H.O. Ferguson and Associates. Ocala, Florida.

Primarily ambulatory practice (95%) with a central hospital for selected elective surgical and medicine outpatients and inpatients. The clinic has an operating room for minor procedures and a scintigraphy unit. Gastroscopy and ultrasound are available within the clinic. The full service clinic will be open in the spring of 2001.

The caseload is approximately 80% thoroughbred racehorses and 20% performance horses. The practice services include training horse and broodmare operations. The caseload includes lameness evaluation, reproduction, care of foals, herd health, and medical case management.

There are five practitioners and one intern at this practice: H.O. (Sam) Ferguson, DVM; Lynn A. Bull, DVM; Liane D. Puccia, DVM, Certified, American Veterinary chiropractic Association; James (jim) E. Bryant, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons; Barbara J. Gleason, DVM.

There are two- to four-week externship rotations available for junior and senior students. The duties of the eextern will include assisting veterinarians on ambulatory calls (routine and emergency duty) and some time in the hospital depending on the caseload. When the full service clinic is open, more time can be devoted to the in-hospital caseload. This externship will enable you to see a variety of performance horse medicine and surgical diseases in a short period of time.

For people interested in the internship program here, spending time at the practice is desirable.

Please contact Dr. Jim Bryant (352.622.6199) with any questions regarding the program and to arrange scheduling of an externship.

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