What's white is yours
And whats black is mine
Still can we live together?
Though, I can't admit
I'm sure I recall
A instance you were clever

Sunlight spins through every curl
Around the young girl's face
Stay with me, I never want to watch you walk away

I said, "Joanne, your eyes are green
Have you been crying?"
I shut my eyes and you said "Never..."
I know it's not my place
To ask you how you feel
But I remember the word

Oh sunlight spins through every curl
Around her smiling face
There has to be a reason why you chose to walk away

Some look at the skies 
And all they see are stars
Me, I look in your eyes 
And all I can see are the scars...

-- The Curtain Society, "September Scar" (December 29, 1988) --