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Last modified on October 2, 1995.

March 30, 1995

Mistle Thrush has just received an invitation to participate in the annual WBCN Rumble! In the first round, Four bands will perform each day at The Middle East Cafe (downstairs), Cambridge, MA, on May 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13. (That's a Sunday-through-Saturday, with a Wednesday left out.) MT' day and time has yet to be announced. The "winners" (decided by judges, but crowd response is a factor in their decisions) will advance to perform in the semifinals the following week, and (if they win again) in the finals the week after that. Win or lose, the Rumble should garner a lot of publicity for MT... the winner of the Rumble is guaranteed a major-label record deal (I forget with whom), as well.


Mistle Thrush will have a track on the upcoming Bedazzled Compilation CD, Woke Up Smiling (#BDZ25). The title will be "She is a Flower," and the song will be recorded and produced by Roger Lavallee of The Curtain Society.


Mistle Thrush is scheduled to release a full-length CD on Bedazzled Records, (#BDZ26), title to be announced, in September 1995.

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