CFNY 1994 New Music Search
(Compilation CD)

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Released June 1994
PolyGram Records/HMV Compilation CD # 1994NMS
(out of print?)

Tracks/Liner Text (GIMA artists emphasised):

TROUT 22 - Solo (4:30)
(Eric Volmers)
CONTACT: Garry Kirsch (905) 648-5027

VELVETEEN - Inside (4:03)
CONTACT: Eric Rotz (416) 291-9553

treble charger - Red (4:52)
(nc 17)
CONTACT: Michael Murphy (416) 690-1880

ANYHOWTOWN - I Am Found (4:42)
(Diamant / MacDonald / Gassyt)
CONTACT: Derek Gassyt (416) 535-1311

SHIVER - Kwick (5:00)
(Joe Shugan / Ponch)
CONTACT: Joe Shugan (905) 227-3507

KILLJOYS - Dana (2:22)
(Mike Trebilcock)
CONTACT: Sander Shalinsky (416) 977-4913

SPOT - Antiquity (4:16)
(Louis Litwiller)
CONTACT: Louis Litwiller (519) 743-9697

CHANGE OF HEART - Herstory (3:31)
(Blurton / Borra / Maiezza / Richardson)
CONTACT: Amy Hersenhoren (416) 787-0481

AN APRIL MARCH - Lava (3:57)
(An April March)
CONTACT: Chris Perry (416) 922-5407

GROOVE DADDYS - Meside Myself (5:00)
(Rob Szabo / Paddy Flynn / Jeff Cowell)
CONTACT: Rob Szabo (519) 749-0783

STATIK - Addiction (4:39)
(Sonne / Kelday)
CONTACT: Byron Sonne (905) 450-8168

TEN TON PUDDING - Happy Sawng (3:47)
(Matthew DeMatteo / Mike Whitla / Gabrielle Roddy)
CONTACT: Gabrielle Roddy (416) 533-3633

ALL GOOD CHILDREN - I Think of You (3:54)
(Steve Metham / Simon Ruzzier)
CONTACT: Steve Metham (905) 679-1227

THE RAYBURNS - Dandelion #3 (4:06)
(Gavin O'Sullivan)
CONTACT: Gavin O'Sullivan (905) 522-0985

CRAWL - Dry (3:47)
CONTACT: Cesspool of Lust Music (416) 533-1161

GROOVELUST - Fly (4:37)
(Sean Richards / Tanya Kornobis)
CONTACT: Tanya Kornobis (416) 538-2027

NOTHING IN PARTICULAR - What About Us? (4:34)
(R. Carter / A. Ford)
CONTACT: Rich Carter (416) 528-1965


This is a culmination of originality: the finished product from some of the most undaunted artists around. Many are just beginning, some are veteran rookies, but all possess the essence of new music. We'd like to thank all those who have participated in this year's project and once again applaud the calibre of talent and creativity. But as CFNY 102.1 listeners... well... you already knew that.

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CD of New Music Search winners. 746 artists from Ontario entered, but only 17 songs were selected for inclusion on the disc.

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