Review of Lessons in Vengeance

From: Lollipop, February 1996
Author: C.A.

Last modified March 28, 1996.

An April March, Lessons in Vengeance (Bedazzled) - The most accurate, concise description of this disc is that nefarious, critical fall-back, "ethereal." It's not original, but it works. Which is another way of describing this album. Sure, there's more than a hint of the Cocteau Twins and the Sundays in the mix, but the gorgeous, angelic ache of Danella Hocevar's vocals, combined with the textured, spacious chime of the music makes for seductive listening. Bedazzled Records specializes in this atmospheric stuff, and, to my ears, Lessons... is one of their best releases to date. Slip it on after a hard day's work, close your eyes, and sink into its spell. C.A

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