Don't dare to tell me you're leaving
Don't tell me you're running away
Ever since you opened your mouth, I tried to jump inside
But you bit me off at the head

I woke up in my costume
On the stairs to your back door

I remember when John Lennon died
I told some kid he was almost like God
But nothing was further from heaven
Nothing, not a thing

And once I told you that story
You made me feel sorry again
And again and again and again...

Well, this could be the end of the line
Then again, could be the end of the world
My last chance to stare at the sky and the clouds and the planes
And you, my dear, and you

The twitching in my muscles
As I tumble into the ground
In the ground in the ground in the ground...

-- The Curtain Society, "Greenleaf Circle" (1989) --