Kindred Spirits
(Bedazzled Records Compilation CD)

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Last modified on October 4, 1995.

Released April 1994
Bedazzled Records Compilation CD # BDZ16

Tracks/Liner Text (GIMA artists emphasized):

Strange Boutique, 'This Charm'
Recorded by Chris Biondo
The big hand to John McNary for the bagpipes.
P.O. Box 39195, Washington DC 20016

Switchblade Symphony, 'Clown'
Produced by Wolf Kessler and Switchblade Symphony.
P.O. Box 170443, San Francisco, CA 94117

The Curtain Society, 'Adrenaline'
Produced by Roger at Sound of Glass.
(c) 1994 Rojosongs Ltd.
17 Marcy St., Southbridge, MA 01550

Siddal, 'Pontus'
Recorded by Chip Jones.
Mixed by Chip Jones and Siddal.
2609 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23220

Ultracherry Violet, 'Falling in Love'
Recorded at The Hat Factory by Tony French.
P.O. Box 39195, Washington DC 20016

Mistle Thrush, 'Whispers'
Produced by Y. Mike.
Fruithouse Productions, P.O. Box 35485, Brighton, MA 02135

Big Hat, 'Pocketful (remix)'
From the CD 'Selena at My Window'.
Write Big Hat c/o Preston Klik: 5602 N. Ridge, Chicago, IL 60660

Twelve Tone Failure, 'As I Hit the Floor'
Engineered and Mixed by M. Scott Mulane.
Produced by Twelve Tone Failure.
115 Petersborough St., Nr. 4, Boston, MA 02215

Viola Peacock, 'Shave Your Head'
Recorded at Electro-Sound by Greg Feezel.
Produced by Viola Peacock.
P.O. Box 39195, Washington DC 20016

Opium Den, 'Blackwell Road'
Recorded and Produced by Y. Mike.
335 Washinton Street., Nr. 202, Woburn, MA 01801

This Ascension, 'Admire'
Recorded at New American Sound.
Produced by Mark Casselman and This Ascension.
(c) (p) Tess Records, 1993.
P.O. Box 206, Santa Barbara, CA 93102

The Garden, 'Blithe Spirit'
Recorded at Gamut Studios.
Produced by The Garden.
731 South Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Purple Ivy Shadows, 'Carry Nation for the First Time'
Recorded and Mixed by Evan Shurek at A.U.
393 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906

Bedazzled would like to thank all of the artists for contributing their music to this collection.
Lights low... Volume high... Enjoy...

P.O. Box 39195, Washington DC 20016

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