely have to share the apartment). Liability insurance is not required, but it may be a good idea. (AVMA offers liability insurance for externships for $10. Contact the AVMA fax-on-demand at 1-888-740-7548 and ask for document 107. You must be an active SCAVMA member to be eligible.)

If you have questions or would like to apply for an externship, please contact Joe Pertone, DVM, MS, DACVIM.
Idaho Equine Hospital
16080 Equine Dr.
Nampa, ID 83644
phone: 208-466-4613
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