The Curtain Society
Life is Long, Still

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Last modified on October 15, 1996.

Released October 1996
Bedazzled Records CD #BDZ31


life is long, still
je regrette rien
i refuse
stealing shakespeare

Liner Text:

produced by the curtain society. engineered and mastered by roger at player recording, boston, MA
the curtain society is duncan arsenault, roger lavallee and ron mominee.
all songs copyright 1996 rojosongs ltd. bmi. "apnea" contains part of "magnet's coil" copyright 1994 lou barlow.
inside live photo by mike gilbert. outside couch photo by peter waisnor.
thank you to andy, audrey, and barry ad bedlam, steve and rob at bedazzled, kurt and mike, and anyone who came to see us, bought a CD, played us on their radio show, let us use their amp, or came up and said hello.

the curtain society 17 marcy street, southbridge, ma 01550

bedlam productions 59 bainbridge street, malden, ma 02148

bedazzled records
p.o. box 39195, washington dc 20016

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